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Research Supervision

PhD Theses Already Completed

Sara Laviosa-Braithwaite (1996)
The English Comparable Corpus (ECC): A Resource and a Methodology for the Empirical Study of Translation

Fotios Karamitroglou (1998)
Towards a Methodology for the Investigation of Norms in Audiovisual Translation: The Choice between Subtitling and Revoicing in Greece

Dorothy Kenny (1999)
Norms and Creativity: Lexis in Translated Text

Khalid Al-Shehari (2000)

The Semiotics and Translation of Advertising Texts: Conventions, Constraints and Translation Strategies, with Particular Reference to English and Arabic

Keith Harvey (2001)

Translating the Queens ' English: Parodic Femininity in Fictional Representations of Gay Talk: A Study of French Representations of Late 1970s American Gay Fiction

Waleed Al-Amri (2002)

Semiotics, Translation and the Press

Pilar Orero (2003)

The Translation of Nonsense Literature: Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll

Jehan Zitawi (2004)

The Translation of Disney Comics in the Arab World: A Pragmatic Perspective

Sung-Hee Kirk (2005)

Cohesion Shifts in English-Korean Translation

Carmen Dayrell (2005)

Investigating Lexical Patterning in a Comparable Corpus of Brazilian Portuguese

Wenjing Zhao (2005)
Hu Shi's Rewritings and the Construction of a New Culture

Dimitrios Asimakoulas (2005)

Brecht in Dark Times: Translations of Brecht's Works in the Censorship Context of the Greek Junta (1967-1974)

Wallace Chen (2006)
Explicitation through the Use of Connectives in Translated Chinese: A corpus-based Study

Sameh Fekry Hanna (2006)
Towards a Sociology of Drama Translation: A Boudieusian Perspective on Translation of Shakespeare's Great Tragedies in Egypt


Research Theses in Progress

Ashraf Abdul-Fattah
A Corpus-based Study of Conjunction and Passivisation in Arabic Translated and Non-translated Texts Written by the Same Translators/Authors

Amer Al-Adwan 
Politeness in Screen Translation in the Arab World

Mahmoud Al-Herthani
Arabic Translations of Edward Said's Major Works: A Critical Study

Michaela Baldo
Translation and Renarration in Italian Canadian Writing

Julie Boéri
Conference Interpreters and Civil Society Networks

Pasakara Chueasuai
Translation of Romance in the Thai Version of Cosmopolitan: A Social Semiotics Perspective

Ahmed Saleh Elimam
Clause-Level Foregrounding in the Translation of the Quran into English:
Patterns and Motivations

Vicki Flippance
In Search of a Model for Assessing the Quality of Advertisements in Translation

Sue-Ann Harding (Co-supervisor: Professor Vera Tolz)
Translators, Translation and Conflict in the Caucasus  

Souhad Hijazi (Al Sharif)
Translation in the Service of Advocacy in the Context of the Middle East Conflict: Images of Palestinian Women