Archives: July 2002

Fri Jul 26, 2002

'A rocket in a university library...

...is more of a threat to academic freedom than a couple of lecturers being sacked from a small translation journal' More...

Posted by: peace/justice on Jul 26, 02 | 4:32 pm

An Attempt to Isolate Israeli Scholars Draws Fire

The dismissal of two Israeli scholars from the boards of two British journals of translation studies has created a intercontinental academic rift that grows wider by the day. At issue is whether Israel deserves to be ostracized for its treatment of Palestinians and, if so, whether Israeli academics should be held accountable for the policies of their government. More...

Posted by: Mona Baker on Jul 26, 02 | 10:18 am

Mon Jul 22, 2002

The gesture politics of an Israel boycott

The demand by some British academics for a "boycott" of Israel is significant mainly for what it tells us about the prejudices and short-sightedness of the boycotters. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Jul 22, 02 | 7:05 pm

Fri Jul 19, 2002

Moral? Maybe. Double edged? No doubt

The sacking of two Israeli scholars from the boards of journals as part of an academic boycott highlights the question of whether such actions work and whether they do more harm than good. Caroline Davis reports. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Jul 19, 02 | 10:46 pm

Israeli academic considers joining boycott

A leading Israeli dissident scholar may join an international boycott of his country's academic community in protest against last week's closure of the East Jerusalem offices of the president of Al-Quds University, Sari Nusseibeh. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Jul 19, 02 | 2:06 pm

Thu Jul 18, 2002

The Last Photograph

This is the before-death image of the photojournalist Imad Abu Zahra, who was killed two weeks ago in Jenin. The desperate bending on the ground; the hands on the leg, trying to staunch the blood; the eyes reflecting terror and helplessness; the sweat pouring down his face; the glasses lying uselessly on the chest; the jeans and the polo jersey; and, of course, the blood. The large amount of blood that was shed. More...

Posted by: Sami on Jul 18, 02 | 2:06 am

Wed Jul 17, 2002

Watch who you call Nazis

A young British lecturer working at the University of Tel Aviv decided he would like to take a post back home, in the United Kingdom. However, the head of the first university department to which he applied told him, charmingly: "No, we don't accept any applicants from a Nazi state." We can imagine this university factotum very easily, shrouded in self-righteousness and spite, delighted at last to be able to vent a bit of spleen about a situation very far away which he either fails to understand, or perhaps, even, wishes to understand.

Posted by: Mona Baker on Jul 17, 02 | 7:19 pm

Fri Jul 12, 2002

The ethics of revenge--by a father who lost his son to terror

A speech made by Yitzhak Frankenthal, Chairman of the Families Forum, at a rally in Jerusalem on Saturday, July 27, 2002, outside the Prime Ministerís residence.

My beloved son Arik, my own flesh and blood, was murdered by Palestinians. My tall blue-eyed golden-haired son who was always smiling with the innocence of a child and the understanding of an adult. My son. If to hit his killers, innocent Palestinian children and other civilians would have to be killed, I would ask the security forces to wait for another opportunity. If the security forces were to kill innocent Palestinians as well, I would tell them they were no better than my sonís killers. More...

Posted by: Mona Baker on Jul 12, 02 | 10:52 am

Thu Jul 11, 2002

South African professor attacks 'apartheid' regime in Israel

A leading South African university vice-chancellor has pledged support to the British academic boycott of Israel, comparing the Middle Eastern country's regime to that of apartheid South Africa. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Jul 11, 02 | 10:07 pm

Fri Jul 05, 2002

British Journals Dismiss Israelis

Two Israeli scholars have been dismissed from the boards of British journals of translation studies as part of an academic boycott of Israel declared in April by a group of European scholars and intellectuals. More...

Posted by: Mona Baker on Jul 05, 02 | 10:22 am