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Mon Sep 30, 2002

Racism Enquiry Launched into UMIST Lecturer Controversy

UMIST has launched an enquiry into the actions of lecturer Mona Baker following her decision over the summer to dismiss two Israeli academics from her translations journal. The action was taken after the lecturer re-ignited the Palestine-Israel rift by axing writers Miriam Schlesinger and Gideon Toury from her journal as part of an academic boycott against Israeli universities. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Sep 30, 02 | 10:02 pm

Where will this end?

As Jewish students at Manchester, our initial concern is to where such actions will lead, and what effect they will have on Jewish students not only on the UMIST campus, but across all four Manchester campuses as well as nationally. Will the pursuit of lecturers for simply being Israeli lead to a pursuit of Jewish students who are openly Zionist? And will certain university lecturers who have put their names to this academic boycott treat Jewish students around the world any differently? More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Sep 30, 02 | 7:16 pm

UMIST Lecturer Boycotts Isreali Academics

Professor Mona Baker, a UMIST academic, made headlines over the summer when she fired Dr Miriam Schlesinger and Professor Gideon Toury, two Israeli academics on the editorial boards of two linguistics journals she edited, citing as her reason a worldwide petition criticising Israel's treatment of Palestinians and urging non-cooperation with Israeli universities. Chris West and Daniel Sacker discuss whether this action was justified.... More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Sep 30, 02 | 7:04 pm

UMIST Lecturer Boycott Justifiable?

"The actions of the Israeli Government justifies the boycott" Says Chris West from Friends of Palestine

Professor Mona Baker has come under fire for dismissing two Israeli academics from unpaid positions on the board of her small translation journal. UMIST have strongly criticised this move saying, "Discrimination is unacceptable, the Israeli academics should not have been removed". Prof. Baker has found herself with an uncertain future while an internal investigation takes place.

Posted by: Ed Howard on Sep 30, 02 | 6:56 pm

Wed Sep 25, 2002


The shockwaves of 9-11 have had a chilling effect on civil liberties in the form of the Patriot Act and the repressive measures taken by a plethora of government agencies. One must add to this the fallout from the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, and it becomes evident that even universities are not immune from the chill. Now freedom of speech, academic freedom and democracy itself are all at risk--the values that America so greatly cherishes have been greatly diminished. More...

Posted by: Mona Baker on Sep 25, 02 | 12:25 am

Mon Sep 23, 2002

Campus Watch: The Vigilante Thought Police

A Philadelphia-based pro-Israeli organization with the seemingly innocuous name, the Middle East Forum, began a website to monitor US college campuses for academic pro-Palestinian bias and happenings. Campus- Watch (http://www.campus-watch.org) publishes dossiers on professors, as well as some examples of their writings. More...

Posted by: Mona Baker on Sep 23, 02 | 12:02 am

Sun Sep 01, 2002

Letter from Mona Baker to Colleagues in Translation Studies

Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 10:58:09 +0100
From: Mona Baker
To: Robin xxxxx

Subject: Re: The Translator

Dear Robin (and Andrew, and everyone else on the list),

Thank you Robin and Andrew for this balanced and rational response. I very much respect your opinions and position on the whole, and some years ago I would have argued in a very similar vein. In fact in a recent talk I gave in Cairo where I drew heavily on Gideon Toury's work, I argued exactly the same points in response to one or two 'extremists' in the audience who suggested I shouldn't be promoting the work of an Israeli.

Posted by: Mona Baker on Sep 01, 02 | 10:06 am