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Sun Mar 30, 2003

It's not a bad time to be a Middle Eastern dictator

The increasing gap between what the west says and does is discrediting the cause of democracy and human rights across the region

Why are the Iraqis not rising to welcome the 'coalition' forces and rid the country of its tyrant? Are they not yearning to be 'liberated'? It will take time, is the response. The memory of Saddam Hussein's deadly retribution after the uprisings of 1991 prevents them from expressing their loathing of the regime. Once the Iraqi people realise that Saddam is defeated, and the US and UK forces are there to stay, they will come forward. More...

Posted by: Sami on Mar 30, 03 | 1:59 am

Fri Mar 28, 2003

Top scientist moving to oppose boycott

Leading British neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield is putting together a high-level delegation of academics to visit Israel later this year, calling the trip her “positive response” to supporters of an academic boycott of Israel. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Mar 28, 03 | 2:42 pm

Crying Wolf?

"Why do you think that Sharon may exploit the American attack on Iraq in order to carry out transfer in the occupied territories?" a journalist asked me, after we published a warning to this effect in his paper. "Aren't you crying wolf?" More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Mar 28, 03 | 2:35 pm

Calif. Journalist Suspended Over Antiwar Protest

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A San Francisco Chronicle reporter suspended after getting arrested in an anti-war rally said on Friday that he felt unfairly treated and that no one should expect complete objectivity from a journalist. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Mar 28, 03 | 2:23 pm

Age of information or age of ignorance?

At the end of last month, I travelled to the University of Wales, Swansea, to take part in a debate on what has come to be known as the “academic boycott” of Israel. The event was hosted by the Swansea branch of the Association of University Teachers — which is to be congratulated on this initiative. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Mar 28, 03 | 2:15 pm

Barbaric ambition

At this grim moment, we can do nothing to stop the ongoing invasion. But that does not mean that the task is over for people who have some concern for justice, freedom, and human rights. Far from it. The tasks will be more urgent than before, whatever the outcome of the attack. And about that, no one has any idea: not the Pentagon, the CIA, or anyone else. Possibilities range from the horrifying humanitarian catastrophes of which aid and relief agencies that work in Iraq have been warning, to relatively benign outcomes -- though even if not a hair is harmed on anyone's head that will in no way mitigate the criminality of those willing to subject helpless people to such terrible risks, for their own shameful purposes More...

Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 28, 03 | 12:11 pm

Blair's Waterloo?

Blair is only one stray bomb away from regime change himself, writes Alistair Alexander from London

It was the "nightmare scenario" that Downing Street spin doctors had been muttering about for months, before quickly reassuring themselves that it would never come to that. With his diplomatic strategy in tatters, Tony Blair was forced last week to take Britain to war without the UN mandate he had promised and against the overwhelming opposition of his electorate.


Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 28, 03 | 12:04 pm

Resources of hope

The two major catastrophes currently facing the Arab world, the US-led war against Iraq and the Israeli war against the Palestinians, dominate political debate. At a roundtable organised by Al-Ahram Weekly this week, Edward Said and a number of political analysts debated the challenges the Arabs face today. Amina Elbendary attended. More...

Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 28, 03 | 11:58 am

Thu Mar 27, 2003


I am not an Arab, I am not a Jew
Abraham is not my father, Palestine is not my home
But I would fight any man
Who kicked me out of my house
To dwell in a tent More...

Posted by: Charles MacKinnon on Mar 27, 03 | 10:46 pm

The choice is to do nothing or try to bring about change

The carnage in the Middle East continues; today a suicide bomber, tomorrow an Israeli strike on Palestinians with helicopters, missiles and tanks. The Israelis continue to invade Palestinian towns and expand illegal settlements in the occupied territories. Ariel Sharon refuses to negotiate while "violence" (ie Palestinian resistance) continues. Our own government sheds crocodile tears at the loss of life while inviting a prime minister accused of war crimes to lunch and providing his military with F16 spare parts.


Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 27, 03 | 8:07 pm

The Academic Boycott of Israel

In early April 2002, moved by the massacres in Jenin and the wanton destruction of civilian infrastructure in West Bank cities by invading Israeli forces, two British academics, Hilary Rose and Steven Rose, circulated a call-posted at www.pjpo.org-for an academic boycott of Israel.

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 27, 03 | 7:30 pm

Perle's Plunder Blunder

WASHINGTON : It's Richard Perle's world. We're just fighting in it.

The Prince of Darkness, a man who whips up revelatory soufflés and revolutionary pre-emption doctrines with equal ease, took a victory lap at the American Enterprise Institute on Friday morning.

Posted by: peace/justice on Mar 27, 03 | 9:51 am

It was an outrage, an obscenity

It was an outrage, an obscenity. The severed hand on the metal door, the swamp of blood and mud across the road, the human brains inside a garage, the incinerated, skeletal remains of an Iraqi mother and her three small children in their still- smouldering car. More...

Posted by: Sami on Mar 27, 03 | 3:17 am

Wed Mar 26, 2003

Report Says Egypt Jails And Beats War Protestors: Human Rights Group Alleges Use of Electric Shock

Human Rights Watch report on the consequences of the demonstrations which occured in Cairo last week.

CAIRO, March 24 -- Hundreds of activists opposed to the war in Iraq, including leaders of Egypt's opposition political parties, have been jailed, and several have been tortured by electric shock, according to a report issued today by Human Rights Watch.

The report, which declares that "fundamental freedoms in Egypt are now under serious threat," follows an outpouring of demonstrators in front of the U.S. Embassy and in downtown Cairo last week during the first days of the U.S.-led war in Iraq.


Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 26, 03 | 11:13 pm

Muslims Called to Jihad

The U.S. led invasion of Iraq has blurred the lines between mainstream, liberal and radical politics in the world of Islam and dissipated much of the empathy felt by Arabs toward the U.S. in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Perhaps most alarming, U.S. policy toward Iraq has alienated many of the more moderate voices, both secular and religious, which until now had been unwilling to join with miltant anti-American forces. More...

Posted by: LDavidson on Mar 26, 03 | 9:50 pm

Lessons Unlearned

As I followed recent Security Council meetings, another, much earlier, meeting kept springing to mind. It lasted three hours and took place in May 1967 on Egypt's Mediterranean coast at El-Alamein. Its protagonist was Field Marshal Montgomery, who had attached the name of that city to his official title, in reference to his monumental victory in the desert war against the German Afrika Corps, led by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.

Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 26, 03 | 2:51 pm

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:

For the last month, since the Israeli attacks on Palestine my feelings have shifted several times daily from swallowing back tears to anger and despair. I have attempted to assuage these feelings by an obsessive and masochistic search for information, information beyond the images on television, information that could explain these images. This has only led to more tears and anger. More...

Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 26, 03 | 2:42 pm

Seeing Palestine in Iraq

At a lecture in Cairo, Edward Said talks about the frightening parallels between Iraq and Palestine. Omayma Abdel-Latif listened in More...

Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 26, 03 | 2:21 pm

The Beautiful Face of the United States

Rachel Corrie was never a terrorist. She never sympathized with Al Qaeda. Her blond hair and U.S. nationality and the fact than no Arab blood ran in her veins made her stand out among the other young women in the Gaza Strip. Neither was she a follower of Islam and she was barely 23 years old.

Rachel lived in Olympia, in the state of Washington, and she had been far from home for many months. She belonged to the International Solidarity Movement and for the moment her profession was a new one for the 21st century: that of a human shield against evil and wrongdoing. One might guess at the reasons why Rachel found herself in a Palestinian refugee camp in Gaza, and why she postponed her dream of graduating from college, leaving behind for the moment the beautiful possibility of loving, of having children. She wanted now, not later to bear witness to the Palestinian tragedy and, far from home, she was learning the true meaning of U.S. justice.

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 26, 03 | 9:10 am

O Little Town of Bethlehem

O Little Town of Bethlehem, in fear we see thee lie,
We hear thee weep in fitful sleep, as tanks and planes go by;
And in thy shattered streets is shown, the Palestinian plight.
The hopes and fears of all the years, are dashed for thee tonight. More...

Posted by: Charles MacKinnon on Mar 26, 03 | 3:38 am

Tue Mar 25, 2003

No Room for Justice: Bethlehem, like Sharpeville, has become a symbol of oppression

Bethlehem is a familiar talisman of peace in Christmas festivities, but this year the innocent image is gone, perhaps for ever. Today Bethlehem's residents are entombed in their houses 24 hours each day. When the Church of the Nativity was besieged for weeks by the Israeli army in April - the International Red Cross refused entry; misinformation about priests held hostage put out by the Israeli government; wounded Palestinians incarcerated by Israeli forces; others killed and dozens deported to Europe or bussed to Gaza - Bethlehem became, like Sharpeville, a name for injustice.

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 25, 03 | 10:28 pm

Israeli match sparks protest

Plans for Scotland's Under-21 football team to play a friendly against Israel have triggered an angry response from pro-Palestinian campaigners.

Those opposed to the game going ahead have written to the Scottish Football Association (SFA) in protest against the policies of Israel in the Middle East conflict. More...

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 25, 03 | 10:21 pm

You should have known we'd fight

The invading forces will never win over Iraqi hearts and minds

It is now five days since the British and US governments launched an unprecedented military invasion of my country of birth, its people, land, towns and cities. This attack was launched without UN authority, public support or the will of the international community. To win support for this unjust and illegal campaign, it has been claimed that this is not a colonial war of occupation but a war of liberation; a compassionate war. Britain and the US will save the Iraqis by bombing so they can thrive in a democratic Iraq and live at ease with their neighbours. Those who believed the hype expected the Iraqis to welcome the invading armies. After British troops were forced to retreat from Basra yesterday, a military spokesman said: "We were expecting a lot of hands up, but it hasn't quite worked out that way." More...

Posted by: Sami on Mar 25, 03 | 5:07 pm

Baghdad’s Night of Terror

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s main presidential palace, a great rampart of a building 20 stories high, simply exploded in front of me — a cauldron of fire, a 100ft sheet of flame and a sound that had my ears singing for an hour after. The entire, massively buttressed edifice shuddered under the impact. Then four more Cruise missiles came in. More...

Posted by: Dimitris Asimakoulas on Mar 25, 03 | 10:49 am

Mon Mar 24, 2003

Anger and Tears at Israel's Wall of Apartheid -- The Wound Which Has Slashed Palestine to the Bone

Nablus. Today the attempt to murder, destroy and to break the will of the people of this Mountain of Fire--Jabal An'nar--has escalated to an intolerable level, though we expect it to get much worse. Our lovely mountains are ringed with fire as in the past millennia, but now it is the bright searchlights and floods of the Israeli illegal settlements and their military camps which light up the night sky. We are completely encircled by them, and with their powerful American weapons they can see any one of us at any time and shoot us dead. And they do.


Posted by: Charles MacKinnon on Mar 24, 03 | 6:06 am

The Palestinian Olive Tree

The tree of life my soul hath seen,
Laden with fruit and olive green;
The tree of life my soul hath seen,
Its fruit my livelihood has been;
But Israel, now it takes from me
The Palestinian Olive Tree.

Posted by: Charles MacKinnon on Mar 24, 03 | 5:30 am

The Death Of Rachel Corrie

When she sat down in the dirt
In front of your machine
A lovely woman dressed in red
You in military green
If you had met her in Jerusalem
You might have asked her on a date
But here you were in Gaza
Rolling towards the gate


Posted by: Charles MacKinnon on Mar 24, 03 | 5:22 am

Sun Mar 23, 2003

The Palestinians don't even have weather

To the extent that the recent military acts in the territories are debated in Israel at all, the debate almost solely revolves around the question whether or not it is possible to end the Palestinian terror this way. The Palestinians, as human beings, simply do not exist.

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 23, 03 | 1:16 am


A pointed description of the current situation was provided by Israeli analyst Ehud Ya'ari last week, when he recalled the story of Gulliver, the giant whom the tiny people of Lilliput tied up with thin strings until, contrary to the laws of physics, he could not make use of his unparalleled force. More...

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 23, 03 | 12:58 am

Sat Mar 22, 2003

Diplomat resigns to protest war

The following is a copy of Mary (Ann) Wright’s letter of resignation to Secretary of State Colin Powell. Wright was most recently the deputy chief of mission at the U.S. embassy in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. She helped open the U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, in January 2002. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Mar 22, 03 | 8:27 pm

Oil, Currency and the War on Iraq

It will not come as news to anyone that the US dominates the world economically and militarily. But the exact mechanisms by which American hegemony has been established and maintained are perhaps less well understood than they might be. One tool used to great effect has been the dollar, but its efficacy has recently been under threat since Europe introduced the euro. More...

Posted by: L. P. Fernandes on Mar 22, 03 | 10:06 am

Fri Mar 21, 2003

Thank You, President Bush

Thank you, great leader George W. Bush.

Thank you for showing us the danger Saddam Hussein represents. Maybe some of us had forgotten that he used chemical weapons against his own people, against the Kurds, against the Iranians. Hussein is a bloodthirsty dictator, one of the clearest expressions of evil today. More...

Posted by: L. P. Fernandes on Mar 21, 03 | 9:13 pm

Hampstead protesters silence anti-Zionist poet

IRAQ-RELATED tensions and pro-tests from Jewish customers persuaded a Hampstead book store to cancel an appearance by anti-Zionist poet Tom Paulin.

The Oxford lecturer and BBC cultural pundit - who has derided his critics as "Hampstead liberal Zionists" - had been due to participate in a discussion with West Indian-born writer Caryl Phillips about her book "A Distant Shore," at the local Waterstone's branch. More...

Posted by: Sami on Mar 21, 03 | 9:11 pm

2nd US Diplomat's Resignation Letter

Following is the text of career diplomat John Brown’s letter by which he resigned from the Foreign Service. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Mar 21, 03 | 7:41 pm

Excerpts from an e-mail from Rachel Corrie to her family on February 7, 2003

I have been in Palestine for two weeks and one hour now, and I still have very few words to describe what I see. It is most difficult for me to think about what's going on here when I sit down to write back to the United States--something about the virtual portal into luxury. I don't know if many of the children here have ever existed without tank-shell holes in their walls and the towers of an occupying army surveying them constantly from the near horizons. I think, although I'm not entirely sure, that even the smallest of these children understand that life is not like this everywhere. An eight-year-old was shot and killed by an Israeli tank two days before I got here, and many of the children murmur his name to me, “Ali”--or point at the posters of him on the walls. The children also love to get me to practice my limited Arabic by asking me "Kaif Sharon?" "Kaif Bush?" and they laugh when I say "Bush Majnoon" "Sharon Majnoon" back in my limited Arabic. (How is Sharon? How is Bush? Bush is crazy. Sharon is crazy.) More...

Posted by: Dimitris Asimakoulas on Mar 21, 03 | 6:20 pm

U.S. Diplomat's Letter of Resignation

The following is the text of John Brady Kiesling's letter of resignation to Secretary of State Colin L. Powell. Mr. Kiesling is a career diplomat who has served in United States embassies from Tel Aviv to Casablanca to Yerevan. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Mar 21, 03 | 6:03 pm

The other America

The United States is not the monolith many Arabs presume it to be. It is more accurate, writes Edward Said, to apprehend America as embroiled in a serious clash of identities whose counterparts are visible as similar contests throughout the rest of the world. More...

Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 21, 03 | 2:52 pm

College split over fellowship

Academics at King's College, Cambridge, have split over a decision to turn down Edward Said, the distinguished Arab-American intellectual, for an honorary fellowship. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Mar 21, 03 | 2:11 pm

Thu Mar 20, 2003

Robin Cook: Resignation Speech

Mr. Robin Cook (Livingston): This is the first time for 20 years that I have addressed the House from the Back Benches. I must confess that I had forgotten how much better the view is from here. None of those 20 years were more enjoyable or more rewarding than the past two, in which I have had the immense privilege of serving this House as Leader of the House, which were made all the more enjoyable, Mr. Speaker, by the opportunity of working closely with you. It was frequently the necessity for me as Leader of the House to talk my way out of accusations that a statement had been preceded by a press interview. On this occasion I can say with complete confidence that no press interview has been given before this statement. I have chosen to address the House first on why I cannot support a war without international agreement or domestic support. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Mar 20, 03 | 11:27 pm

Neither the Living nor the Dead

The tragic death of American peace activist Rachel Corrie in Rafah refugee camp, killed when an Israeli bulldozer ran over her, came one day after millions of Americans demonstrated peacefully against war in Iraq, and only one day after I received similar tragic news from my family. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Mar 20, 03 | 10:19 pm

Bush's Mid-East peace tactic

In the thick of negotiations over a new UN resolution on Iraq, suddenly President Geroge W Bush announced progress on Middle East peace.
The two are intricately connected.

In the next few days the United States will release the so called "roadmap" - a timetable for peace, designed to lead to the setting up of a Palestinian state in 2005.

It is a move the UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has been pressing on President Bush for weeks.

Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 20, 03 | 4:05 pm

US and Israel's 'common cause'

These are days of war talk, and the same sort of talk is coming out of Israel and the United States.
From Israel's Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon: "Israel will not surrender to blackmail. He who rises up to kill us, we will pre-empt it and kill him first. As we have proven there is no and there will never be any shelter for evil."

From US President George W Bush: "We will not wait to see what terrorists or terrorist states could do with weapons of mass destruction. We are determined to confront threats wherever they arise and as a last resort we must be willing to use military force."

Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 20, 03 | 3:41 pm

US offers Israel billions in aid

The US has offered $10bn (£6.4bn) to Israel, to bail it out of the worst economic crisis in its history.
Israel's Finance Ministry said the package consisted of $1bn (£640,000m) in direct military aid and $9bn in loan guarantees.


Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 20, 03 | 3:28 pm

History: For centuries, we've been 'liberating' the Middle East. Why do we never learn?

On 8 March 1917, Lieutenant-general Stanley Maude issued a "Proclamation to the People of the Wilayat of Baghdad". Maude's Anglo-Indian Army of the Tigres had just invaded and occupied Iraq – after storming up the country from Basra – to "free" its people from their dictators. "Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators," the British announced. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Mar 20, 03 | 10:13 am

Wed Mar 19, 2003

Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians

keynote research paper showing that Middle Eastern Jews and Palestinians are genetically almost identical has been pulled from a leading journal. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Mar 19, 03 | 10:58 pm

Amnesty International Condemns Killing of Rachel Corrie

Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) today condemned the killing of Rachel Corrie and called for an independent investigation of her death. The organization also renewed a call for a suspension of US transfers to Israel of military equipment, including bulldozers, that have been used to commit human rights abuses.” Amnesty International has consistently condemned violations by all parties to the conflict and called on these parties to take all possible measures to bring to an end the killing and wounding of civilians. More...

Posted by: Sami on Mar 19, 03 | 9:07 pm

Traces of poison

Israel, not Iraq, holds that distinction of being the first country in the region to use weapons of mass destruction with genocidal intent. Salman Abu-Sitta digs into a dark history More...

Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 19, 03 | 6:19 pm

Ten Palestinians, Including 4-Year-Old Girl, Killed in Army Raids

JERUSALEM - Israeli tanks, armored vehicles and attack helicopters searching for Palestinian fighters invaded two communities in the Gaza Strip today and encountered stiff resistance, leading to fierce gun battles that killed 10 Palestinians, including a 4-year-old girl and two teenage boys, Palestinian security sources and Israeli military officials said. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Mar 19, 03 | 5:15 pm

Congress Questions Cost of War-Related Aid

As country after country demands money and military aid from the Bush administration in return for cooperation in the struggle against Iraq and terrorism, the price tag is growing and some in Congress have begun questioning the strategy. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Mar 19, 03 | 4:59 pm

Democratic Leaders Agree on Israel Aid, but Split on Praise for Bush

When Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) recently drafted a letter urging President Bush to approve a new aid package for Israel, the paragraph at the top praising the President's "vision" of a democratic Iraq didn't bother one prominent Democrat. More...

Posted by: Ed Howard on Mar 19, 03 | 1:19 am

Tue Mar 18, 2003

Egyptian rights activist cleared

A court in Cairo has acquitted a leading human rights activist, Saad Eddin Ibrahim, after a second retrial for defaming Egypt. More...

Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 18, 03 | 5:44 pm

Rachel's War

This weekend 23-year-old American peace activist Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by a bulldozer as she tried to prevent the Israeli army destroying homes in the Gaza Strip. In a remarkable series of emails to her family, she explained why she was risking her life. More...

Posted by: Sami on Mar 18, 03 | 6:37 am

The war of misinformation has begun

All across the Middle East, they are deploying by the thousand. In the deserts of Kuwait, in Amman, in northern Iraq, in Turkey, in Israel and in Baghdad itself. There must be 7,000 journalists and crews "in theatre", as the more jingoistic of them like to say. In Qatar, a massive press centre has been erected for journalists who will not see the war. How many times General Tommy Franks will spin his story to the press at the nine o'clock follies, no one knows. He doesn't even like talking to journalists. More...

Posted by: Sami on Mar 18, 03 | 2:53 am

Sun Mar 16, 2003

Pentagon threatens to kill independent reporters in Iraq

The Pentagon has threatened to fire on the satellite uplink positions of independent journalists in Iraq, according to veteran BBC war correspondent, Kate Adie. In an interview with Irish radio, Ms. Adie said that questioned about the consequences of such potentially fatal actions, a senior Pentagon officer had said: "Who cares.. ..They've been warned."

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 16, 03 | 11:07 pm

American woman peace activist killed by IDF [PHOTOS]

An American woman peace protester was killed Sunday by an IDF bulldozer, which ran her over during the demolition of a house at the Rafah refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip. Another activist was wounded in the incident. More...

Posted by: Sami on Mar 16, 03 | 6:59 pm

Sat Mar 15, 2003

Evidence Hereby Submitted

My army killed a woman in her ninth month of pregnancy. I know that, her husband knows that, her brother knows that, her kids know that, the hospital team at Dir-El- Balakh knows that, those who dug her grave and covered it know that. More...

Posted by: Sami on Mar 15, 03 | 11:48 pm

The Real Issue Is US Power

The door to war is not yet opened, but the unexpected has already struck. Donald Rumsfeld's announcement Tuesday that British forces might not take part in the initial intervention against Iraq suggests that Britain may be out of the coalition. More...

Posted by: LDavidson on Mar 15, 03 | 4:24 am

Fri Mar 14, 2003


THE Blair Government has known, almost from the day it came to office in 1997, that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were almost certainly destroyed following the Gulf War. Of all the pro-war propaganda of Blair and Bush, and their current threats giving Saddam Hussein yet another deadline to disarm, what may be their biggest lie is exposed by this revelation. More...

Posted by: peace/justice on Mar 14, 03 | 5:56 pm

Call to Conscience

We are veterans of the United States armed forces. We stand with the majority of humanity, including millions in our own country, in opposition to the United States' all-out war on Iraq More...

Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 14, 03 | 4:19 pm


Let it not be said that people in the United States did nothing when their government declared a war without limit and instituted stark new measures of repression.

The signers of this statement call on the people of the U.S. to resist the policies and overall political direction that have emerged since September 11, 2001, and which pose grave dangers to the people of the world.


Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 14, 03 | 4:08 pm

Liberating America From Israel

Nine-eleven would not have occurred if the U.S. government had refused to help Israel humiliate and destroy Palestinian society. Few express this conclusion publicly, but many believe it is the truth.

I believe the catastrophe could have been prevented if any U.S. president during the past 35 years had had the courage and wisdom to suspend all U.S. aid until Israel withdrew from the Arab land seized in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.


Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 14, 03 | 3:49 pm

Staying Alive

In Baghdad on any given day you might come across her. I will not tell you her name - but she is tall and slim with brushed silver hair. She dresses in black with black trainers and thick black socks. Her husband, now dead, was an Iraqi ambassador long ago. Now she sets out from her home every morning and walks. She walks though the streets looking and listening and asking
questions. Her project is to memorise what is happening to the people and the daily life of her country. She's 88 and doesn't have much time.

None of us have much time.


Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 14, 03 | 3:42 pm

"I made them a stadium in the middle of the camp"

This is a unique document. It was published in Yediot Aharonot, Israel's most widely circulated tabloid paper, on May 31, 2002. It is the first absolutely sincere Israeli eye-witness testimony on what actually happened in Jenin, by one of those who did it and are proud of it.

Apart from the shocking revelations, this is also a startling human document.

After publication - and in spite of it - the unit to which the man belongs received from the army command an official citation for outstanding service.

"I made them a stadium in the middle of the camp"

* I entered Jenin, driven by madness, by desperation, in the worst condition

* I told my wife: "If anything happens to me, at least someone will take care of you".

* The funny bit was, I didn't even know how to operate the D-9.

* Within two hours, they taught me to drive forwards, and make a flat surface.

* I tied the 'Beitar' football team flag to the back of the bulldozer and told them: "Move away, let me work.".

* For three days, I just erased and erased

* I kept drinking whisky to fight off fatigue

* I didn't see dead bodies under the blade of the D-9, but I don't care if there
where any. More...

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 14, 03 | 1:54 pm

The Crimes that Nobody Notices

As I am writing this short letter (the "World" is expecting the Mondial), IDF forces are storming again Balata refugee camp, again by destroying walls of houses, of living people, "to keep Zero Casualties", to arrest, to kill, and in short to "fight terrorism".

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 14, 03 | 1:21 pm

Thu Mar 13, 2003

Was It Really Worth It, Mrs. Albright?

What moved those kamikaze Muslims to embark, some many months ago on the training that they knew would culminate in their deaths as well of those (they must have hoped) of thousands upon thousands of innocent people? Was it the Koran plus a tape from Osama bin Laden? The dream of a world in which all men wear untrimmed beards and women have to stay at home or go outside only when enveloped in blue tents? I doubt it. If I had to cite what steeled their resolve the list would surely include the exchange on CBS in 1996 between [Bill Clinton’s (Zionist) Secretary of State] Madeleine Albright and then US ambassador to the United Nations and Lesley Stahl. Albright was maintaining that sanctions had yielded important concessions from Saddam Hussein. More...

Posted by: Dimitris Asimakoulas on Mar 13, 03 | 3:08 pm

An Order of Fries, Please, but Do Hold the French

WASHINGTON, March 11 — The French may have Champagne, Brie, croissants and even kisses. Americans, at least in the cafeterias of the House of Representatives, now have freedom fries and freedom toast.
With frustration rising in the Capitol over French opposition to President Bush's policy on Iraq, Representative Bob Ney, the Ohio Republican who is chairman of the House Administration Committee, which is responsible for House operations, ordered the word "French" stricken from all House menus. The action was unilateral. No vote was required.

Posted by: Dimitris Asimakoulas on Mar 13, 03 | 3:01 pm


The US Administration's goals for the looming war with Iraq have inflated as the months have passed. First it was disarmament, then regime change (plus disarmament, of course; these things are cumulative), then freedom for the Iraqi people and finally a new dawn for the entire Middle East.

Laudable aims all. But a new Middle East is not what the Security Council had in mind when it passed Resolution 1441. Either Bush is making it up as he goes along - adding new inducements as the previous ones fail to galvanize the world into his kind of action – or, and this is the scary part, he is revealing, bit by bit, the full dimensions of a long-held master plan.


Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 13, 03 | 12:57 pm

Wed Mar 12, 2003

J'Accuse, Sort Of

Rep. James P. Moran of Virginia, already a locally famous foot-in-mouther, went national last week by declaring at an anti-war rally that "if it was not for the strong support of the Jewish community," the war against Iraq would not be happening. He said that Jewish "leaders" are "influential enough" to reverse the policy "and I think they should." More...

Posted by: Sami on Mar 12, 03 | 9:07 pm

House of Commons Speech

There's an old story about Oliver Cromwell. After he had taken the town of Drogheda the citizens were brought to the main square. Cromwell announced to his Lieutenants: "Right! Kill all the women and rape all the men." One of his aides said: "Excuse me General. Isn't it the other way around?" A voice from the crowd called out: "Mr. Cromwell knows what he's doing!"

That voice is the voice of Tony Blair "Mr Bush knows what he's doing!" But the fact is that Mr Bush and his gang do know what they're doing and Blair, unless he really is the deluded idiot he often appears to be, also knows what they're doing. They are determined, quite simply, to control the world and the world's resources. And they don't give a damn how many people they murder on the way. And Blair goes along with it.

Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 12, 03 | 6:16 pm

God Bless America

Here they go again,
The Yanks in their armoured parade
Chanting their ballads of joy
As they gallop across the big world
Praising America's God.


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And a vast paranoia sweeps across the land
And America turns the attack on its Twin Towers
Into the beginning of the Third World War
The war with the Third World


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U.S. lawmaker, under fire, predicts Jewish opposition to his re-election

WASHINGTON, March 11 (JTA) — Rep. James Moran (D-Va.) says he understands why Jewish leaders are furious with him over a history of comments against Israel and the Jewish community, and predicts the Jewish community will mount a fierce opposition to replace him in the next congressional primary. More...

Posted by: Sami on Mar 12, 03 | 1:46 am

Thousands of Russians volunteer to defend Iraq

Around ten thousand Russian citizens have applied for entry visas into Iraq to defend this country against the planned aggression by the warmongering USA and UK, according to the Iraqi Embassy in Moscow. More...

Posted by: Sami on Mar 12, 03 | 12:04 am

Tue Mar 11, 2003

Rita and the Rifle

Between Rita and my eyes
There is a rifle
And whoever knows Rita
Kneels and plays
To the divinity in those honey-colored eyes More...

Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 11, 03 | 3:48 pm

I am from There

I come from there and remember,
I was born like everyone is borne, I have a mother
and a house with many windows,
I have brothers, friends and a prison.

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A Glossary of warmongering

The propaganda leading up to wars debases language. In an effort to counter the inevitable prostitution of language, and to perhaps become aware of a different reality, a glossary of commonly post-Gulf War abused terms is presented below. It is an analogous development to the “Glossary of Occupation”, which was meant to clarify the abused terms found in the Israeli-centric discourse.

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A harmonious protest

The massive anti-war rally that took place in Cairo Stadium on 27 February was symbolic in many ways. Advertised heavily in the papers as an initiative sponsored by a national coalition of Egypt's opposition parties, syndicates and civil society organisations, the rally was hailed by many as the first-ever protest to be sanctioned by the government in recent history.

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NDP March

Tens of thousands gathered yesterday before Cairo's International Stadium to join a huge march organised by the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) to protest an American- led war against Iraq, reports Gamal Essam El-Din . Conservative estimates placed the number of protestors at 200,000. Organisers of the rally said it was nearer half a million. More...

Posted by: sameh fekry on Mar 11, 03 | 1:02 pm

Mon Mar 10, 2003

Indelible image of Palestinian fireman killed by shrapnel

The image was indelible. The Palestinian fireman who a moment before had stood fearlessly in the open as the gunfire echoed, aiming a hose at a building in flames, crumpling to the ground as shrapnel burst all around him. That was the unforgettable scene of yesterday's Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip, the death of Naji Abu Jalili as he tried to douse a burning building. More...

Posted by: Sami on Mar 10, 03 | 6:37 am

Sun Mar 09, 2003



On August 2, 1990, Iraqi troops drive east to Kuwait City and start killing soldiers and civilians and capturing gold-heavy palaces and expensive German sedans -- though it is likely that the Iraqi atrocities are being exaggerated by Kuwaitis and Saudis and certain elements of the U.S. government, so as to gather more coalition support from the UN, the American people, and the international community generally. More...

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 09, 03 | 9:03 pm

House Visit, Israeli Style

Nablus, Palestine

Yesterday I had the opportunity to observe a house visit Israeli style. In the last days I have visited a number of homes in Nablus Old City previously occupied by the army. I've seen the mess they made, the broken windows, the destroyed furniture and the scared faces of the children. Actually staying with a family as their home was occupied enabled me to get a better understanding of what it means to be a prisoner in your own home and to be forced to ask for permission from armed young men to even go to the bathroom or to drink water.

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 09, 03 | 8:25 pm

A Real Policy For Peace

There is only one nuclear power in the Middle East: Israel.

There is only one country in the Middle East that refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: Israel.

There is only one country in the Middle East that refuses to allow international inspections of its nuclear facilities: Israel.

There is only one country in the Middle East that stands in defiance of more than 60 United Nations resolutions: Israel.

There is only one country in the Middle East that invaded and continues to occupy land belonging to its neighbors: Israel.


Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 09, 03 | 8:19 pm

Not in Our Name, Mr Blair

Not in our name, Mr Blair
You do not have the evidence.
You do not have UN approval.
You do not have your country's support.
You do not have your party's support.
You do not have the legal right.
You do not have the moral right.
You must not drag Britain into Bush's
unjust and unnecessary war

The die is cast. President Bush says he will go to war with or without the backing of the UN. Tony Blair indicates he will support him. The senior UN weapons inspector, Hans Blix, asks to be given more time – a few more months at most. His request is brushed aside by the US and the UK governments.


Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 09, 03 | 8:16 pm

Mall Wants to Drop Peace T-Shirt Charges

GUILDERLAND, N.Y. (AP) -- Officials at a mall where a man was arrested for refusing to remove an anti-war T-shirt asked Wednesday that trespassing charges against him be dropped.
Police said managers from Crossgates Mall called and asked that the complaint against Stephen Downs be withdrawn. Police Chief James Murley said he would support the mall's decision.

Posted by: Dimitris Asimakoulas on Mar 09, 03 | 6:37 pm

Blix and Elbaradei reject key intelligence claims. Some U.S. officials admit quality is poor.

UNITED NATIONS -- On the eve of a possible war in Iraq, a question looms increasingly large: If U.S. intelligence is so good, why are United Nations experts still unable to confirm whether Saddam Hussein is actively concealing and producing illegal weapons?
That troubling issue erupted Friday when top U.N. weapons inspectors expressed frustration with the quality of intelligence they have been given.

Posted by: Dimitris Asimakoulas on Mar 09, 03 | 6:29 pm

U.N. Nuclear Inspector Says Documents on Purchases Were Forged

A key piece of evidence linking Iraq to a nuclear weapons program appears to have been fabricated, the United Nations' chief nuclear inspector said yesterday in a report that called into question U.S. and British claims about Iraq's secret nuclear ambitions.
Documents that purportedly showed Iraqi officials shopping for uranium in Africa two years ago were deemed "not authentic" after careful scrutiny by U.N. and independent experts, Mohamed ElBaradei, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), told the U.N. Security Council.

Posted by: Dimitris Asimakoulas on Mar 09, 03 | 6:27 pm

Hypocrisies, Double Standards and Lies

Here's what you're supposed to know: Sami Al-Arian was indicted as a terrorist leader on Feb. 20.Here's what you're not supposed to think about: Sami Al-Arian never, even according to the indictment, committed violent acts. His nemesis Israel, on the other hand, will conduct "targeted killings in the United States and other friendly countries." (UPI, Jan. 15, 2003). An FBI official told the wire service that the agency regards the planned murder campaign as a "policy matter," not an issue for criminal investigation. The St. Petersburg Times and The Tampa Tribune didn't note the story.
Here's what you're supposed to know: Sami Al-Arian raised thousands of dollars for Palestinian causes, much of it allegedly funneled from fundraising events.

Posted by: Dimitris Asimakoulas on Mar 09, 03 | 6:16 pm

Murder of a Population Under the Cover of Righteousness

We do not have gas chambers and crematoria, but there is no one fixed method for genocide.

Dr. Ya'akov Lazovik writes ("Academic Genocide", "Ha'Aretz", 4 March) that in the State of Israel it is impossible that the regime and the nation will plan and commit a genocide. It is difficult to determine if this is naivety or self-righteousness. As we know, there is no single fixed method for murder and not even for genocide. The author Y. L. Peretz wrote about "the righteous cat" who does not spill blood, but only suffocates. More...

Posted by: Lawrence Davidson on Mar 09, 03 | 1:48 am

Sat Mar 08, 2003

Aussie city wants to 'defect' to France

An Australian city wants to defect to France in protest at their Government's stance on Iraq.

Wollongong in New South Wales is to make an appeal to the Consul General of France.


Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 08, 03 | 7:49 pm

Thu Mar 06, 2003

Israel's "Green Patrol"

This morning, without prior warning, helicopters belonging to the Israel Lands Administration's (ILA) so called "Green Patrol" sprayed toxic chemicals on more than 1500 dunams (375 acres) of crops belonging to residents of Abda, an unrecognized village in the Naqab (Negev). In addition to destroying the crops, the spraying injured at least 10 Bedouin children, citizens of Israel. More...

Posted by: Lawrence Davidson on Mar 06, 03 | 1:45 pm

Wed Mar 05, 2003

Weapons of mass destruction: A practical guide

A world-renowned Brazilian author offers an original perspective on the Iraqi weapons crisis. Its solution may not lie in Baghdad, or even under the US president’s bed. Rather, take a Security Council mandate to George Bush’s psychoanalyst.

Bearing in mind that the president of the most powerful republic on the planet is, in principle, responsible for his actions and knows what he’s talking about, despite his eyes – have you noticed his eyes? Well, take a good look at them! – I, a Brazilian writer, earning my living from my daily struggle with words, and having no close ties with the secret service, the inspection procedure, with confidential files or privileged information, but capable of reading the newspapers with a reasonable degree of intelligence, have come up with the definitive answer to how to locate the weapons of mass destruction being hidden by Iraq. I will, by the way, require payment for this information. More...

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 05, 03 | 9:00 pm

Arrest Me

George W. Bush is out of control.

I'll say it again.

George W. Bush is out of control.

I'm waiting for the black government cars to come squealing up in front of my house, for the thump of leather on my stairs, for the sound of knuckles on my door, for the feel of steel braceleting my wrists, for the smell of urine in some dank Federal holding cell as I listen to questions from men who no longer feel the constricting boundaries of constitutional law abutting their duties. More...

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 05, 03 | 8:43 pm

MAB Denounces US Allegations against UK-based Palestinian Academic

Friends, colleagues, students and readers of Dr. Basheer Musa Nafi' have been dismayed by the recent allegations made by U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft who associated the Palestinian London-based academic with terrorism. More...

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 05, 03 | 8:22 pm

Basheer Nafi

Colleagues of Basheer Nafi say he “encourages critical thinking about religious issues and academic balance in his students and thus encourages social responsibility”. But last week, the US attorney-general charged him with 50 counts of supporting and financing the Palestinian terrorist group Islamic Jihad. The Home Office has yet to receive an extradition request. More...

Posted by: Dimitris Asimakoulas on Mar 05, 03 | 1:33 pm

Tue Mar 04, 2003

Confronting Empire

Following is an excerpt from Arundhati Roy's talk at the closing rally of the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on January 27. The full text will appear in her book War Talk, to be published in April by South End Press.

S o how do we resist "Empire"? The good news is that we're not doing too badly. There have been major victories. Here in Latin America you have had so many--in Bolivia, you have Cochabamba. In Peru, there was the uprising in Arequipa. In Venezuela, President Hugo Chávez is holding on, despite the US government's best efforts. And the world's gaze is on the people of Argentina, who are trying to refashion a country from the ashes of the havoc wrought by the IMF. More...

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 04, 03 | 3:57 pm

Welsh pensioner turns freedom fighter

Anne Gwynne is conducting her own war on terrorism. A retired bank manager from Wales, she originally planned to join the thousands of other foreign volunteers who spend a few weeks each year picking olives, monitoring Israeli roadblocks and acting as human shields in solidarity with the Palestinians. But after nine weeks in the West Bank city of Nablus, with bullet shrapnel in her leg and horrors she never imagined etched on her mind, she says she has come to understand - perhaps support - the more extreme and tragic tactics of a brutal conflict. She has found friends in the men with guns and the proud relatives of suicide bombers, the "martyrs" whose pictures paper the streets. More...

Posted by: Dimitris Asimakoulas on Mar 04, 03 | 3:22 pm

U.S. Diplomat's Letter of Resignation

Dear Mr. Secretary:

I am writing you to submit my resignation from the Foreign Service of the United States and from my position as Political Counselor in U.S. Embassy Athens, effective March 7. I do so with a heavy heart. The baggage of my upbringing included a felt obligation to give something back to my country. Service as a U.S. diplomat was a dream job. I was paid to understand foreign languages and cultures, to seek out diplomats, politicians, scholars and journalists, and to persuade them that U.S. interests and theirs fundamentally coincided. My faith in my country and its values was the most powerful weapon in my diplomatic arsenal.

Posted by: Dimitris Asimakoulas on Mar 04, 03 | 3:16 pm

Mon Mar 03, 2003

SF Labor Council Resolution In Defense of Sami Al-Arian

In Defense Of The Democratic Rights Of Professor Sami Al-Arian

Whereas, there has been a concerted political effort to fire Palestinian American Professor Sami Al-Arian from the University of South Florida and,


Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 03, 03 | 9:55 pm

'No to war...No to tyranny'

This is a commentary on the recommendations delivered to the Arab League summit by a group of Egyptian NGOs

In a petition addressed what was to have been the emergency Arab League summit called by Egypt to discuss the Iraq situation, a group of Egyptian NGOs put forward a number of recommendations that I found extremely timely and relevant. Even if in practical terms some of the proposals in the petition are difficult to implement, no one can argue with the main principles on which they are based. Moreover, the recommendations are, to the best of my knowledge, the first serious attempt to elaborate both a theoretical and a practical vision of what should be done to face the danger of a devastating war against Iraq. As such, they could become the point of departure for a meaningful Arab debate on the issue.

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 03, 03 | 9:32 pm

An End to the Israel Experiment? Unmaking a Grievous Error

Now that Ariel Sharon has been returned to power and his regime endorsed in its brutal occupation of Palestine, it seems to me that the time has come to ask whether the 50-year-old experiment known as the state of Israel has proven to be a failure and should be abandoned. More...

Posted by: DISC GOLFER on Mar 03, 03 | 1:33 pm

The Newest Testament

O America America, finally you learnt
Something from worm Jacob:
Fuck the UN, fuck the Arabs, fear not, America
All our desire is before thee, just tell us:
“Thou Israel, art my servant, I have
Chosen thee”. O, America, let us gather
With you by the River of Babylon when
It blushes with Arab blood. (We had one
Victim in the space shuttle, and you
Had such a wonderful visit at the Museum
Of our Holocaust in Washington DC). More...

Posted by: mona baker on Mar 03, 03 | 12:10 pm

Sun Mar 02, 2003

US Dirty Tricks to win vote on Iraq War

The United States is conducting a secret "dirty tricks" campaign against UN Security Council delegations in New York as part of its battle to win votes in favour of war against Iraq.


Posted by: Lawrence Davidson on Mar 02, 03 | 2:57 pm

The Great Wall of Denial

A few nights ago, I was awakened at 11 pm by the sound of a loudspeaker blaring from a police car in the street near my home in Jerusalem. I thought I heard a demand for someone to come out of the house and into the street. I wondered if a terrorist was loose in the neighborhood, as had happened more than once in various parts of Israel. I kept the light off, and ran to confirm that the front door was locked. Then I turned on the radio to hear if anything newsworthy was happening in my neighborhood. When I heard nothing, I crept back into bed, and lay there waiting for the next thing to happen. After a while, I thought of how many perfectly normal and law-abiding Palestinians are awakened in the middle of the night by loudspeakers from army vehicles, lie in bed waiting for events to unfold, and end up hearing the sounds of a neighbor being arrested and taken away...or being taken away themselves. A few weeks ago, a loudspeaker in the village of Beit Lahiya called residents out of their homes in the middle of the night, and 200 neighbors - including small children and two women who had given birth 2 days earlier - were forced to huddle together for hours in the cold winter night until the army let them return to their homes. This is not uncommon in Palestinian neighborhoods, hough the information rarely reaches the newspapers of Israel. In my neighborhood, it turned out to be the police searching for a missing child. In the Palestinian neighborhood, it can be a search for someone on the 'wanted list'... or just plain harassment.

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 02, 03 | 2:01 pm


Before I start this poem, I'd like to ask you to join me
In a moment of silence
In honor of those who died in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon last September 11th.
I would also like to ask you
To offer up a moment of silence
For all of those who have been harassed, imprisoned,
disappeared, tortured, raped, or killed in retaliation for those strikes,
For the victims in both Afghanistan and the U.S.

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 02, 03 | 12:43 pm

Sat Mar 01, 2003

USF fires professor indicted on terrorism charges

TAMPA, Fla. - A Palestinian professor charged with leading the U.S. operations of a Middle Eastern terrorist group was fired Wednesday by the University of South Florida. More...

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 01, 03 | 11:44 pm

Out of the Wreckage

By tearing up the global rulebook, the US is in fact undermining its own imperial rule

The men who run the world are democrats at home and dictators abroad. They came to power by means of national elections which possess, at least, the potential to represent the will of their people. Their citizens can dismiss them without bloodshed, and challenge their policies in the expectation that, if enough people join in, they will be obliged to listen. More...

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 01, 03 | 11:26 pm

As the Thumbscrew Turns: The Arrest of Sami al-Arian is Only the Beginning

It's dangerous to be photographed with Bush. It's also dangerous to visit the Bush White House. Sami al-Arian did both of these things. Now he's sweating it out in an FBI hoosegow. More...

Posted by: Mona Baker on Mar 01, 03 | 10:56 pm