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Sat Jan 31, 2009

Chomsky on Oil and the Israel Lobby

In the slow evolution of US relations with Israel since 1948, as the latter mutated from a strategic liability to a strategic asset, Israel and its Jewish allies in the United States have always occupied the driverís seat. More...

Posted by: Shahid Alam on Jan 31, 09 | 2:11 am

Wed Jan 14, 2009

Zionism in Gaza's Shattered Mirror

At a time when Palestinian men, women and children, corralled in the ghetto of Gaza since 1948, are daily, hourly, relentlessly, being bombed from the air, land and sea, it is instructive to turn to some of the founding fathers of Zionism, and ask what they might have thought about this obscene consequence of their messianic vision. More...

Posted by: Shahid Alam on Jan 14, 09 | 11:11 pm