January 2013

Beyond Antisemitism

May 2011

ULU: Why We Voted for Boycott

April 2011

Gaza mourns Vittorio Arrigoni
Gaza "terrorist" cocktail recipe

January 2011

Palestine Mapkin

August 2010

Peering Through the Fence

June 2010

Israel's Power of the Camera: Gaza's Power of Gaza

May 2010

Gaza, in Gaza, Fourteen Years in Gaza

February 2010

Nothing is Real

January 2010

Candle Light Dinner
One War Day

March 2009

Address by Ronnie Kasrils: "Israel Apartheid Week":

February 2009

Gaza IFP's Speak of their experiences during the War on Gaza
Rebuilding the Islamic University of Gaza
An MOU To Kill More Palestinians
"Creative anarchy" in the Gaza Strip
When Israel expelled Palestinians:
A modest Proposal

January 2009

Chomsky on Oil and the Israel Lobby
Zionism in Gaza's Shattered Mirror

December 2008

Before Our Very Eyes: Israel's Attempted Endgame in Gaza

July 2008

The Hope of a Victimised People

March 2008

Photos of the sea
Gaza's 'bigger holocaust'

February 2008

The Strangulation of Gaza

January 2008

Bringing Death and Destruction to Muslims
A World Without Islam
This time next year?
Double standard on divestment

December 2007

Prerequisites for peace
Israel's Palestinians speak out
A generous offer to the Palestinian refugees?
Will peace cost me my home?

November 2007

The advancing ethnic cleansing
Separate but unequal in Palestine: The road to apartheid
The right to our land must be restored

September 2007

Academic shock and awe

August 2007

Israel boycott campaign momentum grows
High Court bars Gazan students from studying in West Bank
When does a citizen-led boycott of a state become morally justified?

July 2007

The ivory tower behind the Apartheid Wall
Hamas' stand An official of the movement describes its goals for all of Palestine

June 2007

The time is now
UCU action threatens to cause a lasting rift
Retaliation! If we can only find a way
'We will isolate them'
U.K. public services union to consider boycott of Israel
Government to form joint task force to counter U.K. boycotts
Fine words come cheap, strong action is needed
Why pick on Israel? Because its actions are wrong
We Deserve the British Academic Boycott!
Silence means a boycott is justified
Lecturers vote for boycott of Israeli universities
Top architects accuse Israelis of oppression
PACBI Press Release--Boycotting Israeli Apartheid Back on the Agenda
In solidarity with Palestinians
British Professors Approve Israel Boycott
Israeli boycott divides academics

May 2007

British ban would target the 'good guys,' too
Israeli academics off to U.K. to battle boycott bid

April 2007

A boycott by any other name ...

January 2007

Tell Me
Why The Academic Boycott Is Necessary

December 2006

The Boycott Israel Association Funding Proposal: Building a Palestinian civil society boycott movement against Israel

November 2006

Debating the Place Of Israeli Academics
Israel: Pitting the West Against Islam
How to Critique Israel Injustices: A Fable About Palestine

October 2006

Israel Bars New Palestinian Students From Its Universities, Citing Concern Over 'Security'
UN says Israeli overuse of cluster bombs in Lebanon 'defies belief'
Ilan Pappe: Israeli academia deserves to be boycotted
Academic boycott 'wrong political tool', says Israeli minister
Education or mind infection?

September 2006

Hi-tech firm boycotts Israel over 'war crimes'
U.S. Again Denies a Visa to Swiss Muslim Scholar Who Was Barred in 2004
The Campaign For The Cancellation Of The Israeli Exhibition
Palestinian elite tells British PM Blair not to visit territories
Israeli Leader Authorizes West Bank Construction Bids
Officials said fearing wave of war crimes suits over Lebanon
Europe nixes landing rights for El Al planes with IDF cargo
Letter to the Organizers of the 10th International Architecture Exhibition at the Vennice Biennale

August 2006

Masters of War
Self-fulfilling prophecy
Hizbullah's attacks stem from Israeli incursions into Lebanon
Palestinian Filmmakers, Artists and Cultural Workers Call for a Cultural Boycott of Israel
Respecting Lebanon's Sovereignty: Foxman Defames
Ground to a Halt
Israel does not act or speak for every Jew

July 2006

Operations 'Summer Rains’ and 'Adequate Pay’ — yet other acts in the Mizrahi-Palestinian tragedy
Al-Jazeera, as American as Apple Pie
Nothing but anti-Arab racism can fully explain the behaviour of the Israelis
Press Release--Gaza University Teachers’ Association calls for academic and cultural boycott of Israel
Israel's latest bureaucratic obscenity
Covering up Gaza
What Does Israel Want?
Slurs will not silence us
Shalit seen as prisoner of war and bargaining chip

June 2006

Palestinian teachers union calls for Sari Nusseibeh's dismissal
Confront the colluders in Israel's academy
Israeli university boycott: how a campaign backfired
On Boycotts, Activism and Moral Standards
Why the Boycott of Israel is Justified
Academics Must Take a Leading Role ..

May 2006

U.K. academics vote on Israeli boycott
'Law to be used' to stop Israeli university boycotts

April 2006

Commentary: Peace can only be the fruit of justice

March 2006

So Much for "Sunshine Week": AP Erases Video of Israeli Soldier Shooting Palestinian Boy
Unions Rally for Palestine
The Israel Lobby
Tortured, shot, ambushed, victims are found dumped outside morgues. What is happening to Iraq's intellectuals is chilling
Drawn into a blueprint of bias
U.S. Again Bars Cuban Scholars From International Conference

February 2006

Church votes to sell off shares in Caterpillar
Architects threaten to boycott Israel over 'apartheid' barrier

January 2006

The Palestinian Call for Academic Boycott Revised - Adjusting the Parameters of the Debate
The Killing Fields: Ghosts of the Walking Dead - Oil, Simply Oil
The truth you don't hear
Rightwing group offers students $100 to spy on professors
20 Quebec groups urge Israel boycott
National Council of Arab Americans (NCA) Action Alert: Racist Article In College Textbook
Economic boycott of Israel?
Letter from the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) to the EUROPEAid office in Brussels, concerning the shortlisting of a partnership proposal between the Ramallah Film Institute and the New Foundation for Cinema a
Letter from Palestinian Filmmakers, Artists, Producers, Cultural Institutions, and other cultural workers concerning the short listing of a partnership proposal between the Ramallah Film Institute and the New Foundation for Cinema and Television (Israel)
Entire Region of Norway to boycott Apartheid Israel!
Israeli poet Aharon Shabtai boycotts international poetry festival in Jerusalem
Norway split over Israel boycott
SV's boycott call embarrasses government
USA threats after boycott support
How the FBI Spied on Edward Said: A CounterPunch Exclusive Investigation

December 2005

Top Jewish group 'terror' apology
Entire Region of Norway to boycott Apartheid Israel!
Cultural Boycott. Why?
Telling It Like It Isn't
The Ethical and Legal Challenges Facing Palestine
Israel and the Arab world -- a hidden trade waiting for a
Why Saddam is important
Noam Chomsky v. Alan Dershowitz: A Debate on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Quebec Launches Campaign for Boycott
Hebrew University poll: Half of Israelis favor talks with Hamas
Norwegian government party to launch boycott campaign on Apartheid Israel
Arab Distrust of US Growing

November 2005

Egal Ahouvi, Delek Real Estate purchase 15 Hilton hotels in U.K.
Secret British document accuses Israel: FO paper says international laws are being violated and peace jeopardised
The New Israel Lobby in Action
Keeping dialogue open
UK Media Gagged Over Contents of Bombing Memo: Targeting Al Jazeera
West Bank Landscaping (Mary Ellen Davis)
Arafat the obstacle has been exposed as a myth
Chomsky On Israel, Peace, Disengagement from Gaza
2005 Arab Attitudes toward US: Good News and Bad News
Militia boasts of role in Sabra massacre

October 2005

No US-Backed Israeli Government Has Offered Equal Rights to Palestinians: The Last Moment of Hope
Academics against Israel
The Quiet Occupation: Part II
The Quiet Occupation (Part I)
The university's fig leaf
the Invisibility of Palestinian Nonviolent Resistance in the New York Times
Evangelicals slam efforts by Protestants to divest from Israel
Who will have courage to stand up?
Evangelical Christians donate $40,000 to Gaza evacuees
Why I had to wreck a singer's night at the Barbican
The Iraqi Constitution: A Referendum for Disaster
Israel Confesses to its Crimes
What Awaits Samira
Christian prophetic voices face many battles
Two-thirds of Israelis against more pullouts
Turkey tranfers Ottoman land Records Palestinian Authority
Film Review: Rachel Corrie-An American Conscience
Qatar Funds New Stadium in Israel
The house that became a war zone
Case for divesting from Israeli interests

September 2005

British Medical Journal Debate on Palestine continues
The Hebron confessions
The morality of a cultural boycott of Israel
A talent for destruction
The divestment snowball
The prince's accomplice
Disengagement and the Politics of Post-National Realism
Israeli plan actually hurts Palestinians
Invested in Justice: Presbyterians attend committee meeting to support GA’s Israel-Palestine action
Israeli soldiers tell of indiscriminate killings by army and a culture of impunity
The Gaza Disengagement and the Prospect of Further Human Rights Violations
On Being Good Victims
Praying with Their Eyes Closed: Reflections on the Disengagement from Gaza

August 2005

Press Release: European Delegation calls on European Union and EU Member States to hold Israel to account
"Disengaging" from ghettos and walls: Challenges to the Palestinian liberation struggle under the myth of victory
Divestment, Boycott, and the Idea of Peace in Palestine
How we left Gaza
End the Occupation Conference Report
Nation as trauma, Zionism as question: Jacqueline Rose interviewed
The settlers' retreat was the theatre of the cynical
The Murder of Muhammad “Niinu” Al-‘Assi
In Praise of Incitement
US Church Rebukes Israel for Barrier
Meanwhile, Israel grabs the rest of Jerusalem
Compare and contrast: Review of The Question of Zion
U.S. Presbyterian Church targets five companies with Israel links
Threat to Divest Is Church Tool in Israeli Fight
Left-Wing Refusenik Movement Shuts Down

July 2005

The War is Over, and We ...
Barred from the ivory tower
Truth Struggling
Lawyers Challenge EU and UK over Inaction on Palestine
Former CIA director calls for Iraq withdrawal
United Nations meeting in support of Middle East peace concludes with adoption of action plan by civil society to end occupation
A Quarter of a Million Dollars Per Settler
A Warning from Israel
Why Are They Kiling Us?
Lest We Forget; These Were Blair's Bombs
The Reality of This Barbaric Bombing
UCC to selectively divest from companies supporting the occupation
Palestinian Civil Society Calls for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel Until it Complies with International Law and Universal Principles of Human Rights
The Gost at Gleneagles
Kenyan Anglican Church backs divestment from Israel
It's Imperialism, Stupid
Israeli activist bridges worlds
Caterkiller Procession Calls for Boycotts in Brighton
Jewish groups protest UCC sanctions on Israel
Evangelicals Eye Middle Ground On Middle East

June 2005

Expensive Favor
Incinerating Iraqis: The Napalm Cover-Up
A Civilized Nation 'Teaches' Iraq Barbarism
The Most Cowardly War in History
Anglicans Target Israel
Red Herring
To the Gates of Gleneagles Hotel
The BARBARIANS Guarding the Gates of Dialogue
Withdrawal is a prelude to annexation
Divestiture of Funds that Support Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territories
U.S. Grad Students Seen Hostile To Israel
Academic freedom in context
Showing a sour face to the Arabs
Israel, Apartheid, and Sanctions: in response to Susie Jacobs
Plain Talk
A British Union Reverses a Boycott
New England Methodist Conference passes divestment resolution
Activists to protest Caterpillar in NYC on June 14th
Call Upon Israeli Academics
Myth and Reality: Jewish Influence on US Middle East Policy
The British Academic Boycott of Israel: The Logic of Sanctions Dawns
Al-Arian's case opens with questions of terror
Line Between Ideas, Aid Is at Issue as Terrorism Trial Begins
Show trial in Florida: The Feds' witch-hunt of Sami Al-Arian goes to court
Text of Green-Rainbow Party of MA statement on Palestine
US Vets Seek War Crimes Probe of 1967 IDF Attack on USS Liberty
An Updated List of Vetoes Cast by the US to Shield Israel
Which Hunt at Columbia. Targeting the University
CIA outrages UK academics by planting spies in classroom
AUT boycott debate that has put Palestine back on the map
The AUT Boycott: Freedom vs. "Academic" Freedom
Targeting the University
Outcry Over Boycott Breaker
Netanyahu to lead campaign against academic boycott
One Hand Clapping: Tolerance and Pluralism in Israeli Academia
Israeli Firms Run Vast Spy Ring

May 2005

US to Indict Two Senior AIPAC Officials Under Espionage Act
Thousands Demonstrate in London for a Free Palestine and Boycott of Apartheid Israel
Jew Calls for Sanctions on Israel
An Act of Censorship: American Library Association Becomes Another Israeli Occupied Territory
UCC May Follow Presbyterians in Divestment From Israel
The boycott should continue: A fight to foster real academic freedom in Israel should unite academics all over the world
Seeking alternatives to a third Palestinian intifada
Film Review: Rachel Corrie-An American Conscience
Church Urged to Reconsider Investments with Israel
The Reversal of the AUT Boycott: Lessons to be Learnt
Our Man in the Territories
Israel Blocks Islamic Movement's Participation in London Meeting
Wider Focus on Boycott Debate
West Bank college benefits from backlash against British boycott of Israeli academia
Lecturers to go second round on Israeli boycott
Letter to The Independent
Both Palestinians and Israelis will benefit from a boycott
Why did I sign the Guardian Letter in support of the AUT boycott?
Federation of University Unions Calls on All Parties to Uphold Call for Boycott
NYC Protests Sharon Rally at Baruch College
The Power of Logic vs. the Logic of Power
Back the boycott
Second opinion
Calls for Israel's destruction in London
The Making of an Israeli Factoid
Academic Freedom in Israel is Central to Resolving the Conflict - To Create It, an Academic Boycott is Needed
US Gays Launch Boycott of Jerusalem Gay Pride
Palestinian Popular Movements and Civil Society Re-Assert Call for Comprehensive Academic Boycott of Apartheid Israel
A selfish ‘freedom’ for Israel's universities
Zionism vs. Intellectual Freedoms on American College Campuses
Fortress Israel
Galloway hounded by AIPAC cell within U.S. Congress; Bolton tied to same cell
Haifa University students protest against 'racist' conference on demography
A boycott all the way
Divestment & boycotts a moral necessity
Ruling Palestine: An Interview with COHRE's Scott Leckie
90th International Peace Activist to be Deported by Israel
U.S. Anglicans eyeing divestment criticize Israel W. Bank policy
Witch Hunts in the Academy
Israeli Figures: Settler Attacks Against Palestinians Rises 52%
Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict
Palestinian Art Blooms online in Birzeit Spring
Soas faces action over alleged anti-semitism
Sanctions can work...
Education minister slams Haifa historian for supporting academic boycott
Fortress Israel
No flies on controversial Blackwell
Israeli Anthropology and American Anthropology
Weapons of Mass Deception
The Collapse of Academic Freedom in Israel: Tantura, Teddy Katz and Haifa University
Statement on the Boycott
Professors in Britain Vote to Boycott 2 Israeli Schools
Israel Seeks PR Help for Image Makeover
From Ilan Pappe, to the Association of University Teachers in Britain
Chapter Five: (More on the Katz Affair) La Libre Parole, The Plot, the Trial and the Acquittal.
Chapter Four: The Katz Affair
Severe Inaccuracies in the (Haifa) University’s Response to the AUT Decision
Special Column (No title: Attack on Pappe for Supporting Boycott)
Restrictions Imposed On Aid to Palestinians: Bill Avoids Directing Funds to Authority
Store banned from importing books printed in Lebanon, Syria
Alone on the barricades
Special Column (No Title; Attack on Pappe for Supporting the Boycott)
Severe Inaccuracies in the University’s Response to the AUT Decision
WHY US? (On the academic boycott)
Al-Arian seeks change of venue
It’s not a boycott of academics but pressure on Israel
The Palestinian Gandhi
AIPAC’s Lobbying
Israel founds W Bank university
Politicide, no less
Swindler on a Gusher
Letter from Jerusalem
Cabinet votes 13-7 to declare West Bank college a university
Response to Julie Burchill: British AUT getting 'down wiv the kidz'
Divestment Vote Targets Israeli Occupation
Message on Bar-Ilan from Reuven Kaminer
In the name of truth

April 2005

Pressure Building Against British Academic Boycott
Jury’s Out On AIPAC
`And they were silent, and answered him not a word` (Isaiah 36:21)
It`s Not the Boycott, Stupid, It`s the Occupation
Boycott will do nothing to change Israeli policy
Debate grows over Khalidi candidacy
Statewide Academic Union Calls for University of Wisconsin Israel Divestment
Hypocrisy of the liberals
A boycott that is truly academic
You brought the boycott upon yourselves: Gush Shalom letter to Bar Ilan University
Haifa University president calls on dissident academic to resign
The Disengaged: Gaza and the fragmentation of Palestinian Nationhood
Israeli universities reject UK boycott
Middle East Wars Hit Princeton
Legal warnings over Israeli boycott
Diary of an American martyr inspires a young audience in theatre's hit play
Why Israel will always be vilified
Israeli army 'lied' about Miller death
Lecturers to vote on boycott of three Israeli universities
Lecturers to boycott two Israeli universities
Lecturers vote to boycott Israeli universities
The new McCarthyism
Israel 'shocked' at BBC reporter award
Academics back Israeli boycotts
Lecturer defends Israeli boycott plan on eve of vote
Academic boycott hot topic in UK
To boldly go
Why we ask for a boycott
Israeli college boycott debated
Don't boycott us, plead Israeli academics
Realities and Roots of Pro-Israeli Harassment at Columbia University
De-Colonization through Academic Engagement?: The Blurred Vision of Al-Quds University’s Administration
Models of Occupation: Israel is the Key to Bush's Iraq Strategy
The Road to Rendition: Torture Air, Incorporated
Taking Stands - Not Sides
Anti-Semitic Studies
Undermining Civil Society: David Horowitz's Corrosive Projects
Academic Boycott and the Israeli Left
The New York Times Supports Thought Control: The Massad Case
Why do they collaborate?
New York Times joins witch-hunt of Columbia University professors
Bollinger Vows ‘Overhaul’ Of Grievance Process
At the Center of an Academic Storm, a Lesson in Calm
Conservative 'Academic Bill of Rights' campaign challenges teaching evolution in colleges
Israel’s Strategic Advantage Inspires Creation of Middle East Center at Brandeis
British lecturers renew call to boycott Israeli academics
EI EXCLUSIVE: Joseph Massad's response to the Ad Hoc Grievance Committee Report
The New PC
PM extends law meant to maintain Jewish demographic edge
Israel plans to dump tons of garbage in the W. Bank
Boycott call resurfaces
Lecturers may boycott Israeli academics
Anti-Islamic Crusade Gets Organized
Mubarak may be scheming but the taboos are falling
Statement to the Ad Hoc Committee
Can a “Patriotic” Mob Take Over the Universities?

March 2005

Israel honors Egyptian spies 50 years after fiasco
Churchill Wars Continue
Columbia Panel Reports No Proof of Anti-Semitism
Columbia Chief Tackles Dispute Over Professors
Letter to London School of Economics
Egypt - on the road to democracy?
'Socially Responsible' Fund Cuts Starbucks
Faculty Revolt Is Brewing at Columbia
I'm a scholar not a terrorist
Israeli Settlers Poison Palestinian Land and Sheep
Embattled professor won't back down
Academic Integrity Travestied at Columbia Middle East Studies Conference
Letting Israel Sell Itself
Speech on International Women`s Day at the EU Parliment, in a debate about violence against women
Irish soccer should show Israeli Apartheid the Red Card
Israel: A Call for Divestment
U.S.: Israel broke promise to set settlement boundaries
Questionnaire on Joint Projects with Israeli Academic Institutions: Results
It is not democracy that's on the march in the Middle East
Press Release: Outcry at Expulsion of Gaza Students from the West Bank
The meaning of Calm: Relativity, LA Times Style
When Academic Freedom Is Kicked Out of Class
Maximum pain is aim of new US weapon
Churchill Defends 9/11-nazi Link
Between South Africa and Israel: UNESCO's Double-Standards
Sports boycott in Ireland: Show Israeli Apartheid the Red Card!
Wounded Italian Journalist Recalls Ordeal
Demand Investigation into Israeli Killing of Professor and Son
Sharon is war criminal says Livingstone
This is about Israel, not anti-semitism
U. Senate Meets, Responds to MEALAC Debate

February 2005

Ringworm and Radiation
Honderich is wrong about Zionism, Israel, and about terrorism too
Leave our country now
Gaza ‘out,’ West Bank ‘in’
Two Murders and a Lie
Report: Israel to expand settlements
Columbia U. Professor, Criticized for Views on Israel, Is Banned From
World Council of Churches gives nod to Israeli divestment proposal
Vandals foul Palestinian village's water supply
World Council of Churches Asks Members to Consider Bringing Economic Pressure on Israel
A matter of principle
Mechanisms of Denial: Justin Podur interviews Ilan Pappe
CNI INFO ALERT: Israeli Cabinet Votes in Favor of Land Grab -- and also to Evacuate Gaza Settlements
The Plunder of Iraq's Treasures
Democracy versus demography
JNF-owned company bought land in the territories
Dismantling the Politics of Comfort
A shameful kind of Zionist
There will be no Middle East peace without justice
The Blood of Iman Al-Hamas
AAUP Statement on Professor Ward Churchill Controversy
N.Y. college cancels talk
Speaking out about Israel to save the Jewish soul
PRESS RELEASE: CNI Protests New Aid for Israeli Occupation
University of Wisconsin Faculty Call for Israel Divestment
Churchill Replies
National and Women’s Liberation: The Iraqi Resistance and the Blackmail Campaign of “Iraqi Women Organizations”
Professor Quits Post after 9/11 Remark

January 2005

Understanding the Attacks on Pro-Palestinian Professors at Columbia
Eid Al-Adha in Nablus: A Night of Terror and Destruction (photos included)
After Israeli boycott, Columbia U. cancels meet on Mideast
Poetic and Psychotic: Iraq as Disneyland
Missing Money:
Rebutting a "Misguided Political Project"
Campos: A dangerous argument
”Controlling the oil in Iraq puts America in a strong position to exert influence on the world”
The Coronation Viewed from Israel: King George
Months of war that ruined centuries of history
Babylon wrecked by war
Cultural vandalism
Mideast Tensions Are Getting Personal on Campus at Columbia
How a Flying Carpet Took Me Back in Time - Until I Landed in Baghdad
THE COMING WARS: What the Pentagon can now do in secret
Columbia’s Own Middle East War
No Peace in Palestine
City of Ghosts
London Conference, a Prelude to Academic Boycott of Israel
Boycotting Israeli institutions and boycotting Israeli individuals
London University Conference Stresses Call for Boycott to Fight Israeli Apartheid
Under the Tuscan sun
Politics of Middle East play out in class fracas

December 2004

Iraq: Winning the Unwinnable War
China Expands. Europe Rises. And the United States…
Palestinians Worry About Cost Of Peace
O Little Town of Bethlehem
Yes, you must pull out but also pay for the damage
“Christmas has been Shot”
The writing on the Wall
Somerville Divestment Failure is Bittersweet
Israel's war on the Milieu
How we became Barbarians
The mountain and the mouse. Sharon's "vision" for Israel and the Palestinians exposed
The Army had not a word of compassion for the dead man, nor for his orphaned sons
The Boss has gone Crazy
ACADEMICS: NES department faces warring factions
'Genocide' big word at London anti-Israel academic conference
Semites and anti-Semites, that is the question
Blair rejects call for count of Iraqi deaths
On Palestine's Dead : Israel's Chilling Concept of “Good News”
The Carnivores and the Ivy League Apologist: The Voices of Sharon's Little Helpers
From churches, a challenge to Israeli policies
Israeli soldiers beat election candidate
Students Speak Up to Defend MEALAC
Just Part of Bush's Upside Down World
The Wrath of the Jews
Card wins Legal Action against Pipes
Israel's new road plans condemned as 'apartheid'
You asked for my evidence Mr. Ambassador. Here it is
Alarm at bid to revive boycott
Israel boycott row hits college
What is...'proactive translatology?'
Fallujah Napalmed

November 2004

The “Pianist” of Palestine
Defend Academic Freedom at Columbia University - Press Release
ADC Denounces New Efforts to Chill Academic Freedom
Columbia vows swift action on anti-Israel professors
Meanwhile: The olive tree and its shadow of hope
Who Can We Trust?
Economic 9/11 coming?
Iraq: Child malnutrition almost doubles after US invasion
What the Dollar's Collapse will mean to the World
'Kerry and the Gift of Impunity
Iraq's Forbidding "Triangle of Death”
Dead-Check in Falluja
Israel's Battle in Fallujah
No Longer a Christian
Bono's New Casualty: 'Private Ryan'
Professor of international law accuses Harvard of hiring " War criminal"
Fallujah 101 : A history lesson…
No one is taken in by the US lies
The No-Partner Myth
Press Release: The launching of "Israel Academia Monitor"
What happened in the Fallujah Mosque?
Hatred 101: Columbia's Learning Curve on Israel
Children pay cost of Iraq's chaos
Sharon prepares to sabotage Palestinian elections
Not What You Think
Presbyterians Establish ‘Criteria’ for Divestment
'That weasel word'
A Heartless War
The Role of Boycotts in the Fight for Peace: Notes on Post-Election Strategy
New bill in Congress targets Teachers who dare question US support to Israel
Terririaing those who are praying
Sell-by date of war crimes about to expire in Somerville, MA?
US Perbyterians warned to change “anti-Israel” stance
Slash and Burn
Eyewitness: Ghost city calls for help
Eyewitness: Fear remains after assault
What She Said
Snuff Films and War Crimes in Iraq: Executing Injured Prisoners in Fallujah
Judge grants delay in Al-Arian trial
Anglican Peace and Justice Network Statement on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
"Look upon your works, ye Israel, and despair" - a comprehensive, critical analysis of conditions in Palestine under the iron boot of the State of Israel
A War Crime in Real Time
To The Father in Fallujah Who Buried His Son in His Garden
Speech on Accepting the Sydney Peace Prize
Sharon's Gaza Pullout: Not Gonna Happen!
“Let them drink sand!”. War crimes in Fallujah
Dogs Eating Bodies in the Streets of Fallujah
Doctor is haunted by siege of Fallujah
AP Photographer Flees Fallujah
Rivers of Blood
The Passion of Arafat
Rejoice not
Why i fear for the dream of my life
Presbyterians Threatened Over Mideast Policy
The Passing of Arafat: With Him Goes the Two-State Solution
Die, then vote. This is Falluja
Holy War: Evangelical Marines Prepare to Battle Barbarians
I am Fallujeh
This night in Fallujah: Lailat Al Qadr in Ramadan
Iraq : the unthinkable becomes normal
Hidden tragedies in helpless city
Bush will now celebrate by putting Falluja to the torch
An Open Letter to Congressman Weiner
We're All Israelis Now
Neo-Con Agenda: Iran, China, Russia, Latin America ...
We Had To Destroy Fallujah in Order to Save It
“First Protect Your Vote”
“It's nothing personal. We don't want you here”
“Columbia unbecoming” in the clear light of the day
This is no passing phase. This is now an era
Joseph Massad responds to Intimidation…
Of Human Wreckage and Zionists Dreams - Withdrawal from Gaza?
From the Coalition to End Apartheid in Israeli Anthropology 1
Weapons dust worries Iraqis
The war on Iraq has made moral cowards of us all
Confirmed and confessed

October 2004

The new McCarthyism: Letter Submitted to the Boston Globe
Columbia professor faces probe on anti-Israel remarks
Pax Christi supports divestment from Israel
Mortality before and after the 2003 invasion of Iraq
Mainline Churches vs Israel?
When the Rabbits Get a Gun
Song to my Brother
Eye to Eye
Bush fuels terrorism, says Canadian MP
Missing explosives at Al-Qaqaa: Bush caught in another Iraq war lie
Betrayers of Freedom
Commander in Chief
Controversial Film Roils Columbia
Will there be a war against the World after November 2?
Suppressing the overseas vote
The colonial precedent
Bush doesn't “misspeak”. He lies, lies, lies.
On the road to Civil war
Free my husband, pleads wife of “traitor”
Hundreds demonstrate for release of “Mama Margaret” Hassan
UNRWA Gaza Field assessment of IDF Operation Days of Penitence
I dread what is going to happen in Fallujah
Letter from the people in Fallujah to Kofi Annan
Anti-Israel Professor Is Defended
The Killing of Iman al-Hams: Executing Another Child in Rafah
Hundreds of Gazan Students Are Still Prevented from Traveling Abroad to Attend Their Universities
"It's Not Who You're Against; It's Who You're For": Palestine Takes Center Stage at European Social Forum
Columbia University must take a stand
Protests across South Africa - Stop Ehud Olmert
Divesting: A Mideast Strategy?
Bollinger's Blindness
Columbia Abuzz Over Underground Film
Rep Weiner asks Columbia to fire anti-Israel prof
9/11 Mom : A letter to George W Bush
Europe's silent revolution
Historians making the front page...
It's a question of them and US
A school girl riddled with bullets. And no one is to blame
They're Building A Wall
Israeli destruction of Palestinian homes “violates international law”
Kidnapped: The heroine who offered hope for Iraq
The 9/11 Secret in the CIA's Back Pocket
Poverty, stress and unmet needs: life with diabetes in the Gaza Strip
Palestine: the assault on health and other war crimes
“When we came back they had destroyed all the houses”
Iraq's nuclear-related equipment goes Missing under the US Occupation
Report: Israel violating int'l law by destroying homes in Gaza
A cultural genocide
Gaza Sinks in a Sea of Blood
Why is war-torn Iraq giving $190,000 to Toys R Us?
Presbyterians Respond to Criticism of Divestment Resolution
Conference at Duke University equates Zionism, apartheid
Zarqawi - Bush's Man for all Seasons
This too i will Remember
Double Standards and Curious Silences. Amnesty International: A False Beacon?
Palestinian Call for Boycott: Suggested Guiding Principles
Future generations will struggle to escape the legacy of the disaster in Iraq
Jesus and Jihad
Yoko Ono Awards Peace Grant to Hersh, Vanunu
Palestinians Will Find No Friends In White House
Sharon comes clean
Annihilation and Celebration are Strange Bedfellows: The Israeli-Jewish way of Atonement
FBI seazes Global Indymedia Servers
Occupation as withdrawal
Days of Penitence
The enduring winter of our discontent
Israel: Palestinian State Shelved with U.S. Blessing
“Bush-Lite” or Marlboro-Lights?
Elections Will Not End the Fighting in Iraq
Two Peoples, One State
Time to Recognize State Terror
Understanding the Bush doctrine
From Baghdad, a Wall-Street Journal's E-mail to Friends
Time is running out for two states
By Right of Birth

September 2004

Holy Pulpit
Israeli troops admit sadistic abuse
The Word Palestine
The Unfeeling President
One Out Of Every Nine
The Spoils of another War
The war on terror makes the world safe for Barbarism
His Excellency
The worse the situation in Iraq the bigger the lies that Tony Blair tells us
Bush Upbeat as Iraq Burns
A Nation? What Nation?
Iraq, remember, was going to be the role model
“Finally it Broke My Heart”. Random Impressions from Palestine
Humiliated and Impotent, every Iraqi is a Hostage Now
Three Years and Counting
British TUC calls for 'speedy withdrawal of the coalition forces' from Iraq
Anglican group calls for Israel sanctions
A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties
Baghdad Year Zero
Straw protests Stevens deportation from US
The best university in Iraq. Imagine the rest
PALESTINE: Pappe: `Israel must be treated as South Africa was’
An Exposé of an Exposé: Seymour Hersh and the Missing Zionist-Israeli Connection
The Last Deception
Seymour Hersh's Alternative History of Bush's War
After Abu Ghraib
When the Rabbits Get a Gun
The Temple Mount Bombers
`Israel must be treated as South Africa was’
Apartheid Israel: An interview with Uri Davis
IFJ Demands Inquiry into Death of Journalist in US Missile Strike
AIPAC'S Power Or American Cowardice
Israel and Palestine : Choosing Sides
Secret papers show Blair was warned of Iraq chaos
This Is Bush's Vietnam
Far Graver than Vietnam
The Resort to Force
He's Just Sleeping, I Kept Telling Myself
Too Much to Atone for on Yom Kippur
"I'm a Journalist! I'm Dying! I'm Dying!": One of Baghdad's Bloodiest Days
The War OF Terrorism
What is Living Worth?
Rumsfeld's Dirty War On Terror
The Point We Keep Missing
Commuting in the time of occupation
“God Wills It!”
We Should Not Have Allowed 19 Murderers To Change Our World
Pulling Up the Welcome Mat
Pots and Black kettles: Powell utters the G-word
Why America Should Welcome Tariq Ramadan
Toward a True Democratic State in the Middle East: The Emerging Case for a Single-State Solution
The First Thousand
Fellow Americans: Why does the rest of the world hate you and me?
Dude, where are the Arabs?
How Are You, Non-Violence?
Tne Unwinnable War
“…they beat him so much that he can no longer smile” - Ten years of Israeli state terrorism as experienced by one Nablus family
UN agent: Apartheid in territories worse than S. Africa
The slaughter of Iraq's intellectuals
Corporals Don't Order Nuclear Radiation Weapons, Presidents Do
The War
A Terrible Lesson from a Classroom in Beslan
Noah Cohen: Noam Chomsky and ‘Left’ Apologetics for Injustice in Palestine
Advocacy and Realism: A reply to Noah Cohen
The Cohen-Chomsky Debate Continues: Chomsky's "Realism" and "Advocacy" : Advocacy for what and for whom?
Days of plunder
Teacher slain in Mosul ambush
Scholar under siege defends his record
Ramadan's vital work
The Ban on a Muslim Scholar
A degree in bullying and self-interest? No thanks

August 2004

Striking Back Against Prison Abuse
Pentagon Official Suspected of Giving U.S. Secrets to Israel
Prisoners of Zion
A Personal Bias
The Warlords of America
A Journey into the Epicenter of the Sadr Standoff
Obituary: Nick Pretzlik, Fundraiser for the Palestinian cause
IFJ Accuses Iraq of “Unacceptable and Illogical Censorship” Over Ban on Al-Jazeera
IDF detains three BBC journalists in Nablus
Anti-Americanism a Hit with Egyptian Audiences
Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions in Arab Press
Boycotting the Israeli Academy
The (Washington) Post on WMDs: An Inside Story
Why the "Washington Post" Inside Story on Iraq Pre-War Coverage Falls Short
Twilight Zone/Staying Alive
Speak Hebrew or Shut Up
Christian Zionism and its impact on justice
Zionism thesis stirs up a storm
'Political' youth group criticised
Tampa judge raises government's burden of proof in Al-Arian case
“The Killing Fields”
"Refusal not a choice - a duty"
Scorched earth in Gaza
Can't Blair see that this country is about to Explode? Can't Bush?
POSITION PAPER ON THE CULTURAL AND ACADEMIC BOYCOTT Adopted by the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress
Whistle-Blowing Said to Be Factor in F.B.I. Firing
The Oligarchs
Former FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds Calls Current 9/11 Investigation Inadequate
Lost in Translation

July 2004

The case against war: Tales to frighten children
Let's Dump The American Empire
Obeying the Law
Anybody but Bush- and then let's get back to work
The Guardian Reveals Identity of Telegraph's Islamophobic Commentator
Israel expands West Bank settlements
Baghdad is a city that reeks with the stench of the dead
The Myth of Gulf War 2
Time to apply South Africa remedy to Israel
Teaching Torture: Congress Quietly Keeps School of the Americas Alive
Banners held high as thousands bid farewell to a journalist and revolutionary
"My Land is, in fact, a Paradise"
Presbyterians divest themselves from Israel
Misunderstanding Iraq: Saddam's people are winning the war
The spies who stole my name
Israel breached NZ's sovereignty and international law, says PM
Michelin Guides Sue Israeli Satirist over Spoof
Israel and South Africa: History repeats itself
UN Assembly votes overwhelmingly to demand Israel comply with ICJ ruling
'A better and safer place'
Points of friction
Linda Ronstadt booted from gig for praising Michael Moore
Mixing prophecy and politics
In Hebron
The Story of Assassinating Prof. Khaled Salah
Lapid: Israel on verge of becoming int'l pariah
Our lies led us into war
If it were the reverse
ISM activists use Birthright program to get to Israel
Jesus and Jihad
Iraqi academics targeted in murder spree
US Presbyterian Church calls for sanctions on Israel
Wither the Empire: The Rise of Global Resistance
UNRWA: Israelis fired on food convoy
From Hague to Mas'ha
Britain's worst intelligence failure, and Lord Butler says no one is to blame
The case for sanctions against Israel
Protestant Group OKs Divestment From Israel
OU professor revives call for Israel boycott
Suicide top killer of Israeli soldiers
Don't Blame Arafat
Greasing up to power: A US comedian brings us closer to the truth than the BBC
Settlers said to have put rotting chickens into village well
“We need to alarm the world… to scream - to silently scream”
Imperial Misconceptions
Peace in the Middle East: United Methodist Church Resolution
Assembly endorses Israel divestment: Palestinian says merely issuing another statement is not enough
Rumsfeld Gave Go-Ahead for Abu Ghraib Tactics, Says General in Charge
More than a million bullets
The second intifada - an Israeli strategy
Israel, Zionism and anti-Semitism
Wresting tradition from the conformists
ICJ Spells Out Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
7 Palestinians killed in Beit Hanoun and 40 Houses Destroyed in Khan Yunis
Academic's death adds fuel to Israeli boycott campaign
Military Death Toll While Enforcing the Occupation of Iraq
Shovrim Shtika - Breaking the Silence: Soldiers Speak Out About their Service in Hebron
Don't Call it a Wall
Rumsfeld Gave Go-Ahead for Abu Ghraib Tactics, Says General in Charge
Israeli interrogators 'in Iraq'
More than a million bullets
How Israel "Disperses" Demonstrations: Chemical Warfare on the West Bank?
The Rootless Cosmopolitan
'The liberation of Baghdad is not far away'
The Jewish Divide on Israel
81 British Members of Parliament Expresss Human Rights Concerns With Israel's Citizenship and Family Unification Law
Over 340 British Jews call on leaders to end silence
U.S. General Says Met Israeli Interrogator in Iraq
Israel's Plan B
How To Sell a War: The Rendon Group deploys ‘perception management’ in the war on Iraq

June 2004

Above all others
Troubled Lebanon emerging as model for Iraqi change
The multibillion robbery the US calls reconstruction
Interview With Middle East Scholar Avi Shlaim: America, Israel and the Middle East
The story TV news won't tell
Catch 22: The end of the two-state solution
Rise of the terrorist professors
FENCED IN ALL ROUND: Sharon’s master plan
Israel: industrial estates along the wall
The Nightmare Comes True
The Parade of the Body Bags
NY Times Responds to FAIR Alert on Torture
General Granted Latitude At Prison: Abu Ghraib Used Aggressive Tactics
Military Death Toll While Enforcing the Occupation of Iraq
Haifa conference 2004
Memo Offered Justification for Use of Torture
Welcome to America
Palestinian misery in perspective
Before Rafah
Bush Takes Refuge in History
Israel in new BBC blast over Vanunu
No More Tears: An Open Letter to the American Public
Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides
A whiff of hypocrisy
A little matter of genocide
'Its best use is as a doorstop'
Inside The Arab Mind
Misreading 'The Arab Mind'
York (University) President Lorna Marsden under fire for her abuse of power!
From the York Free Speech Committee
My Expulsion from York University: an appeal for support and reconsideration
Imperial Momentos
Bush and Sharon: The Oil Connection
A Remarkable Jewish Woman Speaks Out -- Shulamit Aloni
Misreading 'The Arab Mind'

May 2004

The New York Times, in Editor's note, finds much at fault for Iraq WMD coverage
The (New York) Times and Iraq
The (New York) Times and Iraq: A Sample of the Coverage
Weapons of Mass Destruction? Or Mass Distraction?
America's press has been too soft on Bush
Exiled Allawi was responsible for 45-minute WMD claim
AP: Video Shows Iraq Wedding Celebration
Berkeley Professor Denounced for POW Memo
An Abu Ghraib Investigation
George Bush never looked into Nick's eyes
Power and vainglory
Emasculating Arabia
The Red Cross must choose between confidentiality and effectiveness
America's Military Coup
Sharansky and 'the New Antisemitism
"Smoke Him": Video Shows Wounded Iraqis Being Shot by US Helicopters
A Political Obituary: Powell, D.O.A.
The Great Satan
The Misunderestimated Man: How Bush chose stupidity
Are there times when we have to accept torture?
If we see our enemies as inhuman, then we ourselves end up as savages
Israeli lessons for the US in Iraq
Donald Rumsfeld Should Go
An illegal and immoral war, betrayed by images that reveal our racism
An Army in Disgrace, a Policy in Tatters, the Real Prospect of Defeat
Biddu: The struggle against the wall
Alhurra—Dialogue with the Deaf
Victims of Our Own High-Flown Morality
Why I won't vote for Kerry
Iraq déjà vu Vietnam
Disney Forbidding Distribution of Film That Criticizes Bush
This torture started at the very top: A profound racism infects the US and British establishments
The Military Death Toll While Enforcing the Occupation of Iraq
War Propaganda
Glossary of the Iraqi Occupation
Is America a Servant to the Will of Israel? Is America a servant of Israel's Will?
Mutiny is the Only Way Out of Iraq's Inferno
Torture in Abu Ghraib
Israel emptying Jerusalem of Palestinians by bulldozing their homes
Fallujah Residents Report U.S. Forces Engaged in Collective Punishment
Their beliefs are bonkers, but they are at the heart of power
Marine Corps snipers aim to strike fear
US general suspended over abuse
As long as the plan contains the magic term 'withdrawal', it is seen as a good thing

April 2004

Doomed to failure in the Middle East
Gaza withdrawal? Do it right
Neocon Man: Profile of Daniel Pipes
The Rising Corporate Military Monster
A country Destroyed
Arafat Among the Ruins
Bush owes world some answers
A Warning to Those Who Dare to Criticize Israel in the Land of Free Speech A Warning to Those Who Dare to Criticize Israel in the Land of Free Speech
Israeli Education Official Calls for Professor to Be Punished for 'Genocide' Accusation
EU pulls back from confronting US over Gaza
Livnat boycotts BGU due to faculty member's 'incitement'
How Israel's nuclear fiction was exposed
Bad days ahead
What Kind of State Deserves to Exist?
Democracy is now a cloak for oppression
Arab Democrats Feel Betrayed by Bush
America quietly sacks its prize witness against Saddam
Sharon's banana republics
Kerry: Rantisi's killing was justified
Vanunu released to life of 'internal exile'
Bush Blows it Again
Creating a Bantustan in Gaza
America quietly sacks its prize witness against Saddam
Iraq as Vietnam
By endorsing Ariel Sharon's plan George Bush has legitimised terrorism
Turning into Israel?
The Vietnam Analogy
Questioning the Israeli Boycott
The Lonely Historian
War on Iraq is a Nuclear War
Iraq's enemy within: The US-appointed governing council cannot deliver democracy
If it’s war you want, vote Kerry
The Empty Room
Journalists Killed by U.S. Troops Remembered in Iraq
“In memory of those who report on conflict, but pay the price with their lives”
UN relief agency says suspending food aid in Gaza
Israeli professor accuses Israel of genocide in European
Génocide symbolique/Symbolic Genocide
Iraq on the Brink of Anarchy
Iraq's mercenaries: Riches for risks
Iraqi intellectuals flee 'death squads'
Poisoned? Shocking report reveals local troops
Boycotting Israel at NYU?
Letter Urges Israeli Academics to Oppose Government's Palestinian Policies
Uprooting Weeds
Treasury: NIS 846m was used to build homes in territories from '90-'03

March 2004

Short Cuts
Israel, Suicide Nation
U.S. Officials Fashion Legal Basis to Keep Force in Iraq
Words are not enough
The Haifa Initiative - Report from Ilan Pappe
In Defense of Sanctions Against Israel
Medical ethics, the Israeli Medical Association, and the state of the World Medical Association
Silent Genocide
Academic boycott of Israel gathers momentum
Engineering consent: The New York Times role in promoting war in Iraq
The forgotten victims of the war in Iraq
My Palestinian Wife
World's Greatest Country: Do the Facts Lie
Murdered at Daybreak
Report: Shooting of Cameraman Tragic But Justified
Sharon's New Plan
Bravo, Amigos !
Movement controls stunt Palestinian lives - and democracy
Voices on Iraq
The Unmentionable Source Of Terrorism
Taken for a Ride
Fears Impacted U.S. Reporting on Iraq
By any Means Necessary
If Palestinians were Killed by Suicide Bombers?
On Terror in Palestine
The Problem is with Product, not Packaging
The Crime Committed in our Name
Israeli Lobby Slips Anti-Free Speech Bill Through House of Representatives
Journalists protest deaths of colleagues
You Will Not Live on This Land for Long
University bans staff websites after anti-semitism row
Anti-Semitism at the World Social Forum?
Women under Occupation - An interview with Anne Gwynne for International Women's Day
Enough is Enough: Why is Apartheid Touted as a Solution?
We Shoot Children Too, Don't We
No Arabic at McDonald's Israel

February 2004

Israel: The Threat from Within
The Wars of the Texas Succession
Studies at Bar-Ilan University's Regional Colleges
From The Inside Looking Out: The Sad Sounds Of Silence
Depleted Uranium : The Crime that has no End
The Dancing Bear
The Israeli army's house philosopher
Stand up for the truth on Iraq, before it's too late
Boim: Is Palestinian terror caused by a genetic defect?
Jewish defense group settles S.F. spying suit
A Wall as a Weapon
Chairman Shteinitz: According To Our Schedule, Not Theirs
PM´s Office Rejects HaLevy Plan For PLO State
Mitzpeh Yishai Dedicated
Petition issued to court against outpost removal
Fighting The Dismantlings In The Courts
Buses and Buntustans at The Hague
Press Freedom under Fire
Rome and Jerusalem revisited
The Only Democracy in the Middle East?
The Bush Dynasty's Dark Magic
Offended? We know how you feel
The BBC and the Quiet Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians (Excerpts)
The BBC and the Quiet Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians
Hooligans in Hebron
The fantasy of democracy in an Arab state
War vs. breast
No point in searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq: Kay
BBC Machinations
Mourning Becomes Israel
Skirting the issue
A Tragedy of Errors
The Native Informant
The Victims Of The Victims
The Hour Before Dawn
The New Commissars

January 2004

Iraq war, chips and chocolate laxatives
So PM and No 10 did nothing wrong?
Controversial Palestinian-Israeli love story crosses new borders
Why the BBC Ducks the Palestinian Story
Diagnozing Benny Morris: the mind of a European settler
For Whom The Death Tolls: Deliberate undercounting of “coalition” fatalities
Anne Gwynne writes from Nablus, Occupied Palestine on Hamas’ 16th anniversary - Part I
The New American Century
It's Just Wrong What We're Doing
Iraq Arms Inspector Resigns, Casts Doubt on Prewar Data
A debate in our movement - Palestine and the antiwar movement
Time to remember
Substitute ‘Arab’ for ‘Jew’ if you still think Kilroy wasn’t racist
Hate mail
Tel Aviv Conference on Child Protection
Is 'Lord of the Rings' the U.S. vs Iraq, Etc.?
Two peoples and a single land
The Great Unraveling: Losing Our Way in the New Century by Paul Krugman (Review)
“One man, one vote…and then what will we do?”!
Why the BBC Ducks the Palestinian Story
Genocide Hides Behind Expulsion
Right of reply / The judgment of history
Israel Presses White House To Reword Rights Report
Israel's demographic timebomb
For the record
The Myth of the New Anti-Semitism
What Price a Life? The Israeli Army Shot My Son, and the Toll Continues to Rise
Genocide Hides Behind Expulsion
Thrice Upon a Time
Middle East Studies Under Scrutiny in US: Watchdog Groups Allege Left-Wing Bias
Overnight, a Towering Divide Rises in Jerusalem
So What If the Goyim Are Looking? A Jewish Newspaper Lets It All Hang Out
Protecting the Mountain Aquifer: A missed opportunity
Lessons from the Israeli School: How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Islamic World
Lilly White Feminism and Academic Apartheid in Israel
Survival of the Fittest
Cry, our beloved country
We Aren’t the World
A short history of apartheid
A diaspora divided
George Bush & Adolf Hitler
Chutzpah: an avoidance strategy
'The other Israel'
Racism repackaged
A cursed blessing in disguise
We are all soldiers at checkpoints
''Seeing no evil doesn't mean there is no evil''
Israeli soldier arrested over 'sniper' shooting of unarmed British peace protester
Brazil judge orders fingerprinting of US citizens
The Many Faces of Guantanamo
New Willie Nelson Song Condemns War in Iraq
Iraq through the American looking glass

December 2003

The Geneva Bubble - Ilan Pappe on the prehistory of the latest proposals
America's War for Global Domination
The price of ignorance
Senior UK bishop criticizes Israeli treatment of Palestinians
Cherie Blair Displays Cultural Insensitivity
The Politics of Crying Wolf
Howard Dean: "beyond the mainstream"?
Sharon's Speech : Decoded Version
Israel muzzles Palestinian journalists
Ya'alon: Refusal letter signatories could be thrown out of army
Medical evacuations from Iraq near 11,000
Global Eye -- Bullet Points
Editorial: Some die, others profit
Saddam Gone
Coming Soon to Arab TV's: U.S.
U.S. employs Israeli tactics in Iraq
Free history lesson for Thomas Friedman
Tony Blair has lost the knack of making himself popular
People the law forgot (Part 2)
People the law forgot (Part 1)
Lost in Translation
Detained at the whim of the president
Israelis unite to fight boycott
The BBC and Iraq: Myth and Reality
Why I have decided to give back my gong
US liberals look to airwaves to combat right-wing shock jocks
Israeli academics fight 'racist' university test
"I punched an Arab in the face": A soldier's testimony
Al-Jazeera fires Ridley
MoveOn moves up: online citizen movement grows richer and stronger by the day
The killing fields of Rafah

November 2003

Noam Chomsky: Thorn in America's side
Amnesty International: The Case of a Rape Foretold
Only dictators ban broadcasts
The War on Higher Education
Universities return to aptitude exams to keep Arabs out
Equal Partners?
Smut-Finder General: The Dark Side of American Liberalism
Raise the curtain on a genuinely political act
How British charity was silenced on Iraq
University heads to form panel to fight academic boycott
Rasta poet publicly rejects his OBE
Speech sparks more Iraq war debate
Queen's fury as Bush goons wreck garden
Abusing 'Anti-Semitism'
'I punched an Arab in the face'
Osama University?
Crossing the Divide
Why not invade Israel?
The Waiting Game
An Alternative Future: An Exchange
Israel: The Alternative
We Are Paying The Price For An Infantile Attempt To Reshape The Middle East
I Know When Bush is Lying: His Lips Move
Israel's Contempt for Tom
State sends bad check to peace activist shot by IDF
Scholars under Siege
Israel's anti-Semitism
BBC appoints Middle East tsar
BBC appoints man to monitor 'pro-Arab bias'
BBC sets up Mideast monitor
Sami Al-Arian and the Dungeon: A Fable for Our Time?
"Welcome to Vietnam, Mr. President"
Ya'alon's 70 Virgins
Turkey responds to activities of Jewish backed Kurdish Credit Bank with Ziraat Bank
Bush and Blair - the betrayal
Confronting the Evangelical Imperialists
Ex-Security Chiefs Turn on Sharon
The Sabotage of Democracy
Amnesty International & Israel: Say itis't so!
Union leaders call on BBC to reinstate sacked Arab producers
The Silence of Writers
APME requests Pentagon halt harassment of media in Iraq
U.S. Troops More Hostile With Reporters
Facility 1391: Israel’s Guantanamo
Blueprint for a Mess
US will deny aid to countries that refuse court immunity deals
When Did "Arab" Become a Dirty Word?
Gaza Strip: Israel's laboratory
Oxford professor is suspended for rejecting Israeli student
UK professor suspended for Israeli ban
Arab-Israeli politics split UK campuses
The Cancer Cells
Interview: Amnesty on Jenin
Website Bars Israelis
Silenced witnesses
The changing face of Hanan Ashrawi

October 2003

Top Israeli Officer Says Tactics Are Backfiring
George Galloway Historic Speech
Noam Chomsky: “Bush Needs Fear For Reelection”
Rebel Galloway launches political party
Too Much Secrecy
The Geography of Occupation: Education in Conflict
Professor Andrew Wilkie (Nuffield Professor of Pathology)
Oxford Don Suspended over Rejection of Ex-Israeli Soldier
Oxford Univ. suspends academic who rejected an Israeli's job application
The Perils of Empire
Hanan Ashrawi and the Price of Dissent
My Country Is At War With Palestine
Against the hurtling herd
Israeli soldiers raid Palestinian hospitals
The IDF's chorus of incitement
Findings of the Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Israeli Attack on the Uss Liberty, the Recall of Military Rescue Support Aircraft while the Ship was Under Attack, and the Subsequent Cover-up by the United States Government
The One-State Solution
The return of Arabophobia
Death Threats in Berkeley : "Close Your Organization or Die"
Dignity, Solidarity and the Penal Colony [An Excerpt from The Politics of Anti-Semitism, edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair]
Expulsion, little by little
Forget reds under the bed, there's Arabs in the attic
What happened in my neighbourhood
Of Occupation and Apartheid. Do I Divest?
US soldiers bulldoze farmers' crops
This war on terrorism is bogus
Bad news from Israel: media coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict
Alternative 'peace deal' for Mid-East
IDF Rafah operation leaves 2,000 homeless
Israeli incursion leaves 1,240 Palestinians homeless, UN agency finds
Israeli invasion of Gaza refugee camps leave 7 dead and 65 injured meanwhile strict lock down of Palestinian territories continues
Alert: Palestinian life totally on hold once again whilst Israel feasts
The mirror of fire and tears
Israel accused of starving West Bank
SA academic Dugard slams Israel
Edward Said's journey to Ithaka
Defamation, Revisionist Style
News Alert: Israeli Occupation Forces Close Ramallah-Birzeit Road
Israel's attack is a lethal step towards war in Middle East
The war on al-Jazeera: The US is determined to suppress the independent Arab media
Safe haven for all students?
El Al pilots condemn signatories of letter of refusal
Online 'blacklists' of anti-US faculty win in Washington
Dialectics of Terror
Response to Hitchens’ Weasel Words
The Occupation of Iraq – An American Dilemma
Israel and the Empire
Final Report, from Jenin
Florida Woman Bucks US Fines for Visiting Iraq to Oppose War
A one-state solution

September 2003

Agency Belittles Information Given by Iraq Defectors
Say no to privatisation
A not so academic controversy
Edward Said: A lighthouse that navigated us
Edward Said
World-renowned scholar Edward Said dies
In memory of Edward Said
11 reasons you should march on Saturday to demand an end to US/UK occupation of Iraq
Iraq's occupiers suspected of losing touch with reality
Another Day, another death-trap for the US
What good friends left behind
Blix Attacks 'Spin and Hype' of Iraq Weapon Claims
Palestinian Medical Relief Ambulance Staff and Patient Detained by the Israeli Occupying Forces
Gaza shifts to a new solution
On Criticising Israel: Letters to LRB
IFJ Condemns Arrest of Journalist and Warns of “Witch-hunt Against Al-Jazeera and Arab Media”
Reasons to fear US
Eye to Eye: A Palestinian talking to Americans
Pakistan "Recognizes" Israel

August 2003

How and Why Did Iraqi Die? 2 Tales of Anger and Denial
Crying Wolf: Anti-semitism, the Jewish Press in Britain, and Academic Boycotts
Children's author faces Jewish wrath
A Weapons Cache We'll Never See
The philosophers of chaos reap a whirlwind
A Drug for the Addict
Now We Are The Iraq Extremists
Palestinian crusader wins peace prize
Casual Disregard for Media Safety
Cameraman killed by U.S. troops: News agency calls for investigation
Israel Draft Resisters Parents' Forum
Al-Jazeera Accuses US of Harassment in Row Over "Bias"
The sets for the prisoner release show
Dividends of Fear: America's $94 Billion Arab Market Export Loss
Absent Voices
1 in 4 North American immigrants leave
Philosopher Honderich Hit with "Anti-Semite" Slur in Germany
First Palestinian Prisoner to Defend PhD Thesis in Israeli Prison
Learning to Be Stupid in the Culture of Cash"
Wheels of Justice
Racism reinforced
Cry, the beloved two-state solution
Preventive War 'The Supreme Crime'
The Academic Boycott of South Africa: Symbolic Gesture or Effective Agent of Change?
Letter to President Clinton about Iraq
Former Vice President Al Gore Criticises Bush
Career officer does eye-opening stint inside Pentagon
Bring Them Home Now! Statement of Purpose
The unreported cost of war: at least 827 American wounded
Ignorant Citizens Destroying Freedom
Journalists Are Killers too...!
Nationalist tendencies running rampant
Occupation is "Cancer Tumor of Israeli Society" says Jewish Stat Pianist
US Warns of Financial Sanctions Over Security Fence
The reek of injustice
Barenboim concert thrills West Bank
Peace with America
When will Israel become a homeland?
Israel’s Apartheid Wall Fact Sheet
Italian Says She Gave U.S. Uranium Info
US death toll hits 50 as assault increase by Iraqi guerrillas
War on truth

July 2003

Full text of Tony Blair's foreword to the dossier on Iraq
Bush's 2003 State of the Union Address
Imperial Perspectives
The Times Scoops That Melted: Cataloging the wretched reporting of Judith Miller
Playing skittles with Saddam
Caesar's Favor
Broken promise: Why I quit Iraq
Intelligence Scam
Sky News reporter quits over bogus Iraq story
Palestinians 'reduced to begging'
Palestinian Students Attempt to Reopen University
Academic Freedom on Campus: The Activities of the Union of Jewish Students
The Best Show in Town
US Leans On Belgians to Spare Sharon From Trial
French and Jewish extremists unite on Net against Arabs
Oxford Investigating Professor Who Rejected an Israeli Student
Ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem
Ramallah Diary: Desolation Road
Nablus - Another Nakba
16 Words, and Counting
It Wasn't Suppose To Be Like This
Irish reporter held in Israel
Pilger & Fisk on Iraq Coverage: The Real Danger Lies Within
Seeds of the 'new Holocaust'?
In Tenet's Words: 'I Am Responsible' for Review
What I Didn't Find in Africa
Bush team united Iraq front unravels
Prof 'sorry' for ban on Israeli student
Uni Admissions Scandal
Why Blair can't issue the Mother of All Apologies
Academic campaigner backs Oxford's Israeli rejection
Oxford don rejects student because he is from Israel
The Face of Brian Avery
Israel takes another leap towards institutionalized apartheid
Outrage as Oxford bans student for being Israeli
Iraq: The US must ensure humane treatment and access to justice for Iraqi detainees
Israel cuts off ties with BBC
Arabs should thank Israel for lesson in propaganda
IFJ Letter to Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel
The Road to Coverup is the Road to Ruin
The Imperial Presidency Redux

June 2003

EU-Israel pact fails to silence dissent
THE NEW THOUGHT POLICE: The campaign to criminalize criticism of Israel
The Meaning of Rachel Corrie: Of Dignity and Solidarity
Palestinian prisoner’s condition worsens after 25 days of hunger strike
Officials: Hundreds of Iraqis Killed By Faulty Grenades
Anne Gwynne reports from Nablus for Flashpoints host Dennis Bernstein
The Dog Ate My WMDs
Fury as MPs compare Palestinians' treatment to Nazi ghettos
Mid-Eastern Terms
Newspaper apologises to Galloway over 'Saddam millions' forgeries
Who in Israel knows or cares?
Illuminating Thomas Friedman
Set in Stone
Children of Death
URGENT ALERT: Stop Attacks on the Village of Deir Ghassaneh
The Day of the Jackals
From The Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow
Bush likes Dahlan, believes Abbas, and has `a problem with Sharon'
Democracy's Oasis - a mirage
Occupiers propose Iraqi media "code of conduct"
How Their Big Lie Came to Be
Lights, camera, rescue
Israel's blank cheque
Kilroy's Still Here

May 2003

Bell attacks Iraq rolling news coverage
Bell berates media giants for warmongering words
Most new immigrant IDF soldiers aren't Jewish
PM would deny citizenship to children with Palestinian parent
Israel discovers that democracy is not an Israeli value
Business as usual: The UN has capitulated. Now let the north's plunder of the south begin again
Bloomberg News Changes Dateline Policy After Criticism About Stories on Iraq
Judith Miller Says Post-War 'Embed' Review Needed
Newspaper reporters in row over Chalabi
Follow That Story: Deep Miller
Victory per Rumsfeld's Say-So
Mandela leaflet is banned
On the detention of Dr. Huda S. Ammash
The Arab Condition
Reporter Chris Hedges' Anti-War Speech at Rockford College Graduation Sparks Protest
Army Orders Troops to Seize TV Station in Northwest Iraq
Iraqis Unhappy With U.S. Signals
Blair faces war crimes suit
Gush Shalom Advertisement, Ha'aretz 23/5/2003
On the map, thanks to the road
A Boycott Song
Victims of the peace decide Americans are worse than Saddam
The real target
The Dean, the President and the Historiography of 1948 Palestine
Now, it's your turn
Prestigious Award Received by the Global Campaign to Rebuild Palestinian Homes (http://dbw@rebuildinghomes.org/index.htm)
MPs slam 'unethical' arm sales
Iraq War, “Unprovoked Invasion of A Sovereign Nation”
Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy, Buy One Get One Free
On rescuing Private Lynch and forgetting Rachel Corrie
Israeli boycott divides academics
Searching Jenin: Eyewitness Accounts of the Israeli Invasion
University of South Florida Report <1>
The Daughter I Can't Hear From
U.N. Official Criticizes Israeli Travel Restrictions in Gaza
Step Forward, Tony Blair
Next year in Mas¹Ha
The Truth about the 'Peace' Plans
The Terror on the Other Side is Just as Faceless
Ghosts of Oklahoma City
FEMA- The Plan to KILL America
In the Last 90 Days . . .
US Military to shoot looters on sight
New Iraqi TV Complains of U.S. Censorship
Inquiry urged on Gaza shooting
Iraq in danger of starvation, says UN
Israeli Forces Snatch, Beat and Arrest ISM Volunteers
On the detention of Dr. Huda S. Ammash
Lecturers reject call to boycott Israel
We went to war just to boost the white male ego
Israel/Occupied Territories: Amnesty International delegates denied access to Gaza
Israel restricts Gaza access
The Unthinkable is Becoming Normal
Palestinian Toddler Gunned Down by IDF
Autopsy of British cameraman shows he was killed by IDF fire
Fragments From a Diary
Israeli Minister Accompanies Gang of Criminals to Break into Homes
Killing prompts new war crime call
Letter to Aharon Barak, Supreme Court President
Israelis fire on parents of injured British peace activist
Lecturers under fire after call for boycott of Israel
Lecturers' union to debate boycott of Israel
The Israeli Occupation Forces Arrest the Academic Dr. Fadel Abu Hein
One of the Few Who Repudiated the War
U.S. miscalculates in Iraq
Ominous Precedent
The Dixie Chicks & Civility
British cameraman killed by IDF fire while filming in Rafah
New Update – Aida
Reborn, Marduk of Babylone
The Bridge at Nasiriya
What was Newt thinking?
Bush's "Road Map" Is A Road Map To Disaster
Found Iraqi Intelligence Bogus: Investigative Journalist
No politics, please
Israeli troops mark Palestinians with numbers; army promises action

April 2003

Mother of a Baghdad under Fire
A Road Map to Nowhere - Or: Much Ado About Nothing
Poetic Justice
A horse for the stranger. To an Iraqi Poet
A personal song
Did the US Murder Journalists?
The occupation is us
No Justice No Peace
Nuclear War Risk Grows as States Race to Acquire Bomb
To the People of Gaza: From the Family of Rachel Corrie | April 24, 2003
Revealed: How the Road to War was Paved with Lies
Salute to Baghdad
Blair's alliance with Bush is a damaging strategic error
Iraq: Researchers’ indignation
Taking sides
'Something Deeply Corrupt is Consuming Journalism'
Anchor: Coverage was biased
The Decline and Fall of American Journalism (Part LXV): the Case of Judy Miller
Chasing Chimeras? The Road Map to More Conflict
SF Chronicle' Reporter Says He Was Fired
Abu Against Abu
Advice to Iraqi women
The Poetry of D.H. Rumsfeld
Until the Bulldozers Stop
Our last occupation
Blair's alliance with Bush is a damaging strategic error
Missing Weapons Cast Doubt on War
Letter from Michael Moore
'Our voices are lost in the tide of intolerance sweeping America'
At Midnight, A Knock on the Door
The Weird Men Behind George W. Bush's War
Statement by the Blue Triangle Network on the Arrest of Professor Sami Al-Arian
International Solidarity Movement Action Alert - April 12, 2003
For the people on the streets, this is not liberation but a new colonial oppression
Regime Change
War of words
Baghdad Lullaby
Library books, letters and priceless documents are set ablaze in final chapter of the sacking of Baghdad
US rejects Iraq DU clean-up
US Troops Encouraged Ransacking
Symbolic Proceedings
The White Man's Burden
US Hires Controversial Company To Police Iraq
Phase Two Begins
Might As Well Get To Know It
U.S. readies "Iraqi PATRIOT Act" to protect democracy, freedom
America targeted 14,000 sites. So where are the weapons of mass destruction?
A civilisation torn to pieces
Count your remaining liberties at the next security checkpoint Count your remaining liberties at the next security checkpoint Count your remaining liberties at the next security checkpoint Count your remaining liberties at the next security checkpoint
Pillagers Strip Iraqi Museum of Its Treasure
The Girl with Yellow Flowers in Her Hair
The more you watch, the less you know
Day of the chicken hawks
Policing the academy
Jews out of court
IQRA: Iraq Is Free
When east never meets west
Record of Correspondence between Daniel Amit and the Editor of Physical Review
The moral decline of a superpower
The campaign for Israeli divestment and the charge of anti-Semitism
I was a human shield
Jews Settle in Palestinian Jerusalem
Blair The War Criminal
Drowning in Salem - In Order for Life to Continue
Poor pay with their lives in cratered suburbia
Presidential Quarantine
In bed with the military
Our Flag, Too
Silent Night
Pressing on with the protests
Mesopotamia. Babylon. The Tigris and Euphrates
Children killed in US assault
Israel spending £27,000 a month on protection for lone settler
Premeditated Ethnocataclasm and the "War Against Terror"

March 2003

It's not a bad time to be a Middle Eastern dictator
Top scientist moving to oppose boycott
Crying Wolf?
Calif. Journalist Suspended Over Antiwar Protest
Age of information or age of ignorance?
Barbaric ambition
Blair's Waterloo?
Resources of hope
The choice is to do nothing or try to bring about change
The Academic Boycott of Israel
Perle's Plunder Blunder
It was an outrage, an obscenity
Report Says Egypt Jails And Beats War Protestors: Human Rights Group Alleges Use of Electric Shock
Muslims Called to Jihad
Lessons Unlearned
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:
Seeing Palestine in Iraq
The Beautiful Face of the United States
O Little Town of Bethlehem
No Room for Justice: Bethlehem, like Sharpeville, has become a symbol of oppression
Israeli match sparks protest
You should have known we'd fight
Baghdad’s Night of Terror
Anger and Tears at Israel's Wall of Apartheid -- The Wound Which Has Slashed Palestine to the Bone
The Palestinian Olive Tree
The Death Of Rachel Corrie
The Palestinians don't even have weather
Diplomat resigns to protest war
Oil, Currency and the War on Iraq
Thank You, President Bush
Hampstead protesters silence anti-Zionist poet
2nd US Diplomat's Resignation Letter
Excerpts from an e-mail from Rachel Corrie to her family on February 7, 2003
U.S. Diplomat's Letter of Resignation
The other America
College split over fellowship
Robin Cook: Resignation Speech
Neither the Living nor the Dead
Bush's Mid-East peace tactic
US and Israel's 'common cause'
US offers Israel billions in aid
History: For centuries, we've been 'liberating' the Middle East. Why do we never learn?
Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians
Amnesty International Condemns Killing of Rachel Corrie
Traces of poison
Ten Palestinians, Including 4-Year-Old Girl, Killed in Army Raids
Congress Questions Cost of War-Related Aid
Democratic Leaders Agree on Israel Aid, but Split on Praise for Bush
Egyptian rights activist cleared
Rachel's War
The war of misinformation has begun
Pentagon threatens to kill independent reporters in Iraq
American woman peace activist killed by IDF [PHOTOS]
Evidence Hereby Submitted
The Real Issue Is US Power
Call to Conscience
Liberating America From Israel
Staying Alive
"I made them a stadium in the middle of the camp"
The Crimes that Nobody Notices
Was It Really Worth It, Mrs. Albright?
An Order of Fries, Please, but Do Hold the French
J'Accuse, Sort Of
House of Commons Speech
God Bless America
U.S. lawmaker, under fire, predicts Jewish opposition to his re-election
Thousands of Russians volunteer to defend Iraq
Rita and the Rifle
I am from There
A Glossary of warmongering
A harmonious protest
NDP March
Indelible image of Palestinian fireman killed by shrapnel
House Visit, Israeli Style
A Real Policy For Peace
Not in Our Name, Mr Blair
Mall Wants to Drop Peace T-Shirt Charges
Blix and Elbaradei reject key intelligence claims. Some U.S. officials admit quality is poor.
U.N. Nuclear Inspector Says Documents on Purchases Were Forged
Hypocrisies, Double Standards and Lies
Murder of a Population Under the Cover of Righteousness
Aussie city wants to 'defect' to France
Israel's "Green Patrol"
Weapons of mass destruction: A practical guide
Arrest Me
MAB Denounces US Allegations against UK-based Palestinian Academic
Basheer Nafi
Confronting Empire
Welsh pensioner turns freedom fighter
U.S. Diplomat's Letter of Resignation
SF Labor Council Resolution In Defense of Sami Al-Arian
'No to war...No to tyranny'
An End to the Israel Experiment? Unmaking a Grievous Error
The Newest Testament
US Dirty Tricks to win vote on Iraq War
The Great Wall of Denial
USF fires professor indicted on terrorism charges
Out of the Wreckage
As the Thumbscrew Turns: The Arrest of Sami al-Arian is Only the Beginning

February 2003

Threats of forced mass expulsion
It's OK to Eat Belgian Chocolate
Bush Faces Increasingly Poor Image Overseas
Sharon in Palestine state u-turn
Star Witness on Iraq Said Weapons Were Destroyed
Robert Fisk: America uses Israel's words to justify occupation
Israel and the US War on Iraq
Only Sderot. Only us.
Analysis: Power Americana
Academics meet to settle boycott dispute
Coalition of the willing? Make that war criminals
How the news will be censored in this war
Bush Faces Increasingly Poor Image Overseas
Israel persecutes Palestinian technical students (IWPS Arrest Report No. 19)
A Toxic Meme? Israel's 'Amen Corner' is Cornered
Threats of forced mass expulsion
Sharon says U.S. should also disarm Iran, Libya and Syria
Behind the Great Divide
Too much of a good thing
Palestinians Fear Being Trapped by Israeli Wall
The pseudo-boycott of Israeli universities
CNN leaves 750 words out of Blix transcript
A Nation Divided, With No Bridges Left To Build
Case for War Eroded by Absurd US Arguments
Palestinians are left to pick up pieces of homes
Bush the Infallible
A Monument to Hypocrisy
Against the Israeli Academic Boycott
Against the Israeli Academic Boycott
Interpreting the bin Laden Tape
Antiwar Q & A
An Old Evil Renames Itself as "Transfer": A Thousand Professors
Nonviolence : Its Histories and Myths
House of Cards: Bush's paper-thin evidence to justify a war has fallen apart
Food running out in Gaza as aid appeal fails
Bush and Sharon Nearly Identical On Mideast Policy
Mosque destroyed in Israel as Ariel Sharon's Judaization project for the Negev begins
The lost children of Rafah
UK's Iraq dossier a thesis lift
Anatomy of a boycott
Responding to Colin Powell
N.C. Congressman OK with Internment Camps
U.S. publisher slams Oxford bookshop's Israel Boycott
Blood, Stats, and Tears: How the Coming War Stacks Up
IMPERIALISM: Washington's gamble for a new Middle East
Get Up, Stand Up
The Empire Strikes Back: Sharon and Settlers Destroy the Infrastructure of Palestinian Existence
The Manufactured And Real Iraq Crisis
Umist decides against disciplining boycott professor
US is misquoting my Iraq report, says Blix

January 2003

An Alternative to War
University rule change sought after Israel row
Why the World Should Boycott Israeli Academic Institutions
No beginning or end to war
Nobel Laureates Sign Against a War Without International Support
U.S. Economic Aid Found to Subsidize More than Half of Israeli Settlement Costs
Bulldozing Hope
Descending the ivory tower
When Will We Resist?
Israeli apartheid is forcing Arab Diaspora
Mountain of Fire - Nablus Under Lockdown
Standing on the Dead
Swedish Public Figures Urge Israeli Boycott
Palestine Academics and Students Feel Abandoned by the World
At Last, a Fresh Idea
Open Letter from Mona Baker
Israel's academic freedom defended, while Palestine's is destroyed

December 2002

800 American professors sign document warning of coming Israeli ethnic cleansing
Boycott of work by Israeli scientists 'could cost lives'
Don't play the nutty professor with David Irving
British academic boycott of Israel gathers pace
'It's water on stone - in the end the stone wears out'
Who Hates, Ya, Baby? The Baffling Patriotism of Daniel Pipes

November 2002

Israel's killing of British citizen Iain Hook, UNRWA's Project Manager in Jenin
The War on Academic Freedom
Profs Who Hate America
Revenge of a Child
Blair vows to end dons' boycott of Israeli scholars
British Publisher Refuses to Sell Book to Israeli University
Umist should abandon boycott 'witch-hunt'
The ad hominem distractions of America's liberals
Board denounces publishing firm
Editorial Statement, The Translator

October 2002

British academic publisher boycotts Bar-Ilan University
How To Shut Up Your Critics With A Single Word
British University Investigates Anti-Israel E-mail Message
Do I Divest?

September 2002

Racism Enquiry Launched into UMIST Lecturer Controversy
Where will this end?
UMIST Lecturer Boycotts Isreali Academics
UMIST Lecturer Boycott Justifiable?
Campus Watch: The Vigilante Thought Police
Letter from Mona Baker to Colleagues in Translation Studies

August 2002

Correspondence with Gideon Toury

July 2002

'A rocket in a university library...
An Attempt to Isolate Israeli Scholars Draws Fire
The gesture politics of an Israel boycott
Moral? Maybe. Double edged? No doubt
Israeli academic considers joining boycott
The Last Photograph
Watch who you call Nazis
The ethics of revenge--by a father who lost his son to terror
South African professor attacks 'apartheid' regime in Israel
British Journals Dismiss Israelis

May 2002

Correspondence with Miriam Shlesinger re Boycott
WHY ACADEMIC BOYCOTT - A reply to an Israeli comrade

April 2002

Apartheid in the Holy Land

September 2001

Israel's Crimes against Palestinians: War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide