Beyond Antisemitism
by Rebecca Gould | Counterpunch | November 2011
Focusing on internal contradictions within the Israeli left, this essay considers the impact of the historical legacy of anti-Semitism on everyday thinking about Israel and the Palestinian territories. Contesting the view that to criticize Israel is to engage in anti-Semitic defamation, it offers an historical account of how Israel's actions in the West Bank have come to be immunized from conscientious criticism. It also documents how progressive media outlets in contemporary Israel have silenced or otherwise marginalized Israel's most active critics. More...
Submitted by: Mona Baker on Jan 18, 13 | 10:57 pm

ULU: Why We Voted for Boycott
Why has the BBC aired every DEC charity appeal except one – the Palestinian one (in 2009)? Why did the BBC recently beep the word ‘Palestine’ out of an MC’s song on the radio show 1Extra, as if it were a swear word? More...
Submitted by: Refaat Alareer on May 22, 11 | 5:01 pm

Gaza mourns Vittorio Arrigoni
by Refaat Alareer | |
The timing, which comes days before Flotilla II, and the irreparable damage the crime did the Palestinians tell of the Israeli hand lurking behind the doers. More...
Submitted by: Refaat Alareer on Apr 15, 11 | 6:05 pm

Gaza "terrorist" cocktail recipe
by Refaat Alareer | |
Gazans become fighters in a battle imposed upon them. They are soldiers who do not want to be soldiers.
Submitted by: Refaat Alareer on Apr 11, 11 | 2:52 pm

Palestine Mapkin
by Refaat R. Alareer | |
Palestine Mapkin

“I know nothing about negotiations, but when I do negotiate, I take a pen and a piece of PAPER.” More...
Submitted by: Refaat Alareer on Jan 24, 11 | 5:49 pm

Peering Through the Fence
by Mohammed Suliman | |
Holding their green passports in their hands, people were hustling there and back while, making weird gestures on their faces, others were nervously shouting over their phones. From afar, a baby was crying out load as his mother, lulling him, patted him on the back so as to hush him. She restlessly trotted to an officer in a blue uniform seated on a chair at the gate. The wretched mother talked to the officer who politely replied to her making signs which I construed as I-can-not-help-you. She pleaded with him, and he repeated the same gestures. The officer was a good man, and it seemed he really couldn’t help her. On the right side of the road leading to the gateway, two cafes crowded with customers who were none other than the very passengers who had gathered in one of these two cafés so as to protect themselves from the burning sun of July in this morning. More...
Submitted by: Refaat Alareer on Aug 03, 10 | 3:54 pm

Israel's Power of the Camera: Gaza's Power of Gaza
by Refaat Alareer | | 1/6/2010
Israel swots up on its homework to be done in Gaza. It spends billions of dollars on propaganda and thousands of hours of meetings and preparations. However, In Gaza and only by Gaza, Israel's true face is revealed in a blink on an eye. There is no homework done well for Israel in Gaza. Israel has just to accept the concrete fact that it has no business in Gaza. More...
Submitted by: Refaat Alareer on Jun 01, 10 | 11:19 am

Gaza, in Gaza, Fourteen Years in Gaza
by Mohammed Suliman | | 6.5.10
A blackout as it is, you resort to a candle to light it up. In Gaza, you light the candle up. In Gaza, you read under a faint candlelight. In Gaza, you read; in the dark, you read.
Submitted by: Refaat Alareer on May 07, 10 | 1:13 am

Nothing is Real
by by Lina Al-Sharif | |
Colorless are the rhymes
as they’re deafened by dust
Voiceless are the voices
as bodies covered with blood More...
Submitted by: Refaat Alareer on Feb 19, 10 | 8:18 pm

Candle Light Dinner
by By Sameeha Elwan | | 27/01/10
Tonight, too, we’re having a romantic candle light dinner. Well, thanks to Israelis, of course.

Setting the candles on the table for dinner is not due to a special occasion. It’s the birthday of none of us tonight. In fact, candles have become more of a necessity for us, Gazans, than of a tradition. A real compassionate yet dangerous companion in our thick dark nights when we’re left with no electricity.
Submitted by: Refaat Alareer on Jan 27, 10 | 9:07 pm

One War Day
by Mohammed Suliman | | Dec, 14, 2009
As habitually, Hamza leaned back against the dark white-painted wall recently-spotted with the hands of his little nephews, nieces, and little cousins and whereon crevices of various lengths laid bleakly; he fought off all nudging thoughts which overrun him every now and then as if they conspired with the blasts hereabouts to preoccupy his mind when it looked peaceful for him to proceed on his reading. More...
Submitted by: Refaat Alareer on Jan 15, 10 | 3:54 pm

Address by Ronnie Kasrils: "Israel Apartheid Week":
by | Media Monitors Network | 17 March 2009
Ronnie Kasrils fought for decades against apartheid in his South African homeland, and with victory served in the governments of Nelson Mandela, and later Thabo Mbeki. He is featured on Media Monitors Network (MMN) with the courtesy of the Media Review Network (MRN), which is an advocacy group based in Pretoria, South Africa. More...
Submitted by: Mona Baker on Mar 19, 09 | 10:03 am

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