Gaza, in Gaza, Fourteen Years in Gaza
by Mohammed Suliman | | 6.5.10
A blackout as it is, you resort to a candle to light it up. In Gaza, you light the candle up. In Gaza, you read under a faint candlelight. In Gaza, you read; in the dark, you read.
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The Hope of a Victimised People
by George Bisharat | Los Angeles Times | June 3, 2008

This essay was featured as the final segment of an on-line debate between George Bisharat and Judea Pearl that ran for five days as the 'Dust-Up' website feature of the Los Angeles Times and its sister publications Newsday, Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun.
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Gaza's 'bigger holocaust'
by Fida Qishta | IMEU | 8 March 2008
Rafah, the Gaza Strip, March 3 - Israeli officials said today that they finished their military operation in the Gaza Strip, but the Israeli attacks continue, and we fear that Israel is still planning a major invasion. On February 29th, Israel's Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai warned of "a bigger holocaust" for Palestinians.

From February 27th - March 2nd, the Israeli army killed around 110 Palestinians in Gaza, about half of them civilians, and nearly a quarter children, according to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights in Gaza. Hundreds were injured. Palestinians killed two Israeli soldiers and one Israeli civilian. More...
Submitted by: antiprocon on Mar 11, 08 | 10:58 pm

The truth you don't hear
by Mustafa Barghouti | Al-Ahram Weekly, Issue 771 | 1-7 December 2005
The on-the-ground reality of Israel's moral bankruptcy in its genocidal policies towards the Palestinians remains as clear as ever, writes Mustafa Barghouti*

What is the current situation on the ground in Palestine? The Israeli narrative that continues to dominate the international media presents an image that is absolutely at odds with reality. The Gaza redeployment was spun as the beginning of a peace process; a great retreat by General Ariel Sharon, who was portrayed as a man of peace. Yet the fact remains that Palestine is 27,000 square kilometres, of which the West Bank constitutes only 5,860 square kilometres, and the Gaza Strip, just 360 sq km. This is equal to only 1.3 per cent of the total land of historic Palestine. So even if Sharon really had withdrawn from Gaza, this would amount to just 5.8 per cent of the occupied territories.

But the Israelis did not get out of Gaza. A big fuss was created about the great sacrifice Israel was making and how painful it was for settlers to leave. If you steal a piece of land and keep it for 20 years, of course it becomes painful to leave it but it is still something stolen that should be returned to its owners. Prior to the disengagement, a total of 152 settlements existed in the occupied territories: 101 in the West Bank, 30 in East Jerusalem, and 21 in the Gaza Strip. These figures do not include the settlements that Sharon and the Israeli army have created in the West Bank without officially recognising them. With the disengagement, and the evacuation of settlements in Gaza and four small settlements in the Jenin area of the West Bank, 127 settlements have been left in place. More...
Submitted by: Mona Baker on Jan 19, 06 | 4:56 pm

The Murder of Muhammad “Niinu” Al-‘Assi
by Anne Gwynne | Palestine Monitor | August 2005
Editors’ Note:

This is a rare eyewitness account (with photographs) of one of the hundreds of illegal “targeted murders” by Israel of young Palestinian men, members of the legal Resistance. As such, its importance cannot be overstated. It is the only eyewitness account of this particular brutal murder and thus supersedes the plethora of erroneous reports that have circulated in the media in recent weeks (see, for example, the press report excerpted at the end of this piece.)

As a professional journalist, an elected member of the National Union of Journalists (UK) and of the International Federation of Journalists, Anne Gwynne is entitled to interview whomsoever she wishes, wherever she wishes and whenever she wishes in pursuance of truth and justice.

Anne was part of a team from ITV Wales which made two films in Balaata/Naablus shown in the UK in January 2004 and January 2005. The second featured Muhammad Al-‘Assi. She was gathering material for a follow-up of that interview, to piece together the story of the Al-‘Assi family’s unequalled suffering since 1948, when they were driven from their home near Jaffa by well-armed, invading Jewish colonists.

* all timings may have 5 minute error.

* the report is not definitive, as she may remember more details of this devastatingly traumatic night as time goes by.

This is her testimony and commentary.

I felt that I must put the record straight as so many lies have been written and spoken about this murder.

What follows is the only true account of what really happened on the night of Wednesday/Thursday, 13/14 July, 2005 at my home in Sharra’ Imreij – a quiet street of villas in the leafy residential neighborhood of Raffidiya, Nablus – a happy place where I have lived contentedly for months, a place whose peace was shattered on an idyllic summer evening by up to 100 Israeli ‘soldiers’ who, without warning, attacked my small villa, brutally murdering an unarmed man within a few minutes, and abducting a student to the dreaded Petakh Tikfah torture center. More...
Submitted by: Charles MacKinnon on Aug 20, 05 | 6:31 am

NYC Protests Sharon Rally at Baruch College
by Genug | NYC Indeymedia | May 22, 2005
A group of Jewish community human rights activists descended in protest on a highly-touted rally today featuring Israeli PM Ariel Sharon. Crying "Stop the mishegos [craziness], end the occupation!" the activists asked the crowd of executives of major Jewish organizations: "which of you will represent the Jews who want peace?" More...
Submitted by: LDavidson on May 24, 05 | 11:48 pm

Eid Al-Adha in Nablus: A Night of Terror and Destruction (photos included)
by Anne Gwynne | Axis of Logic | 27 January 2005
As the BBC and other major media organizations patronizingly ‘congratulate’ Abu Mazen on deploying 3,000 lightly-armed Palestinian troops to protect the ‘security’ of illegal Jewish colonists in Gaza, they report that ‘it is quiet on the ground’ in Palestine. In doing so, they are regurgitating the Israeli propaganda without any reference to Palestinian information sources or to the truth.

It is far from ‘quiet’ here. While the legitimate Palestinian Resistance has not retaliated, the overwhelming military might of the illegal occupation forces, the world’s fourth ranking, continues to wreak havoc in the suffering, historic city of Nablus, where their nocturnal terrorism against its peaceful inhabitants never ceases. Over the 5 nights of the precious festival of ‘Eid Al-Adha up to 800 Israeli ‘soldiers’ at a time have attacked families and neighbourhoods with particular ferocity, annihilating one area each night with imploding, ‘negative energy’ bombs and explosives, missiles from ground and air, and saturation gun-fire – all from the very latest weaponry that the USA can supply.

The reason for all this? ‘Why?’, people ask – ‘there must be a reason?’ There isn’t one: there is no ‘why?’ The pretext is ‘security’ – Israel’s of course. More...
Submitted by: Charles MacKinnon on Jan 29, 05 | 12:09 am

The writing on the Wall
by Terry Boullata | Electronic Intifada | 18/12/2004
Terry Boullata is head of a private school in Abu Dis and an advocacy worker.

Terry Boullata: "Bit by bit the wall became more tangible"

I am 38 years old, and I am from Jerusalem. I was born and lived all my life here, and I am proud of that. I married 14 years ago with a man from Abu Dis who carries a West Bank ID card. I am myself carrying a Jerusalem ID. I studied at Jerusalem schools and then at Birzeit University. During the first Intifada I was arrested four times; the last time, while I was working as a fieldworker for a human rights organization, I was released after intervention of the former American president Jimmy Carter and Mme Mitterand. Later on I opened my own private school in Abu Dis, thinking that I should help in the development of the community I'm living in. I started the school in 1999 with loans from agencies and banks and it's still working. Altogether I have 225 children from kindergarten up to the fifth grade elementary. But this year I lost around 77 children due to the building of Wall, which is less than 0,5 km from the school. Due to the loss of income I'm now also working as an advocacy worker for the Palestinian campaign for Freedom and Peace which was initiated with the visit this year of Dr Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. More...
Submitted by: nachoua on Dec 22, 04 | 4:09 pm

Dead-Check in Falluja
by Evan Wright | Village Voice | 24-30/11/2004
In April 9, 2003, the day the statue of Saddam Hussein was being toppled in Baghdad, symbolizing the promised liberation of Iraq, I was embedded with a Marine unit engaged in fierce combat about 30 miles north of the city, on the outskirts of Baquba. Late that afternoon, the Humvee I was in was following about 50 feet behind a Marine Light Armored Vehicle when it pulled alongside a Toyota pickup pushed to the side of the road, its doors riddled with bullet holes. The head of at least one occupant was visible in the truck, but I couldn't determine if he was moving or not. Nor did I see any weapons. As our Humvee stopped behind the truck, a Marine in the vehicle ahead of us leapt out, pointed his rifle into the window of the pickup and sprayed it with gunfire. It was a cold-blooded execution. More...
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What happened in the Fallujah Mosque?
by Kevin Sites | MSNBC | 22/11/2004
By Kevin Sites
NBC News

Since the shooting in the mosque, I've been haunted that I have not been able to tell you directly what I saw or explain the process by which the world came to see it as well. As you know, I'm not some war-zone tourist with a camera who doesn't understand that ugly things happen in combat. I've spent most of the last five years covering global conflict. But I have never in my career been a "gotcha" reporter hoping for people to commit wrongdoings so I can catch them at it. More...
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Terririaing those who are praying
by Dahr Jamail | Information Clearing House | 19/11/2004
11/19/04 "ICH" -- Abu Talat calls me frantic. The deafening roar of hundreds of people in a confined area yelling, “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest) reverberate behind his panicked voice. 
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Slash and Burn
by Dahr Jamail | Information Clearing House | 17 November 2004
To see photos for this item, go to:

11/17/04 "ICH" -- She lays dazed in the crowded hospital room, languidly waving her bruised arm at the flies. Her shins, shattered by bullets from US soldiers when they fired through the front door of her house, are both covered by casts. Small plastic drainage backs filled with red fluid sit upon her abdomen, where she took shrapnel from another bullet.

Fatima Harouz, 12 years old, lives in Latifiya, a city just south of Baghdad. Just three days ago soldiers attacked her home. Her mother, standing with us says, “They attacked our home and there weren’t even any resistance fighters in our area.” Her brother was shot and killed, and his wife was wounded as their home was ransacked by soldiers. “Before they left, they killed all of our chickens,” added Fatima’s mother, her eyes a mixture of fear, shock and rage. More...
Submitted by: Mona Baker on Nov 18, 04 | 7:53 pm

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