Beyond Antisemitism
by Rebecca Gould | Counterpunch | November 2011
Focusing on internal contradictions within the Israeli left, this essay considers the impact of the historical legacy of anti-Semitism on everyday thinking about Israel and the Palestinian territories. Contesting the view that to criticize Israel is to engage in anti-Semitic defamation, it offers an historical account of how Israel's actions in the West Bank have come to be immunized from conscientious criticism. It also documents how progressive media outlets in contemporary Israel have silenced or otherwise marginalized Israel's most active critics. More...
Submitted by: Mona Baker on Jan 18, 13 | 10:57 pm

A World Without Islam
by Graham E. Fuller | | Jan-Feb 2008
Imagine, if you will, a world without Islam. admittedly an almost inconceivable state of affairs given its charged centrality in our daily news headlines. Islam seems to lie behind a broad range of international disorders: suicide attacks, car bombings, military occupations, resistance struggles, riots, fatwas, jihads, guerrilla warfare, threatening videos, and 9/11 itself. „Islam‰ seems to offer an instant and uncomplicated analytical touchstone, enabling us to make sense of today‚s convulsive world. Indeed, for some neoconservatives, „Islamofascism‰ is now our sworn foe in a looming „World War III‰. More...
Submitted by: nachoua on Jan 18, 08 | 4:41 pm

How to Critique Israel Injustices: A Fable About Palestine
by Jean Bricmont | Counterpunch | 14-15 October 2006
Let's start with a story. Imagine that Africa has become rich and powerful, and that Euroope has become poor, divided and without real independence. Imagine next that, tired of being repeatedly massacred, the Tutsis decide to found a national home elsewhere. Certain of their leaders designate Wallonia, in Belgium, as that new home. Other Africans, to solve what some call the "Tutsi problem", approve of the project. Thus a flood of Tutsis pack up, weapons and all, and begin to settle in that region, while proclaiming that the people already living there have to go somewhere else. With their wealth, their determination and their weapons, the Tutsis rapidly manage to take possession of the farms, forests and towns and chase away most of the natives, either by legal means or by intimidation. A large part of Wallonia becomes a new Tutsi State, which boasts of being particularly well governed and democratic. All of Africa looks on in admiration.

However, to the surprise of the Africans, most of the Walloons are against that arrangement. Bewildered, sometimes supported by other Europeans who are nevertheless divided and whose leaders are weak and indecisive, they engage in several last ditch fights which only allow the Tutsi State to expand. The Africans can't understand why the Belgians and other Europeans are unable to appreciate the superiority of the system introduced onto their continent by the Tutsis. While Tutsis from all over the world are invited to come and settle, it is explained to the inhabitants who are being pushed out that there are other French-speaking States where they can go. All those who, in Europe or elsewhere, denounce that situation risk being called "anti-Tutsi" racists. When, parked on various scraps of ex-Wallonia, completely surrounded by the Tutsi army, a certain number of natives throw themselves into violent and desperate acts, commentators vie with each other to come up with theories on the peculiarities of Walloon culture that push them to such fanaticism. More...
Submitted by: Mona Baker on Nov 04, 06 | 8:11 pm

Palestinian elite tells British PM Blair not to visit territories
by Reuters | haaretz | 07/09/2006
RAMALLAH - Hundreds of Palestinians including politicians and intellectuals on Thursday called on British Prime Minister Tony Blair not to visit Palestinian areas, accusing him of excessive support for Israel. More...
Submitted by: Hanan Rihan on Sep 08, 06 | 10:35 am

Israel does not act or speak for every Jew
by Andrew Benjamin | The Sydney Morning Herald | August 4, 2006
I WRITE as a Jew and as a synagogue member. I write as one whose academic work continues to move through questions of Jewish identity and the legacy of the Holocaust. Yet, I write with a growing sense of shame. The source of the feeling is simple: Israel claims that it continues to act in my name. More...
Submitted by: Hanan Rihan on Aug 04, 06 | 3:32 pm

Israel and the Arab world -- a hidden trade waiting for a
by Jasper Mortimer | Jordan Times | December 27, 2005
CAIRO -- Staff members at a Riyadh hospital got a surprise
when they looked at the fine print on the paper cups they
were using. More...
Submitted by: ldavidson1945 on Dec 27, 05 | 4:39 pm

Hebrew University poll: Half of Israelis favor talks with Hamas
by ? | Reuters | December 21, 2005
Half of Israelis would favor peace talks with Hamas, despite the Islamic movement's calls to destroy the country, a poll published Wednesday showed. More...
Submitted by: ldavidson1945 on Dec 22, 05 | 8:24 pm

Arab Distrust of US Growing
by ? | Al Jazeera | December 3, 2005
People in Arab nations believe the Iraq war has brought less peace, more terrorism and contrary to Washington's claims, will result in less democracy, a new poll indicates. More...
Submitted by: LDavidson on Dec 03, 05 | 2:00 pm

Egal Ahouvi, Delek Real Estate purchase 15 Hilton hotels in U.K.
by Ronen Srebrenik and Rotem Starkman | Haaretz | November 29, 2005
Delek Real Estate and Israeli businessman Egal Ahouvi have signed a major deal under which they will purchase 15 Hilton hotels in the United Kingdom for close to 400 million pounds (about NIS 3.3 billion). More...
Submitted by: LDavidson on Nov 30, 05 | 9:49 pm

2005 Arab Attitudes toward US: Good News and Bad News
by James Zogby | Truthout | November 7, 2005
Arab attitudes toward the United States have somewhat improved in the past year. Having plummeted to a dangerous low point in mid-2004, favorable ratings of the US are now back to their still low, but better, 2002 level. More...
Submitted by: LDavidson on Nov 09, 05 | 3:01 am

Qatar Funds New Stadium in Israel
by ? | Al Jazeera | October 11, 2005
Qatar has become the first Arab country to donate money to a town inside Israel, giving $6 million to a city in northern Israel to build a football stadium.
Submitted by: LDavidson on Oct 11, 05 | 8:44 pm

End the Occupation Conference Report
by ? | Campaign to End the Occupation | August 22, 2005
Campaign to End the Occupation Conference Report

4th Annual National Organizers’ Conference

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

July 29—August 1, 2005, Atlanta, GA

Overview … 2. Priority Actions … 3. Steering Committee Elections
4. Notes from Presentations and Workshops … 5. Evaluation More...
Submitted by: LDavidson on Aug 22, 05 | 8:09 pm

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