Song to my Brother
by Tanya C. Hsu | Togethernet Yahoogroup | “?”/2002
Do you remember
When we first played together?
When you first came to our land?
We welcomed you
We lived in peace.
We played together
We grew up together
We tilled the soil and shared our food. More...
Submitted by: nachoua on Oct 28, 04 | 6:52 pm

Eye to Eye
by Eye Gihad Ali | Togethernet Yahoogroup | 28/10/2004
Look into my eyes
And tell me what you see
You don't see a damn thing,
'cause you can't possibly relate to me. More...
Submitted by: nachoua on Oct 28, 04 | 6:49 pm

They're Building A Wall
by David Rovics | David Rovics Site | February 2004
They're building a wall
A wall between friends
A wall that justifies
Any means for their ends
A wall between Semites
Rich and poor
Brothers and sisters
From not so long before
Many feet thick
And twenty feet high
No one can look through it
And into the eye
Of a person you might know
To whom you might confide
Now just a stranger
On the other side More...
Submitted by: Mona Baker on Oct 21, 04 | 5:04 pm

This too i will Remember
by Mike Odatella | efreePalestine |
This too, I will remember...

My people huddled in darkness
Frightened, hungry, and thirsty

Caged like animals... More...
Submitted by: nachoua on Oct 15, 04 | 4:38 am

Days of Penitence
by Mike Odatella | | 5/10/8994
An ocean full of tears
A life time of heartache
In a sea of death and violence
Terrified children scream
And wonder
Are they
The children
Of a lesser
God? More...
Submitted by: nachoua on Oct 07, 04 | 3:36 pm

Holy Pulpit
by Rana El-Khatib | The Handstand | October 2004
Holy spectators you stand.
From your pulpits you preach.
“End your sin.”
“It’s love that you must teach.”

A virtuous bellow.
A whole world apart.
Get down from your podium.
Revisit the start.

An invitation.
Take the test.
One month under occupation.
One month is all we request. More...
Submitted by: Mona Baker on Sep 30, 04 | 8:42 am

The Word Palestine
by Hedy Epstein | | 26/9/2004

When I see the word PALESTINE,
I see checkpoints,
roadblocks, the Wall, and
tortured civilians on the streets.
Submitted by: nachoua on Sep 28, 04 | 12:38 am

We Shoot Children Too, Don't We
The following is an excerpt from a poem that caused a sensation when it was read at a Tel Aviv event marking the first year of the Intifada. The poet is an Israeli professor of Hebrew literature and he is famous throughout Occupied Palestine as a lyricist and TV show host. He was commissioned by the Israeli government to write many of its military songs.

Most of these people truly desire
To harvest their olive trees
As they have for hundreds of years.
Most of these people truly desire to raise their kids
Not to throw stones
Or Molotov cocktails,
But to study in peace,
To play in peace,
And to raise a flag.
Their own flag.
And facing that flag, to cry
As we did, that night, then, excited as we were.
And we have no, have no, have no
Right in the world
To rob them of this desire.
This flag,
These tears.
These tears, which always, always
Come after all the others.
Submitted by: Mona Baker on Mar 07, 04 | 11:44 am

by Ibrahim Abu Rabie | | 6 April 2002
Yet, we wake up to another day full of slaughter and pain
And you are not here to give us solace
You have left us alone in the madhouse of the world
Belly-up and bleeding with tears and emotions

Yet, I seek you, Oh God, in this darkness of the world
And sometimes I feel you are nowhere to be found.
I seek to lift the veil between you and me
And I end up being suffocated by more veils.

I belong to a defeated generation, a shy generation;
A generation exposed to too much wind, disease, and change
And we beseech you, Oh God, to understand our plight.
Sometimes we feel you are not there to solace us.
Submitted by: Mona Baker on Oct 03, 03 | 5:37 pm

In memory of Edward Said
by Anne Gwynne, after Agha Shahid Ali's ghazal "Arabic" | | 25 September 2003
The only language of loss left in the world is Arabic -
These words were said to me in a language not Arabic.

Edward Said, beloved witness - Shahid - is dead.

The sky is stunned, it's become a ceiling of stone.
I tell you it must weep. So kneel, pray for rain in Arabic. More...
Submitted by: Charles MacKinnon on Sep 26, 03 | 4:20 am

Eye to Eye: A Palestinian talking to Americans
by Gihad Ali | | 21 August 2003
Look into my eyes
And tell me what you see
You don't see a damn thing,
'cause you can't, until you try to relate to me.

You're blinded by our differences.
My life makes no sense to you.
I'm the persecuted Palestinian.
You are the American red, white and blue.

Submitted by: Charles MacKinnon on Sep 06, 03 | 9:01 pm

by David Rovics | | June 2003
i can't help it.
i don't care how far you think the analogy extends itself.
when i see you making that bus driver climb up and down
on and off the roof of his bus
for your amusement
for hours in the hot sun
i think of how we once had to dance and sing for them
while they shot our parents.
Submitted by: Charles MacKinnon on Jul 16, 03 | 12:14 am

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