by Mike Odatella | efreePalestine | 29/12/2004


Why do you build walls?
Do you build these walls so that no one can see?
No witnesses to mourn for the fallen tree?
The olive, fig, and the almond?
They were here long before you came to be

What about the farmer?
What will his children see?
Walls of concrete and steel
A secure prison,
A ghetto
In images of darkness
Warsaw? Berlin?
History repeats itself
Though you refuse to see

There are questions I must ask.

Can an olive grow on a column of steel and cement?
What kind of "fruit" will you harvest from this tree?
Where will the dove build its nest?
Where will I seek shelter from the blistering sun?
Like the thousands, before you came to be?

The walls you build
May conceal the brutality,
Yet who is one the one that needs to hide
Is it you or is it me?

Something to think about
As you set about to imprison.
Is it you or is it me?
Who needs the walls?
Who is the prisoner?
And who is the one truly free?

Walls imprison the body
Not so the mind and soul
No walls,
No matter how high they reach for the heavens,
Can contain the human spirit
Longing to be free.

Mike Odetalla 11-03

Mike Odetalla..."A seed in the fruit of Palestine"

"Come, I'll tell you about Palestine"

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