Senior UK bishop criticizes Israeli treatment of Palestinians

by The Associated Press | Ha'aretz Daily | 29 December 2003

LONDON - One of Britain's most senior Anglican bishops said in an interview published Monday that the Israeli government was "asking for trouble" with its treatment of Palestinians. The Bishop of Durham, the Right Rev. Tom Wright, denied however that he was
excusing Palestinian suicide bombers.

"I'm not anti-Israel," he was quoted as telling The Independent daily. "But when I see what's been done to the Palestinians over the past 50 years, I say, 'Well I'm sorry, but if you put people behind barbed wire, keep them caged, take their land despite international resolutions, and bulldoze their homes, you are asking for trouble.'"

"This is not in any way to excuse or exonerate the horror and enormity of suicide bombing," Wright was reported as saying. "It is just to say that if you squeeze people that tight sooner or later they'll do drastic things.

"There must be better ways to achieve peace than the road taken by the government of Ariel Sharon."
Posted by: Mona Baker on Dec 30, 03 | 12:53 pm