The BARBARIANS Guarding the Gates of Dialogue

by Jim Kirwan | Old American Century | 22/6.2005

Censorship in America is alive and well, and has been for at least the last hundred years.
In 1922 the American Film Industry introduced its ratings system, and from that point forward we have embarked upon an ever more severe self-censorship in everything that is printed, filmed, written or performed: http://www.filmsite.org /milestones1920s.html

Most Americans tend to think that this nation has freedom of speech, freedom of thought and the freedom of self-expression to communicate their views to others. That is not really the case, and has not been so for a very long time. When the government imposed the film ratings board, it was to insure that “the good guys” always won (in the movies). That might sound like a small thing, but with that twisted lock upon the outcome for all material written for the screen – we began to share our shadows with big brother and with all who sought absolute control over what we see and what we think, as well as how we should respond in virtually any circumstance.

There were also side benefits to this new policy, for the government. There were no limits placed on the screen violence that could be shown – yet there were severe restrictions on how much physical affection could be seen. This resulted in allowing “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” to become extremely popular, while films like “A Man and a Woman” were banned. The same has happened with books – “East of Eden” was banned, along with “The Grapes of Wrath” in several places and this assisted in skewing the public’s view of how life is lived, and what reality consists of.

There are hundreds of examples in dozens of different situations, too numerous to detail, but all of this had a single point which was to censor, and to advocate that writers and artists self-censor what they write, paint, film or think, so that each creation will be “in-line” not with the story line of the subject matter, but with that nasty, twisted morality, in the performance of that act of official censorship. Televison today has run with this in favor of "The War OF Terror."

The Barbarians I’m writing about are only the latest version of a Politically Correct and malignant disease that has attached itself to our lives like a parasitic cancer. This latest evolution will destroy the host society (us), and this will leave everyone in those chains of virtual invisibility that censorship brings to everything it touches. Given: the meteoric rise of moral and social protocols being issued daily from the Evangelistas, the modern day version of the prohibitionists, coupled with an old Victorian slant on what is proper for all people. This code of conduct is fine within its religious context, but it spells social and ethical, possibly even physical death for a living breathing society – especially when this society is facing extinction at the hands of Outlaws who are pretending that they alone are the USA, incarnate.

To illustrate the point, I had an exchange with a bogus “group moderator” yesterday that came unbidden, in response to questions raised on his site by an article of mine that he had posted. The article apparently gained him 600 new subscribers. In order to comment further on the article he wrote to me to elicit more of a response than I had given in the written piece. There were some serious questions, which I answered fully – between other subscribers and myself. Then I got a message that spoke to the futility of resisting this takeover of the nation. I vehemently disagree, which elicited this response from the Monitor Kevin Curtis:

“Mr. Kirwan, I applaud you and anyone else out there who has the courage to step up to the plate with no fear of retaliation from those with something to lose by the threat that those who speak out and take action may cause...know what I mean? Kevin Curtis, Mississippi Activist”

I replied: “Yes Kevin I know what you mean - you appear to be thinking that I should worry about a bunch of gutless wonders who think that what I say might endanger their situations - yes? Now that is creative cowardice in the extreme. These would be the same people who are content to sit here with the mouths shut while millions die, so that they can continue to have their little bubble world in tact? On top of that I should worry about people who are so terrified of losing something, somehow - that they will not jeopardize their petty lives in any way? These are not men and women these are compliant co-conspirators in TREASON, and they are also quite comfortable with having whatever is left of this place stolen right out from under them? Is this what you mean - because if it is - why would anyone have anything to fear from those who are so timid and so lacking in courage that they will not speak out, no matter what is being done with their money and in their names? That is the kind of road-kill that brought us to this place - and you think I should tremble at the thought of displeasing them?

In the meanwhile here's a reminder of what is actually at issue, which has nothing to do with me - but everything to do with what's being done now: both within and to this country! TREASON is NOT Patriotic http://www.batr.org/gulag /062005.html -“

Kevin: “Kirwan, I would appreciate you asking me what I "think" or am thinking instead of assuming and sending those to people on my list. That is just respectful.”

Kirwan: “Whoever wrote that comment - asked me if I understood what was meant by what he had written - so I answered him according to what he wrote to me. If you're not thrilled with my answers, then ask more specific questions.”

Kevin: “I never said or implied anything about who you should worry about. That was your own assumption. In my opinion, it's much more productive to motivate and/or inspire others out there leading by "example". People don't take action by "threatening" undertones or straightforward comments. Ronald Reagan was a true expert in this area.”

Kirwan: “Ronnie-baby was an 80's kind of freak, the worst president of his time - and not someone who was adept at anything except when it came to influencing the murky inhabitants at the bottom of this societal pond. Not only did he not impress a lot of people, he was almost as inept as Bush is - the sole difference between the two Outlaws was that Reagan could read and he understood his part in the stage play - Bush hasn't the even the most remote clue of what it means to be a human being, a working man, or just a person. Bush has the soul of parking meter and the manners of a feral animal.”

Kevin: “We all know that there are more people willing to look the other way in order to keep their lives "normal" and reduce the risk of threat. I have experienced this first hand but I learned immediately that getting angry or discouraged by this would only make matters worse. In the end, the cream in the coffee rises to the top. I hope I'm making sense.”

Kirwan: “Anger is a tool that allows people to mobilize their entire being to either protect or overcome real problems - it is not meant to be left in the "on" position. And Discouragement is not something that works well with others, or with someone who has any idea of who or what they really are. The deleterious effects of those two terms belong to a previous time - back when PC ruled the roost. That time is dead and gone - http://www.kirwanesque.com /politics/articles/2004/art18 .htm

In my world the scum rises to the top of the pond - always. This is not a game Kevin, this is life and the stakes are for all of what there is to become, or for all that there is to lose. There really is no room in this struggle for people who have yet to determine whether they should make a decision about anything at all - or just stay the course and "hope" that all gets magically better! Where you stand or where you fall in this equation is critical to the success or failure of your life - if enough come to realize this - we win the struggle - if not we'll lose it all!”

Kevin in response to his list: “Thank you for sharing your opinions, comments and outlook on "life", President Ronald Reagan as well as what it takes to be successful in anything and all you do or "try" to do...I'm sure all those in your circle are very proud of the person you've become & aspire to be in life. God bless you kirwan”

Kevin Curtis, Master of Impressions, Star Tribute Entertainment, INC. WWW.GEOCITIES.COM/ELVISGUY4U/

Kirwan: “This response of yours to me, is very interesting given that the motto for your "business" is: "To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance." And on your site you also say: “Never set LIMITS”

Kirwan: “This is censorship by whatever name you chose to call it. It's no wonder that you picked up six hundred new subscribers when you printed my article - they're probably starved for a taste of reality. Being a dutiful cog in the dissemination of propaganda on your site - they can be assured that their minds will be forever protected from reality - of that I'm certain.
And you "Mississippi Activist," are nothing more than a gator hiding in the swamp of corruption to protect your "flock" from anything and anyone that might disturb their all-too-convenient slumber!
It is no wonder that this nation can't seem to hear from people who might be upset with what is going on now - with GUARDIANS like you around, I'm amazed that we're not ALL already in the camps!
Of course your flock is not blameless either, but I wonder if they realize that they have surrendered their minds and thoughts to the filter you "provide" FOR them? You're the worst kind of PC scum Kevin - and one of these days this will come back to haunt you!”

Note: This last note did not get through, because the site Kevin used for all of this was terminated. In response to me, privately, he then added: “You have been banned from posting messages to this group!” followed by a second message one minute later: “banned!”

How many more “Kevin’s” are out there in the world? How many insecure unqualified and self-appointed monitors are managing our lives on the web? First a set-up is created wherein a tone is hinted at – but when that tone is responded to directly – the result is banishment – conversation terminated, fini, done, over with – not because of what was said, but simply because one side of an “open forum” on the web, pulled the plug. In this case pretense is disingenuous disinformation.

He owns the microphone, but he neglects to tell his correspondents that he alone decides what they can hear. Probably this is far more commonplace than we would like to think, but this type of censorship is commonplace on the web, within most groups it’s standard practice: because the point is to protect the readers from discomfort, not to disseminate information, or to present a different point of view. No wonder America prefers to live in this proverbial state of the lack of information now!

The web was designed to free people from the kind of crap that Kevin has concocted. The fact that so many so freely sacrifice their right to know, to challenge or to debate, to something as childish and insecure as a Kevin Curtis is appalling. Maybe Americans are not adult enough to manage for themselves on the web – if so, then we are in deep trouble!



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