Israel Confesses to its Crimes

by ? | Times of Oman | October 16, 2005

LAST week, the mass media discussed the proposal of the Military Prosecution Authority of the Israeli Army on the need to change names of senior officers and pilots to false ones when they set out on missions abroad, lest some European countries arrest them on the charges of committing massacres and war crimes.

The proposal suggested using short names of the senior officers and referring to them in one letter in the Israeli media. It is aimed at officials such as the chief of staff of the Israeli Army or senior officers of the central command who are usually entrusted with savage crimes of the Jewish army. Their crimes against the Palestinians include heinous murders and wanton destruction of houses and agricultural land.

The Israeli Army has taken preliminary procedures to implement the proposal, titled “Switching off the lights behind the escaping houses”. The procedures included organising awareness campaigns to advise the senior officers on ways of using forged names to escape legal responsibilities of the savage crimes they are planning or taking part in.

The proposal comes in as a swift reaction to the lawsuit filed by a London-based advocacy office on behalf of a Palestinian human rights organisation against former military official in the Gaza Strip, Doroun Al Mough, on committing war crimes at the time of his command in the Gaza Strip. The British judiciary has issued an arrest warrant against him while he was on his way to Heathrow Airport, which forced him to return on the same flight to Tel Aviv fearing arrest.

This is the first time that the Israeli Army has been forced to present such a proposal on change of names of senior officers to escape arrest on war crime charges. The proposal is, in fact, a confession by the military command that senior officers of the Israeli Army have committed war crimes throughout the occupation period. This is because the proposal for falsification is an attempt in vain to hide the crimes than a sincere bid to search for evidence to prove their innocence.

Such immoral proposals emphasise the fact that the Israeli Army is a terrorist organisation and blood-thirsty, committing crimes against innocent, unarmed Palestinians — children, women and the elderly alike — showing scant respect to international covenants issued by the UN, which ban the organised army from such immoral practices as protecting criminals from justice with the help of forged names.

This attempt at changing the names of the senior officers whose hands are dripping with the blood of innocent Palestinians and hiding them from justice opens a new chapter in the history of Israeli crimes and their cover-up.

We expect such dastardly designs to gather momentum and progress to further ugly, despicable stages in view of the international silence and in the wake of moral and political support extended to Israel by successive US administrations for the dangerous role it plays in the Middle East.
Posted by: LDavidson on Oct 17, 05 | 10:10 pm