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by AbdelFattah Abu-Srour | : http://alrowwad.virtualactivism.net | April 30, 2003

It seems as a great end of the month of April to end the day and begin the celebration for May 1st by a noisy game, with a lot of hide and find stuff.

The Israeli polite military jeeps (about 7 that we have seen) entered the camp around 17:15, though uninvited, and wanted to show the people in Aida camp, how an occupation could be concerned with small details in the life of people. They came in, and started with the sound bombs to disperse the children who started to gather in the streets wondering whether to allow them to pass or prepare them a ‘hot’ welcome. With the sound bombs being fired, the celebrations began and the sky of Aida was raining stones.

These uninvited invaders couldn’t believe what happened. After all, they try hard to pass in peace, arrest people in peace, assassinate people in peace, destroy our infrastructures -or rearrange the use of space- in peace, re-decorate our houses in peace, create a physically handicapped – and if possible mentally handicapped as well— and completely ignorant generation in peace, reshape history in peace, and scatter the remaining of our dignity in peace, change our priorities in peace, remain in our land in peace… in peace… in peace…

The international community, diplomacy, politics, justice, and law die in peace…
So the result of these celebrations, is that 6 of our young players were tattooed with rubber and live bullets in different parts of their bodies, 3 young men and a girl were arrested.

Al-Rowwad lived the days he was living exactly one year ago. The first aid kits and emergency team gathered rapidly and there we were again.
Fortunately, 6 internationals were present in Aida. They helped in evacuating some of Al-Rowwad children living outside the camp in Beit Jala and Beit-Jibrin nearby refugee camp.

After a match of almost 3 hours, the jeeps withdrew with some traces of stones on their glass and body. Then about one hour and a half later (around 22:00 o’clock), it is a tank which entered the camp, for the “Bouquet final” with a noise of untalented orchestra. Trying to force its way in the narrow street, it stuck in one the streets and walked on some cars and hit an electric post which was practically cut from the middle and bent to salute the courageous army of occupation.

Of course, we had something to talk about for the rest of the night, and eventually to dream about… The young girls and boys in Al-Rowwad would also have many things to remember and many nightmares to live after seeing the injured kids with their blood running on the ground and the floor of the center for a brief first aid, before taken to the hospital…

Yes, our children and adults will continue to live and talk about these things… how about you? What will you be doing?
PS. By the way, this game is not a one time, one day game… it renews every week or twice a week or every day depending on the humor and mood of a unique and democratic soldiers of an occupation army…

I wish you all a very good night sleep…. In peace.

AbdelFattah Abu-Srour
Director of Al-Rowwad Cultural and Theatre Training Center

: http://alrowwad.virtualactivism.net
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