Autopsy of British cameraman shows he was killed by IDF fire

by Haaretz and Agencies | Haaretz and Agencies | 8 May 2003

British journalist James Miller, who was shot dead last week in the Gaza Strip town of Rafah, was hit by IDF fire, not by Palestinian fire, according to an autopsy carried out at by the Forensic Institute, Israel Radio reported Thursday.

A pathologist sent from Britain by Miller's family participated in the autopsy, the radio said. The dissection showed that the cameraman was shot from the front, and not from behind, as the IDF claimed. He was wearing a helmet and a flack jacket, but was hit in the neck.

Two Palestinians killed in Gaza Strip, two Hamas men die in West Bank, Gaza. A Palestinian man was killed in the Gaza Strip early Thursday morning by IDF gunfire, Palestinian sources reported. According to the army, troops guarding at the Tufah checkpoint, west of Khan Yunis, opened fire when the 30-year-old man approached the Neve Dekalim settlement and did not comply with their demand that he stop.

Palestinian hospital officials said that the man apparently died of injuries caused by an IDF tank shell. Palestinian residents who live in the area said they heard the sound of two tank shells exploding just before dawn.

A Palestinian toddler was killed Wednesday by IDF fire in a Gaza Strip refugee camp. Two Hamas militants were also killed Wednesday; one in an explosion blast in a West Bank house and the second by IDF gunfire.

Alian Bashiti, aged eighteen months, was in his house in the Khan Yunis refugee camp when he was hit in the neck by an IDF bullet. He died shortly afterwards.

Witnesses in Khan Yunis camp said that IDF soldiers fired at the neighborhood from the nearby settlements of Morag and Ganei Tal.

The IDF expressed regret for the death of the baby. IDF spokesman Jacob Dalal said soldiers at an outpost guarding settlements had returned fire after coming under attack from Palestinians.

The IDF confirmed that it had shot dead Ahmed Gouda, 18, in the Gaza Strip, but denied the Hamas claim that he had been on an "operation" in northern Gaza, saying that he had been following IDF troops when they had opened fire.

Earlier in the day, a senior Hamas fugitive was killed in a mysterious explosion in the West Bank. The militant group accused IDF troops of setting off the blast, which was denied by Palestinian sources and the IDF.

The explosion occured at around 8:30 A.M. in an apartment in the village of Zawata near the city of Nablus, killing Amin Fadel, 28. Fadel, who had been wanted by Israel for the past two years, had rented the apartment four days earlier.

A Hamas source said IDF soldiers opened fire at the building in which Fadel was hiding.

But an IDF official said that the army had no connection to the blast. Palestinian sources said the explosion that killed Fadel was likely the result of a "work accident," Israel Radio said.

The mayor of Zawata said IDF troops had imposed a curfew on the village several hours before the explosion. Local firefighters said the blast went off inside the house, ruling out a missile strike.
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