In the Last 90 Days . . .

by Kirwan | America Held Hostile | May 5, 2003

In the last 90 days we have entered a unique period in world history.

In roughly the same amount of time it takes someone to close escrow on the purchase of a home, the United States of America has embarked upon the final phase of its plans to reshape this nation and the world. In that light - let's look more closely at what has happened in the last three months.

In the last 90 days, the Bush Crime family has ended the Atlantic Alliance, severely damaged our working associations within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and managed to begin the practical dissolution of the United Nations, as an effective force in world affairs.

In the last 90 days, American military forces, in contravention of all international agreements, have attacked Iraq without provocation. The US and three of its subservient 'friends' used fake evidence, lies, and false accusations, as a license to destroy Iraq - supposedly to free the Iraqi people and to create a 'democratic way of life.' In that process, one of our four Aircraft Carrier groups, upon its return to the States, announced that it had launched 16,500 separate sorties (attacks) upon Iraq. The amount of munitions unleashed in that war by all of our forces - borders on the incalculable. We have kept no body count of those who we've killed, over the entire time that we have been at war in that country.

We know little of what we may eventually gain from this action, but we know that the amount of Depleted Uranium (DU) that we have dumped upon Iraq will keep on infecting the people, the land, the water, and the air, for a much longer period of time than any of those people involved will live to see. The number of our own troops exposed to these poisons in the last 90 days is also difficult to calculate. Here's what Rummy says about the dangers of DU to our troops: and of course there are the physical dangers left in Iraq by the war itself:

At a minimum we have created permanent consequences that will devastate an entire region, for the simplistic purpose of gaining a quicker victory in an unnecessary war.

In the last 90 days we have seen the domestic schemes and plans that began in January of 2000 begin to come full circle. The scale of the destruction to our constitution, to the economy, and to our way of life has been as devastating as any war that we have ever waged on any opponent!

In the last 90 days, we have seen that there is indeed "Evil"in the world and those evils are embodied in the politicians and the institutions that have recently come into being here and now - inside the United States and in Tel Aviv. We must demand that the financial connections that have created all of this, be laid bare for all to see. Because only in that way can adults decide who is telling the whole truth.

In the last 90 days, we have seen that a war has been declared upon American citizens. This is a war about virtual penury, the loss of jobs, the bankruptcy of retirement plans, the fraud in profit sharing, the complete controls that have denied our access to medical care, to a decent education, to social services, to fire protection, to law enforcement at the local level, to the right of cities, and counties and states to expect help from the federal government. Four-fifths of the states are in serious trouble because of out-of-control costs engineered and enforced by a truly Trogledian federal budget that only funds two things: Continual WAR and tax-cuts for the ultra-rich. At the same time this same federal government issues truckloads of new laws that require others to pay for each new federal mandate. The goal here is shrink all government.

In the last 90 days the true costs of our belligerence and militaristic fervor is becoming clear to the ordinary taxpayer. This is about the most basic guarantees that any government has to address: the health and welfare of its own citizens, of its own laws, of its own place in the world. This is class warfare, at its most basic - those who have versus those who have not! It seems that political process, electoral process, and representative democracy have publicly committed suicide in favor of a few more trinkets from the coffers of the thieves and murders who refill them from the booty stolen from those - who find themselves under the guns of the US military.

In the last 90 days we have seen the loss of over 650,000 jobs. At the same time the "political process" is proving to be the last thing on the minds of people who can't pay the rent or who may have to choose between the rent and having something to eat. Look to the retired and to the soon to be retired (involuntarily). Millions and millions of Americans who will suddenly have nothing but time to tell every person they know - about the truth of what this political system is really all about! Many will have the rest of their lives to ponder the lies of George W. Bush and his gang of mercenaries.

The pent up anger, the frustration, and hatred that this Cabal has created in the millions of people that they have lied to, stolen from, cheated, and disinherited, as well as those they've just plain tried to kill has nothing to do with the academic values of political parties. This goes to the root of why people formed political parties in the first place - and it is in this light that bullyboy is trying to run for yet another term as Thief-in-Chief.

In the last 90 days we have just begun to see that multi-national corporate control is just the tip of a tool - that implement that separates people from their lives. The crime lies with the plotters, the planners, and the complacency that facilitates their actions. Those people and their favored corporations, together with the politicians, and their mass-media servants, have together shaped the institutions that have given them all a cover of respectability - for all these years.

Real people want to know what happened to their money, what happened to their lives, what happened to their dreams and how they can get all that back - if ever!

In the last 90 days we've begun to see the birth of The War-of-the-Month Club! Enough is enough already - we played by the rules and we have continued to lose in every meaningful way - in every quarter of our government and our lives. It is time to call it like it is. We now live in a Criminal Empire, run by thugs, misfits and felons.

Whenever this government begins to speak their subversive lies about 'speaking out' when "our troops are in harm's way." We must correct them. The reason we have a military is to fight our wars, not theirs. Our job is to speak out - it is our constitutional right and we are bound by our obligations as US citizens to disagree publicly with this administration whenever they take actions that we do not agree with. Our failure to do this is what brought us the USA PATRIOT Act. And now the next version (PATRIOT II) is about to make its entrance, and put an end to justice, as well as freedom.

When we speak out we are speaking to those civilian controllers of the military. That - in and of itself does not in any way - constitute any denigration of support for anyone in the military. Rather as Americans we can damn sure disagree with where and what our military is ordered to do: Especially in a time of WAR and especially by thugs, felons, and misfits who have stolen their positions and if this continue - our way of life.

This is true whether or not we are in a war. And during a time of WAR we actually have an even more pressing need to speak - not a lesser one. This has been the problem with this situation all along. The causes at the root of this problem are buried in the most basic of human needs. At risk are human expectations vs. the political motivations of a bunch of modern day pirates. And the outcome will be more than pivotal.

To reach comprehension - you only need to study what governments are created to do vs. what this government has 'chosen' to do. There is absolutely no relationship between their sworn duties and what they have undertaken in the name of the United States of America. Their duty is to protect the people and the constitution from harm - there are many ways to accomplish this end. They have chosen WAR - the most egregious and least viable outcome to accomplish any of the ends that they have not met. Even with the two wars that they've started: Osama, Omar, the Anthrax bomber, and now Saddam have never been captured or killed. Still they persist as their representatives continue to threaten a long list of states and nations.

There has been no investigation of the root cause for the 911 attacks on the US - or of the attacks themselves. There have no investigations of the unimaginable destruction caused by criminal corporate fraud against investors, against employees, and those commercial actions that run counter to SEC regulations. Plus a host of other crimes. Still they spend deficit dollars on wars they have failed to win. Now they want a tax-cut that goes straight into their own coffers and into the pockets of their largest contributors - with deficit dollars. The Bush Crime Family has ignored any law that limits their power, and when necessary, they simply issue presidential fiat's to get whatever they feel they deserve - legally or otherwise.

None of this is theory - it's as plain as a pig's ass, and that is also part of the problem - it's in plain sight. So how could any of these acts be less than legal?

The last 90 days are just the beginning of the end for us and for our way of life. We're looking now at what the end of these corrupt actions looks like. We are not seeing the motivations that those who are pulling the strings do not want us to see. The point above is not all that destruction itself - but the lessons being taught - which is that anyone or any nation that fails to completely agree with whatever the Bush Crime Family wants to do - will be utterly destroyed.

The myth says: that unless we believe in everything the destroyers say we should - then there cannot be anything but chaos. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those looking for answers must begin by looking at the presuppositions and at the basis for the proposition that is being presented as an either or. The truth is that these dilemmas have never needed to be viewed as either-or situations at all. There have always been many ways to solve any problem - it is the choices themselves that form the basis for all their ill-gotten profits and for all our problems.

The clock is ticking! Where will we be in another 90 days?

Kirwan is an independent freelance writer and illustrator, who lives and works in the United States. He can be reached at:

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