Event: CONFERENCE: Teaching and Researching in Interpreter Training and Education
Date and Venue: 12 July 2008, London Metropolitan University, North Campus, Holloway Road, London
Short Description: The growth of translation has affected the sector on all levels, not least the expansion in programmes teaching translation at university level. Initiatives such as the development of the European Masters in Translation, the National Occupational Standards in Translation and the ITI’s continuing professional development programme reflect the importance of a coherent curriculum and agreed standards and practices in the teaching and training of translators. This is of equal importance for Translation Studies as a discipline and the Translation industry as a profession. But what are the challenges we face, not only in innovative course design, but also in the profile of those who deliver academic rigour and satisfy industry requirements?

Contributions on teaching and researching in interpreter training and education are also welcome

Who teaches translation / who ‘should’ teach translation?
Who is taught / needs to be taught?
Do we teach or train?
Where do we teach / who is the appropriate education provider?

Please send 250 word proposals by January 15, 2008 via email text – no attachments please.

Theme(s): examples of good practice, education vs training, ethics, innovative curriculum design
Contact Details: · Dr Nadia Rahab, n.rahab@londonmet.ac.uk
Invited Speakers: Daniel Gile, Mona Baker and Dorothy Kelly
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