Event: Conference: Translation, information, news, tourism, product translation, translation and entertainment
Date and Venue: University of Oviedo, Spain, 22-24 October 2008
Short Description: The conference is addressed to scholars from various fields of research as well as translators and postgraduate students who are interested in the translation of information in the various media (printed, radio, television, the internet). The conference encourages interdisciplinary approaches involving linguistics, cultural studies and translation studies as well as other areas, such as sociology and business studies, that may throw light on the nature and strategies of translating information in the 21st century. The main areas to be covered at the conference include the interplay between translation and news writing, tourist information, product information, and specialised non-specialist information (such as documentaries or feature articles in news channels).

Contributions are invited to explore the polysemiotic nature of translated information, its hybridity as texts that retrieve material from multifarious sources (typically a tourist brochure will provide information about accommodation and transport and also about the various sites to be visited with references, for instance, to their artistic value), its temporariness and the effect of the quality of the final product, the difficulties faced when working with material that is of an immediate consumption and has a short life span, etc.

Organizing committee
Roberto A. Valdeón, University of Oviedo
Ana Ojanguren, University of Oviedo
M. José Álvarez Faedo, University of Oviedo

Scientific committee
Margarita Blanco, University of Oviedo
Delia Chiaro, University of Bologna
Marta Dalhgren, University of Vigo
Henrik Gottlieb, University of Copenhaguen
M. José Hernández, University of Málaga
Krisztina Károly, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
Marta Mateo, University of Oviedo
Ovidi Carbonell, Universidad de Salamanca
Lourdes Pérez, University of Oviedo
Myriam Salama-Carr, University of Salford

Spanish and English are the official conference languages, although papers in other major languages will be accepted. No interpreting service will be provided during the conference.

Paper abstracts should be submitted by March 31, 2008.
Notification of acceptance of proposals will be given by 30 April 2008

Theme(s): Translation, information, news, tourism, product translation, translation and entertainment
Contact Details: valdeon@uniovi.es
Invited Speakers: Henrik Gottlieb (Copenhaguen), MŞ José Hernández (Málaga)
Registration: www.uniovi.es/translatinginfo

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