Event: "With/out Theory" - Second Call for Papers: Keynote Speakers
Date and Venue: 17-18 April 2008, University College London
Short Description: The theories currently in vogue in translation studies tend to be borrowed from other disciplines such as linguistics, sociology or postcolonial studies. Some theories offer a general framework or perspective, others come with methodologies attached. How useful are the prevailing theories as tools for understanding translation? Would a more directly translation-based theory be more profitable for research? What is the connection between theory and methodology in specific projects?

This two-day conference, funded by the AHRC, aims to create a network of research students working in Translation Studies in the Greater London area and provide a platform for them to discuss research methodology. Nevertheless, contributions by PhD-students from within the UK as well as international are equally welcome. Speakers will be allocated 20 mins. to present their work to peers and to a panel of discussants, also drawn from the London institutions: Dr Cosima Bruno (School of Oriental and African Studies), Mr Kenneth Liu (University College London), Dr Karen Seago (London Metropolitan University), Mr Mark Shuttleworth (Imperial College) and Mr Erik Skuggevik (University of Surrey). Alternatively, contributions may be made in the form of posters to be presented in an individual session.

Keynote Speakers
Prof. Ian Mason (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
Prof. Maria Tymoczko (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA)

Publication of Papers
Selected papers will be published in the online journal "New Voices in Translation Studies".

Please submit abstracts of no more than 300 words or details of a poster presentation, including your contact details, by email to Daniela Almansi at d.almansi@ucl.ac.uk (abstracts only. For general enquiry, see contact details) by 18 January 2008. Successful applicants will be informed in February. The presenters will be required to submit their completed papers before 28 March 2008.

We invite papers from all graduate students, who currently work in Translation Studies, Interpreting or related fields, on the following issues and beyond:

- Translation as text: applying linguistic and literary theories to translation;
- Translation in the digital age: science, technology and translation theory;
- Multimedia translation: exploring audiovisual translation theory;
- Intergeneric translation: theory and the crossing of genres in translation – text and
screen, scripts and stage performance, music and arts in translation;
- Theory of interpreting;
- Translation theory and other disciplines;
- Situating translation: making sense of ideology, society and the world in translation
through sociological, postcolonial and cultural studies theories;
- Solving conflicts? – translation and interpreting theories after 9/11.
- Conceptualising theory from translation history;
- A new horizon of expectation: translation and reception theory;
- Translator, agency and decision making: re-evaluating the communication
approaches – shifts in translation, text-type and skopos theories;
- Theory and the international community: theorising translation in a non-English
speaking context;
- Descriptive? Prescriptive? : rethinking norm theory and system-oriented approaches;
- The pedagogical approach: translator and interpreter training theories;
- Translation, imitation, adaptation – how to judge? with/out theory?
- Where angels fear to tread: negotiating the limit of theory in translation.
- Off limits…? If? How? : ‘forging’ translation theory;
- New trends in translation theory.

Key Dates
18 January 2008: Deadline for submission of abstracts
February 2008: Notification of acceptance
February 2008: Registration opens
28 March 2008: Deadline for submission of papers
17-18 April 2008: Conference at UCL

Depending on an application for funding that is still pending, a modest registration fee may need to be charged. We will release the specific details as soon as they become available on our website: www.ucl.ac.uk/cics/conference

Further Information
For further information and the programme of the conference (to be released in due time), please visit our website: www.ucl.ac.uk/cics/conference For general enquiry, please contact Gloria Lee at kwok-kan.lee@ucl.ac.uk

Contact Details: Gloria Lee, kwok-kan.lee[at]ucl.ac.uk
Invited Speakers: Prof. Ian Mason (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
Prof. Maria Tymoczko (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA)

Registration: www.ucl.ac.uk/cics/conference

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