Event: Conference: Translation Studies in the Japanese Context
Date and Venue: 9-10 Jan 2010, Ritsumeikan University Kyoto Japan
Short Description: Translation Studies have been expanding during the past three decades throughout the world except for Japan. Discussing approaches to translation studies in the Japanese context is the main purpose of this international conference.

Japanese intellectuals have been aware of the influence of ‘translation’ at least since the Meiji period. However, the meaning of ‘translation’ and the underlying intellectual processes involved have not been properly addressed. The Japanese concepts of Wakonyōsai (Japanese spirit combined with Chinese and Western learning) or various forms of Nihon-Kaiki ("return to Japan"), for example, may be elucidated by research on translation.

In this conference, starting from Translation Studies as they developed in the West, our aim is to analyze the theory, practice, and history of translation in Japan, and inquire into existing research on translation, the relationships between translation and power, and the roles of translators/interpreters in the Japanese context.

The official conference languages are Japanese and English.

Theme(s): 1. Literature, 2. Anthropology, 3. Cognition and History, 4. Post-colonialism and Power, 5. Audiovisual and Media, 6. Community Interpreting.
Contact Details: TSC2010-Info@Rossberg.net
Invited Speakers: Theo Hermans, Judy Wakabayashi, Cecile Sakai, Akira Mizuno, Ichiro Majima, Makiko Mizuno
Registration: http://translationstudies.net/tsc2010/

Posted by: Nana Sato-Rossberg on Jun 04, 09 | 9:37 am

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