Event: International Conference on the Role of Translation in the Dialogue of Civilizations
Date and Venue: 18-19 November 2009 / An-Najah National University , Nablus , West Bank , Palestine
Short Description: This intended event is in fact no # 2 in a series of conferences on the role of translation in the dialogue amongst Civilizations , organized by the Faculty of Arts and hosted by An-Najah National University , at Nablus , West Bank , Palestine .
Languages are Arabic and English

Theme(s): 1. Translation as a Double-Edged Weapon, and 2. Translation: I and the Other
Contact Details: Prof. Yahya Jabr ; mobile # 00972598910539 Email:yahyaj@najah.edu 2. Prof. Khalil Odeh; mobile # 0599720195 E-mails: khalilo@najah.edu 3. Dr. Odeh Odeh; mobile # 0599646714 E-mail :odeh_odeh2000@yahoo.com 4. Ms. Therwat Hijjawwi, E-mail: h_tharwat@hotmail.com 5. Dr. Sebnem Bahadir, Johannes Gutenburg Univ.; E-mail 6. Mr. Muítasem al-Asheb, Ramallah, E-mail mutasem30@ yahoo.de 7. Yasmeen shahroor.E-mail; pr@najah.edu 8. Abstracts and papers to be sent to Conference Secretary Manar Jarban Fax # 009792345982 E-mail: translation2@najah.edu
Invited Speakers: 1. Prof. Basil Hatim

Registration: None

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