Event: The 8th National Conference and International Forum on Interpreting in China
Date and Venue: October 15-16, 2010; Sichuan University, Chengdu
Short Description: The 8th National Conference and International Forum on Interpreting
-----“Interpreting in the Age of Globalization”
Co-organized by
Sichuan University
Translators Association of China
Coordinated by
Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
Chengdu, China
October 15-16, 2010
First Announcement and Call for Papers

Interpreting, as an important cross-cultural communicative activity, dates back almost to the very beginning of human history. In today’s era when the world witnesses ever closer ties between and among cultural regions, interpreting assumes an even more prominent communication function and a more significant role in assisting cross-cultural understanding. Interpreting events of different types with different features are seen to have taken place more frequently than ever in all parts of the world, China certainly included. It is in this historical context that the 8th National Conference and International Forum on Interpreting -- “Interpreting in the Age of Globalization” will be held in Chengdu, China in 2010.
Since its inception in 1996, the National Conference and International Forum on Interpreting has had seven successful gatherings, one every two years. The purpose of the conference is to take a close look at the current situations and challenges of interpreting teaching and research in China, explore the relationship between interpreting theory and practice, exchange information on the state of the art in interpreting training and research with international counterparts, and explore new research approaches and development orientations. The conference has become an important event in both Chinese and international interpreting communities and has been of great significance to promoting China’s interpreting practice, teaching and research, and expanding China’s exchange with the outside world in the interpreting academia.
The 8th National Conference and International Forum on Interpreting will be hosted by and at Sichuan University from 15th to 16th October, 2010. Interpreting scholars of international and domestic repute will be invited to give keynote speeches, and sub-forum presentations, face-to-face discussion between PhD supervisors and graduate students as well as other forms of activities will be organized. About 200 interpreting teachers, researchers, and practitioners from home and abroad will be invited to attend the forum.

Forum Theme: Interpreting in the Age of Globalization
Sub-forum Topics:
1. Interpreting Teaching/Interpreter Training with a Globalized Perspective
2. Interdisciplinary Interpreting Studies
3. Specialized Interpreting (Court Interpreting, Medical Interpreting, Business Interpreting, Media Interpreting, etc.)
4. Interpreter Assessment and Accreditation
5. Interpreting and Technology (Corpora, Remote Interpreting, etc.)
6. Sign Language Interpreting

Working Languages: English and Chinese

Forum Formats: Keynote speeches; Sub-forum presentations; PhD supervisors and graduate students face-to-face

Submission Details:
1. The Organizing Committee invites submissions of abstracts pertaining to any of the forum topics. An abstract in both Chinese and English (English version only for international participants) of around 300 words each, together with other required information, should be included in the Registration and Abstract Submission Form that follows and returned to the Secretariat before March 31, 2010 by one of the following ways:
By email: kouyi8.scu@gmail.com
By fax: 86-28-85412273
By post: Ms. Liu, Jia
College of Foreign Languages & Cultures
Sichuan University
#29 Wangjiang Road, Chengdu
Sichuan 610064

2. Notification of acceptance: April 30, 2010;
3. Deadline for submission of final papers (in WORD2003/2007 format to kouyi8.scu@gmail.com ): August 31, 2010;
4. Selected papers will be published in the Forum Proceedings.
5. Participants without papers may download the Registration Form from the forum’s official website (www.kouyi8.org ) and submit the filled-out form to the Secretariat via email, fax or post by July 31, 2010. Notification of acceptance will be sent by August 31, 2010.

Time, Venue and Fees:
Time: October 15-16, 2010 (registration on the 14th)
Venue: Sichuan University, Chengdu (specific place to be confirmed in the second announcement)
Fees: 800 Chinese yuan or US$120 as registration fee for each participant; accommodation and transportation at the expenses of the participant (The Organizer may help arrange food and lodging).

Contact Information:
For enquiries, please contact: Ms. Hu Minxia (86-28-89514852)
Ms. Liu Jia (13808002692), or
For more updated information about the forum, please visit:

The 8th National Conference and International Forum on Interpreting
-----“Interpreting in the Age of Globalization”
Registration and Abstract Submission Form

Name Prof. / Dr. / Mr./ Ms.
(please delete where appropriate)
Name of Institution
Mailing Address
Email Address Telephone
Language of Paper
Title of Paper (Chinese)
Abstract (about 300 words):
Deadline for submission: March 31, 2010

Theme(s): “Interpreting in the Age of Globalization”
Contact Details: kouyi8.scu@gmail.com
Invited Speakers:
Registration: www.tac-online.org.cn; flc.scu.edu.cn

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