Event: Translation Colloquium: Translation and Teaching: Whither Culture?
Date and Venue: Adila Mahenni - Benaouda
Short Description: Objectives of the Conference
The upcoming conference, which comes as a follow up of the one organised last April, under the title: “Translation and Multidisciplinarity: the Crossing of Frontiers”, will focus on the Didactics of Translation, with a particular interest for the translation of cultural elements.

Theme(s): Bouzaréah University, Algiers
Contact Details: Translation and Teaching : Whither Culture ?
Invited Speakers: The Department of Translation and Interpreting of University of Bouzaréah will organise its third International Conference entitled “Translation and Teaching: Whither Culture?” at the Salle des Actes, May 4-5, 2010.

Reflection Items
The translation of cultural elements is often problematic. It mainly involves:
- terms which are too technical,
- expressions of specific visions of the world,
- concepts over which there is no consensus such as those pertaining to “sense”, or “metaphysics”.

Therefore, we should be asking ourselves how best to stimulate the translator so as to obtain a better intercultural communication, through a more aggressive creativity and decision-making.
How to develop the student’s cognitive resources? Which references? Which texts? Which equipments?
Are there norms to help teaching decision-making in translation?

General Guidelines
Summaries must bear the following characteristics:
* To be 300 words in order to be selected, please avoid lengthy summaries
* To be written in the languages taught in the Department of Translation and Interpreting: Arabic, French, English, Spanish and German.
* To include a short bibliography.
* A short paragraph (100 words) describing the participant's research projects and scientific interests, as well as a list of his/her main publications is to be included.

Important dates:
Deadline for the abstracts: January 30, 2010
Deadline for the acceptance of proposals: February 15, 2010
Deadline for sending the papers: April 10, 2010

Registration: Please download the participation form from the website of the University on the following link: http://www.univ-alger.dz/index.php/collinter.html and send it to the organising committee on the following address: colloquetrad2010.alger@gmail.com

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