Event: Maastricht Session of 5th International Maastricht-Lodz Duo Colloquium on "Translation and Meaning"
Date and Venue: 19-22 may, 2010, Maastricht/The Netherlands
Short Description: Papers are invited for the Maastricht session of the 5th International Maastricht-Łódź Duo Colloquium on "Translation and Meaning" (19 - 22 May, 2010). The Maastricht session of this Duo Colloquium will be organised by the Department of Translation and Interpreting of the Maastricht School of International Communication (Zuyd University) in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

The 2010 Maastricht session will be geared towards practice, and will deal with the practical aspects of the central theme of the Duo Colloquium and the sub-themes suggested for it.

A) meaning in translation/interpreting from the point of view of:
1(a) cognitive sciences (e.g. think-aloud protocols and other modes of reflection, prototypicality, etc.)
(b) computer-assisted translation training, electronic teaching/learning environments, distance teaching/learning
(c) corpus linguistics and language corpora
(d) the history of translation
(e) lexicology, lexicography
(f) local/national/international translation & interpreting programmes
(g) machine translation, machine-aided translation, other computer aids, combinations of computer aids
(h) new theoretical/practical developments
(i) philosophy / the philosophy of language, etc.
(j) pragmatics, semantics, semiotics
(k) psycholinguistics, psychology
(l) sociolinguistics/sociology, ~ and minority status, institutionalised multilingualism, interculturality, cultural identity
(m) software localisation
(n) subtitling, dubbing, sign language, voice-over
(o) terminology, term-word distinction, automated term extraction, conceptuology, expert systems, etc.
(p) text linguistics (e.g. text typology, text analysis, etc.)
(q) the interplay between theory and practice
(r) translation theory, translation studies
(s) various types of translating/interpreting
2(a) the relation between translator/interpreter and client/customer
(b) the student of translation/interpreting
(c) the translation trainer/the trainer of interpreting
(d) the translator/interpreter

B) meaning in the translation/interpretation of:
1 (a) the language of economics / business
(b) the language of law / politics
(c) the language of media and the arts
(d) the language of medicine / biology
(e) the language of science / technology / IT
(f) the language of tourism/leisure

2 (a) holy scriptures
(b) literature
(c) LSP vs. general language vs. phraseology vs. terminology, etc.
(d) allusions, figurative language, jokes, metaphors, etc.

C) quality assessment of translation/interpreting and modes/modalities of training

D) The role of translation methods/strategies in:
(1) the actual practice of translating/interpreting
(2) the training of translation/interpreting

Note that this list is not exhaustive.

Participation is open to translators/translation companies, interpreters, teachers of translation/ interpreting, linguists, terminologists, terminographers, computer specialists, lexicographers, publishers, etc. The number of participants is limited to 120.

Participants intending to give a paper should send a 300-400 words double-spaced camera ready abstract by 14 FEBRUARY 2010 (extended deadline) to the Chairman/Scientific Secretary of the Maastricht Organising Committee.
Abstracts should be sent as an attachment by e-mail in MSWord 2003 or 2007. Abstracts should contain the title of the paper, name(s) and affiliation(s) with complete postal address and e-mail address of the author(s), and, in the top right corner, the sub-theme (see above) that the paper covers.
The Maastricht Organising Committee will reply by the end of March 2010.

Working languages:
The working languages of the Maastricht session will be English, French and German. Papers may be given, and abstracts submitted, in any of these languages.
The Maastricht session will be rather informal, thus giving all participants the opportunity to exchange ideas.

Academic programme:
The official opening of the Maastricht session will take place on Wednesday 19 May between 5 and 6 pm. It will be followed by a reception and a buffet.
The Thursday, Friday and Saturday programme of the Maastricht session will run from the morning of Thursday 20 May 2010 to approximately 3 pm. on Saturday 22 May 2010.
Individual lectures will be of 30 minutes, followed by about 10 minutes of discussion.
The programme and format of the various presentations are dependent on the number of participants attending and may be altered accordingly.
Participants will receive the final programme and the volume of abstracts on registration.
The Maastricht session will be rather informal, thus giving all participants ample opportunity to exchange ideas.

Organising Committee:
• Drs Marcel Thelen (Chairman/Scientific Secretary), Maastricht School of International Communication (MSIC), Dept of Translation and Interpreting (English)
• Ms Deniz Gundogmus-Durmaz, MSIC, Centre of International Communication (Secretary)
• Dr Peter van Nunen, MSIC, Dept of Translation and Interpreting (German)
• Dr Mark Pluymaekers, MSIC, Dept of European Studies (Communication Studies)
• Drs Han Spauwen, MSIC, Dept of Translation and Interpreting (German, Logistics Manager)

Theme(s): Translation and meaning and various sub-themes
Contact Details: m.m.g.j.thelen@hszuyd.nl
Invited Speakers: There will be a number of plenary papers, including:
Prof. Dr. Lynne Bowker (University of Ottawa, Canada) on Translation Technology
Dr. Jorge Cintas Diaz (Imperial College London, United Kingdom) on Audiovisual Translation
Dr. John Kearns (Kazimierz Wielki University, Bydgoszcz, Poland) on Translator Education

Registration: Colloquium fee for the Maastricht session: € 350 NET (including conference participation, all conference documentation, lunches, coffee/tea breaks, social programme; excluding accommodation, dinners not included in the social programme, and bank/transfer charges, proceedings). For more details about the Maastricht session see the second circular.


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