Event: MAS - Interpreter Training
Date and Venue: August 2010 - September 2011 / on-line with one face-to-face week in Geneva from March 26 to April 3 2011
Short Description: The objective of the course is to provide experienced professional conference interpreters, worldwide, with the necessary theoretical and pedagogical foundation that will enable them to develop a sound methodology for teaching interpreting at university level.
Interpreters with extensive professional experience in conference interpretation interested in teaching interpreting at university level constitute the target audience.

Theme(s): The programme includes 9 modules: Fundamentals of distance learning The interpreting process Developing expertise in interpreting Design and implementation of research projects Teaching consecutive interpreting Teaching simultaneous interpreting Curriculum, syllabus design and lesson planning Evaluating classroom performance: Providing feed-back to students The interpreter's voice
Contact Details: Barbara.Moser@unige.ch
Invited Speakers:
Registration: https://virtualinstitute.eti.unige.ch/MAS/

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