Event: Summer School
Date and Venue: 8 -12 July, Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain
Short Description: How to Communicate Research in English: A Step by Step Approach
This course is addressed to teachers, professionals, academics and researchers who wish to improve their research and communication skills in English.

Communicative and publishing conventions and norms differ in Romance and Anglo-Germanic languages. This course aims at complementing the participantsí previous knowledge in their mother tongue with skills to improve their oral and written fluency in English.

The course is divided in 2 parts:

1) Information literacy for academics in the social sciences and humanities

2) Communicating research in English

English. Minimum: B2 (FCE), IELTS (Acad.) 6.5-7 or equivalent.

Theme(s): Information literacy for academics in the social sciences and humanities; Communicating research in English
Contact Details: Maria Gonzalez Davies (mariagd@blanquerna.url.edu)
Invited Speakers: Frank Austermuehl; Vanessa Enriquez Raido
Registration: http://universitatestiu.url.edu/ca/cursos_ficha.php?id=6

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