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Title of Publication: Cruzando límites: la retórica de la traducción en Jacques Derrida
Author/Editor: Ángeles Carreres
Publisher and Place of Publication: Oxford & Bern: Peter Lang
Year of Publication: 2005
Publisher URL:
ISBN/ISSN & Price: 3-03910-313-X
Descriptive Summary: In his “Letter to a Japanese Friend”, Derrida states that “the question of deconstruction is also through and through the question of translation”. This book examines the complex relationship between translation and deconstruction from a twofold perspective: conceptual and rhetorical. On the one hand, the author studies translation as a central node of reflection in Derrida’s work, emphasising its connections with notions such as différance, supplement, gift, etc. On the other, her analysis focuses on translation as a rhetorical principle underlying most of the discursive strategies that are a hallmark of Derrida’s writing. Translation, in this twofold aspect, both thematic and strategic, is crucial to an understanding of Derridean thought. In the context of increasing interest in the contributions that deconstruction has made to translation studies, this book enters and extends that debate. Deconstruction, in positing a new way of understanding and evaluating difference, opens the way for a re-thinking of the traditional notion of fidelity. The radical critique of the concept of an original text and its subsequent de-sacralisation allow us to view translation as a field in which difference should no longer be repressed, but celebrated.

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