Journal Issue
Title of Publication: Translation Studies
Author/Editor: Kate Sturge and Michaela Wolf
Publisher and Place of Publication: Routledge, UK
Year of Publication: New for 2008
Publisher URL:
ISBN/ISSN & Price: Print ISSN: 1478-1700; Online ISSN: 1751-2921. Price- Institutional (print + online) 122/$238/190 euros; Institutional Online 115/$226/180 euros; Personal 29/$57/46 euros
Descriptive Summary: The new journal 'Translation Studies' explores promising lines of work within the discipline of Translation Studies while placing a special emphasis on existing connections with neighbouring disciplines and the creation of new links.

The journal aims to test the traditional boundaries of the notion of 'translation' and to offer a forum for debate focusing on historical, social, institutional and cultural issues that are strongly rooted in the text level, but also go far beyond it.

In addition to scholars within Translation Studies, we invite those as yet unfamiliar with or wary of Translation Studies to enter the discussion. Such scholars will include people working in literary theory, sociology, ethnography, philosophy, semiotics, history and historiography, theology, gender studies, postcolonialism, and related fields. The journal supports the conscious pooling of resources for particular purposes and encourages the elaboration of joint methodological frameworks.

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